Zac Efron is confusing Master Chief

September 26th, 2007 // 71 Comments

Zac Efron helped launch Halo 3 at Universal Studios yesterday. Interesting choice. When I think of Halo, I think of crazy guns, ridiculous combat and ignoring your significant other. You know, guy stuff. When I think of Zac Efron, I think of ballet slippers, pixie dust and fruit smoothies. I also feel strange feelings – down there. I mean, I feel strange feelings because I’m hunting. Yes, hunting. I grow a beard and wrestle bears deep in the wilderness. Then I go to a bar where women dance naked on poles for dollar bills. Yes, I totally do all that stuff and did I mention I smoke cigars in my sleep? Just want to make sure I’m getting my point across.

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  1. mike jensen

    damn that chick is hot!!!

  2. yttyh

    Come on everybody, remember everyone thought Justin Timberlake was gay when he was with that boy band back street boys, but it turns out lance bass was the gay one. Oh wait or am I talking about Leonardo Decrapio

  3. Texas Tranny

    Why is everyone so mean to him? I think he’s cute and sexy. He’s welcome to a sleepover at my place anytime.

    *winks and flashes beaver @ Jimbo*

  4. Franklin

    Wouldn’t it be even more confusing if it turns out that Master Chief was female (a la Samus Aran of Metroid)?

  5. popcorn people

    can i be the one to help him come out of the closet? all it takes is a guy like me to sleep with him and BAM…he no longer likes girls.

  6. Maybe Zach would like the game better if he could customize his character to have flash pink armor. Like this:
    Yeah, i bet Zach would really get a kick out of it then.

  7. LauraE

    Wow, do they hate good looking guys on this site !!!

    >> “…guess we start liking the handsom he-man type at about 17 or 18″.

    Yeah ? Who for instance is “he-man type” ? George Clooney with his wrinkles and grey hair ? Nicholas Cage, bulky eyes and crooked mouth ? Schwartzenegger who looks like a beef ? Yuk.
    I can undestand that women who grow to be huge and fat don’t like the Zach kind of guy any more because they would lose him in their ass-crack. And the ugly ones wouldn’t want to be around him either, because of the contrast. But to the pretty and thin ones, he is soooooo hot !!!

  8. girkinjuice

    ….hung like a light switch

  9. court

    oh my god i can’t stand the look of this kid – everytime i see him i feel like i may start going into convulsions. i’ve never been so creeped out by someone’s appearance. please stop putting up photos of him!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Buttercup

    Fruity pebbles

  11. scotty

    he even holds the gamepad like a girl.

  12. The He-Man Type

    Christian Bale
    Jake Gyllenhal
    Ryan Reynolds
    Brad Pitt
    (somebody else help me with more examples of manly male hotness.)

    All beautiful, all manly men. It’s possible for a man to be pretty and rugged at the same time. Zach just ain’t one of them. That boy is gayer than Christmas. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just come on. No one’s buying his “I like vaginas and I have the pictures of my naked girlfriend to prove it.” crap.)

  13. rockdust

    C’mom, people…just because he has pretty eyes doesn’t mean he’s GAY! But yeah…he’s “GAY!”. Hee!Hee!

  14. Taylor

    Maybe I’m just a pothead… but does anyone else thinks he looks kind of high?

  15. Azul

    What’s with the awful crotch shot in the last picture? lol!

  16. D. Richards

    Shh. Fag Efron’s just about to blow the Halo guy! I wonder if he’s gonna swallow?! What the fuck is the matter with his Iron-Eagle, space camp-not even cool in the eighties nerd jacket? That’s what’s in now? I gotta get me one of them!

  17. Jessie

    This guy looks gayer than George Michael and Elton John in a room full of sparkling rainbows…..

  18. oooooooooh mi god i love zac efron he is really sexie

  19. oooooooooh mi god i love zac efron he is really sexie

  20. caitlin

    zac is sexy evryone hes not gay hes hot ok?i luv u zac

  21. Dan

    c’mon guys!! hes probebly just bi or something. he cant be gay. even tho he looks it very much. he had a girlfriend. and they are aways making out and shit. they probebly have sex like all the time!

    but anyways, zack is like the hottest guy in the world! i want him like soooo bad!

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