Zac Efron is confusing Master Chief

September 26th, 2007 // 71 Comments

Zac Efron helped launch Halo 3 at Universal Studios yesterday. Interesting choice. When I think of Halo, I think of crazy guns, ridiculous combat and ignoring your significant other. You know, guy stuff. When I think of Zac Efron, I think of ballet slippers, pixie dust and fruit smoothies. I also feel strange feelings – down there. I mean, I feel strange feelings because I’m hunting. Yes, hunting. I grow a beard and wrestle bears deep in the wilderness. Then I go to a bar where women dance naked on poles for dollar bills. Yes, I totally do all that stuff and did I mention I smoke cigars in my sleep? Just want to make sure I’m getting my point across.

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  1. He is so For Sale. But the hairspray Halo crossover market may be narrower than the space between his ears.

  2. Richard Simmons would’ve been a better choice.

  3. havoc

    Whoever the hell that is…..SHE’S cute……


  4. unicornzrawk

    OMG 4!

  5. i think zac thought he was gonna help launch a game about master CHEF who makes a mean fruit smoothie.

  6. kathy

    he is the biggest closet homo out there right now. no shit. that guy i going to be fudge-packing in 6 months….

  7. adeliza

    This guy is so sissified it ain’t even funny.

    What is it about pre-teen girls and their penchant for sissy ass boys?

    Sanjaya from American Idol, all those stupid ass boy bands, and then this freak?

    I was a pre-teen girl once and I can’t even answer that question.

    I guess we start liking the handsom he-man type at about 17 or 18.

  8. kathy

    **is going to.


  9. jrzmommy

    Zac Efron knows he’s gay right? RIGHT?

  10. dr phil

    “What is it about pre-teen girls and their penchant for sissy ass boys?”

    They’re afraid of sex.

    Also – hmmm…”wrestle bears” and “smoke cigars in my sleep” – this is from the part that supposed to be hyper-hetero???

  11. #9 Yes kathy, for a second there I thought you were saying something wayyyyy different…

  12. Guy

    Maybe this will bring all the retards that like Halo to their senses

  13. Guy

    I had to add on, his face is just creeping me out, he is gay. You can just tell, even if he had short hair, and wore a plain t and jeans, his face just looks gay.

  14. Tim

    kathy, if you really wanted to fudge-pack him I’m sure he’d be willing.

  15. Muffy

    They caught him off-guard on that top pic when somebody shouted “Hey Zac, where does the cock go?”

  16. He’s purdy – I like him.

  17. Store Manager

    Great, he got Astroglyde all over the game controller.

  18. Riotboy


  19. PunkA

    Zac is a total TOOL SHED. I think he’d love to hit it with TT on the down low.

    That whole Vanessa Hudgens thing is to make people think he likes chicks, which he so clearly does not. He is closeted. Poor fellow.

  20. Bam

    “ssshhh don’t tell anyone i’m gay!”

  21. Is there anything more boring than this post?

  22. lambman

    Why does he wear bronzer and mascara everywhere he goes? It just makes him look dirty and girly, not a good look for a……um….never mind

  23. bob

    does he have clear mascara on in that 2nd photo? i think he does. so so so gay.

  24. miggs

    I think he has real presence as an actor. I bet he does a very saucy toss of his hair right after swallowing, just for effect.

  25. bob

    ok i’m glad i didn’t make up that mascara thing.

  26. Yes – your hand. Please, god, not again tonight…

  27. steve

    Tools love halo 3. Pathetic little tools. Zac has a pathetic little tool. It’s the perfect promo event.

  28. Gringer76

    Come on folks, he’s wearing a Member’s Only jacket (a modern version of one) and that says EVERYTHING!!! Let me tell you, he’s probably the only member…

    WHAT?!?! #23 I wasn’t sure if you were right…but, yup, you are. That dude’s wearing girl makeup…heheheheh.

  29. justplainconfused

    With the makeup and the hair, Old Zac does look like he’s ready for a bit of the old ultra violent.

    Maybe he will enjoy Halo 3 after all.

  30. @27 Good morning troll. We all know that you use to give your brother hand jobs, but you don’t have to bring it up in here.

    How come you don’t give your brother hand jobs any more??? Oh Yeah SFU

  31. Mandy

    Zac is sooooo NOT GAY! JEEZ! Every so often he drinks a little, blacks out, and wakes up with quivering legs, explosive diarrhea, and a strange salty taste in his mouth. That hardly makes him gay. JEEZ!

  32. Mdizdiz

    That boy needs to open that closet door and prance out.

  33. Nick

    I wish I was 15 again so I could beat the shit out of him…actually, 12 would do the job, and I was a girl, with one arm…The point being the guy oozes wimpiness out of every pore.

  34. Fag Hag

    Queer !!!!

  35. Texas Tranny

    Nothing wrong with being a little make-up wearing sissyboy.
    I bet he’s wearing pretty panties, like I am.

  36. Nick

    Actually, I wish I was 15 again so I could beat the shit out of him – and get a raging hardon in the process. I have a lot more insight into my motivations now that I’m older.

  37. tommy salami

    i would love to beat the queerness out of him……….but hey i dont have all fucking day

  38. punch him in the face

    girly boy girly boy girly boy girly boy girly boy girly boy

  39. vargagirl

    He looks like Jared Leto.

  40. BunnyButt

    Yes, he does look like Jared Leto, but Jared Leto manages to be prettier and, somehow, both more feminine AND masculine.

  41. Darth Hater

    Master Chief looks like he sooooo wants to put a cap in that Zac chick.

  42. Italian Stallion

    The only game this fag should be sponsoring is butt-darts…………

  43. yukadoozer

    Wake Me Up before You Go-Go Zach!

  44. This kid is really starting to piss me off. He’s like Ryan Seacrest, only more famous.

  45. 21st century digital boy

    Bwhahahha! Even the body language – that classic, girly fashion crossing of the arms. Efron thinks she’s lookin’ all tough guy. In reality, she just looks like she’s cold, uncomfortable, and/or slightly pissy.

  46. ssdd

    I don’t like this guys name or his look. Whats with the “bangs” swooped over half in his eyes look?? Are you kidding me?………. Also notice how his right ear is flaming red ass hot…His blood pressure and heart are beating a mile a minute with all of this attention. …. I would like to kick this motherfucker right between the teeth. He and his look are best suited as a grocery store bagger waiting on the town slut to come through the line so he can get her phone number.

  47. Quinn

    He looks stoned and he’s wearing too much makeup…

  48. Quinn

    or he has flawless skin. What’s his secret?? oil of olay maybe? hmmm noxema?

  49. Mastah

    That boy would get passed around like a prison bitch in a wartime situation. The only fight that he is fit to finish is the one for gay rights.

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