Zac Efron with a naked chick. Who saw that coming?

March 17th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Here’s Zac Efron posing with a mud-covered naked model in the latest issue of Interview – and he didn’t throw up! (On camera.) That said, can someone explain to me how the singing, dancing star of High School Musical comes off straighter than a professional baseball player? If I was A-Rod, I’d sue. I’d sue the whole world! The whole world AND space!

OR… just fire my agent. Whichever one leaves me with enough money to afford a mattress, some mirrors and a set of tires. In case I want to quit the majors and become a mechanic. A sexy mechanic.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW Nipple-town: In black and white!

Photos: Interview

  1. Valerie

    He’s……..pretty much perfect looking. And the mud is gross–nice photography, though, but a turn off. My vulva is shriveling up.

  2. oh

    no man in hollywood is straight- its called the geffen rule.

    hes an actor so he does a pretty good job of not being competely repulsed

  3. come on...

    you guys can hate all you want, but this guy is smoking hot, and flawlessly sexy. i’m like 8 years older than him, but i’d do him!

  4. Taylor

    Hot photoshoot….buuuut. if that wasnt Zac Efron, this wouldnt seem so very very wrong.

    I have it firmly placed in my mind that he like ‘em on his own team.

  5. Savalas

    She looks filthy

  6. spindoc

    He looks like he’s 12, give him a few years and he could pull of this photo shoot, but for right now only young girls or women who are afraid of full grown men would be interested…..oh, and Perez hilton.

  7. SoTe

    Shit! I’m like 10 years older than him and I’d do him… I would ride him so hard and for so long he would end up dehydrated. He’s hot. NO matter if he is gay or not, I’d still do him.

  8. gypsbrother

    that douche is ruining the photo!

  9. Jrz

    Inteview magazine knows Zac Efron is gay right? Right?!

  10. Geoff Ibe

    I’m not going to lie. That is hot.

  11. LOL

    It’s awesome how these shriveled up old spinsters all flock to this site and tell about their dried up cooch. Knowing, even if this guy wasn’t a flaming f@ggot, he wouldn’t have sh*t to do with any of you and would probably run away screaming at the sight of your bushy, love dust mop.

  12. bia

    whats up with that chick’s skeletor hand?

  13. GuyHolly

    You all are a bunch a pepohiles for looking at this shit.

  14. Max Planck

    He wants to have her baby.

  15. fu

    lol you must we one of those pregnant guys everyone sees walkin around

    still cant see your feet can you?


    ps. efron likes dick and so do you!

  16. fu

    lol you must we one of those pregnant guys everyone sees walkin around

    still cant see your feet can you?


    ps. efron likes dick and so do you!

  17. nuutin

    nothing wrong with gays,

    just annoying when hollywood agents try and pass off their gay clients as straight to appeal to the general population- that is fukin annoying. stupid teen girls fawning over so many dumb hollywood men- who want men!

  18. Dude’s a fag. I’m over it.

  19. Zac

    It was AAAAAWWWWWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All fishy smell and nothing hard and no nice salty taste!

  20. Vanessa H.

    He’s always all like “what are you waiting for? USE YOUR FINGER!” and “maybe if I had a miner’s hat and a machete…and a nose plug” and he like, ZOMG, makes about 5 trips to the men’s room when we go to clubs and every time it’s like ZOMG, 25 minutes before he comes back. I’m so scared that he might be hooking up with another girl…

  21. Tapeworm

    At least she’s a lot better looking than that pie-faced cow Vanessa HUGE-ens.

  22. Dray

    As usual, lots of haters but holy shit, this kid is hot. There isn’t a man lover in the world who wouldn’t fuck his brains out given the chance.

  23. annie

    he looks like he is in dire need of a shower..
    12 year olds rollin around in the mud = not sexy at all.

  24. Lea

    that’s such a desperate attempt to keep up with Robert pattinson , i guess anyway hot pics i wonder what would vanessa say about the naked girl on top of him

  25. It’s just two chicks mud wrestling…………what’s the big deal?

  26. Darth

    Time for Zac Efron to put a sextape online! Even then i’m not sure if he would be convincing. . .

  27. Mike Hawk

    Yeah, a chick…but not much of one. If she were a little more top heavy, and those fritters had half a chance of brushing by his nose..okay, I’d buy it. but as of now…Ghey. The only reason he was banging afro muff Vanessa, is cause it looked like the top of Mr Kotters head if he squinted.

  28. GuyHolly

    22 & 26 maybe you two could have same cell in prison. Of course, you’re still going to get bent over by Bubba.

  29. Mike Hawk

    Or Screech, depends on the generation.

  30. Blech!

    Oh yea. Right. This proves he’s not gay. How could we think he was gay after this?
    I’m as old as this guy is, and a girl, and straight, and this looks like girl-on-girl to me…

  31. Nero

    Even his mom is encouraging him to be straight!

  32. minty

    his girlfriend must be thrilled…

  33. Tom K

    This kid again? Why is he famous again? This just proves that the youth and the jews really run America. They make celebrities out of the most untalented pieces of shit on the planet!!!!

  34. Cece

    I wonder what Vanessa thinks..

  35. Yeah thats sexy alright, hey ladies imagine some dried boogers falling on your face, with that huge nostril of his…

  36. le fag

    i would totally ass bang this dude. because that’s probably a tranny in the photo with him, as it was the only way he would agree to it.

  37. Icky

    Oh heavens, that mud is going to ruin his makeup!

  38. I must admit, Zac looks very, very temptingly delicious in these pics. Which is saying a lot considering the fact that he usually looks like a girly-boy.

  39. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Zac Efron’s dirty gay penis

  40. Lila

    Lol, what’s with all the child actors now a days. “Hmmm, how do I show the world I’m a adult. Oh, I know! Naked time! Surely nudity will show how I can be mature and make real adult decisions!” Psshhh. Well, I suppose it’s a little different in that it’s someone else doing the naked thing instead of himself.

  41. Dorito Man

    With that girl lying on top of him, he has a kind of “you’re kidding, right?” smirk on his face. Fag.

  42. thanxx ama o kollar büyütülmü?i be aga

  43. birdlabrie

    I see pancake nipples!

  44. belladonna

    I love how his are all huge and terrified looking in the first pick!
    OMG! Breasts! What do I do with these?

  45. Amy

    I think I just came in my panties. He is so fucking hot. And #11, I’m 24…my vajay jay is def not dried up…especially after looking at these pictures. I’d roll around in the mud with him anytime.

  46. Danklin24

    If only this was Vanessa.

    oh wait, been there, seen that.

  47. mmm…show him naked instead of her!!

    hes a little hottie…and i want to see his treasure trail!

  48. he's thinking

    “Yeah I was in High School Musical, what about it?”

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