Zac Efron got a haircut, ladies

July 6th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Here’s Zac Efron leaving a Beverly Hills salon after getting his trademark bangs cut off. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Megan Fox suggested he’d do it just to see if he would. God, you women are so mean. We’re not your puppets, dammit! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I promised a stripper I’d get a bikini wax. If she likes it, I get to tip her $40. And not touch a boob. Aww yeah!

Photos: Flynet

  1. JdeW


  2. pinks


  3. Spencer Pratt

    Did he also trim around his butthole? Just, you know, curious.

  4. Real guys use barbers…

  5. Cash

    Holy crap, he looks human now.

    Or at least male.

  6. KC

    @3 – yes, his butt bangs were getting long.

    That wink kills me.

  7. kim

    Wtf? He still has “bangs”, they’ve just been “greaser-fied”.

  8. Christina

    Zaccy Babe. Sashay over here. For a laugh…

  9. yes, sir

    He’s so pretty!

  10. gotmilk?

    is he trying to wink and look sexy or is there just jizz in his eye?

  11. Valerie

    Damn, he’s fine.

  12. phoring

    i just want to axe off that top hair

  13. Guy

    Obviously trying to rip of Robert Pattinsons style.

  14. rachel

    come on superficial, i saw this news on another site a week ago.


  15. le fag

    is he trying to look robert pattinson-ish? because, you know, he’s finds him sexually attractive? like… i don’t know.. me?

  16. netstarman

    He is such a pretty girl, makes me want to buy her a pretty dress and take her around the park. Oh can’t forget some High School musical soundtracks to listen to while sitting on a parkbench. I feel so un-clean.

  17. jaime

    he looks EXACTLY like robert pattison! he was totally trying to copy that douche

  18. clover

    to jaime: my thoughts exactly. that’s the rob-pattinson-edward haircut!

  19. Hair today

    Yes, now I can see that he really is a fag, it was not clear when he was hiding under all that hair, but now …..

  20. mon

    Finally! I was so sick of the “haircut that’s sweeping the nation”: tousled down with floppy bangs.

    He now looks a bit older and less fem. Not a lot. Let’s not get carried away here. But it’s an improvement.

  21. uh

    Pretty face but he doesn’t have the jaw. It’s all about the jawline to make a guy look…you know….male. Like Robert Pattinson. Way hotter than Zac Efron.

  22. SweetCherry

    Ew, he looks like trailer trash now.

  23. Carley

    I’m kinda sorta digging it even though I’m not a Zac fan. It makes him look grown up.

    But both him and Robert Pattinson can go diaf for all I care.

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  25. Darth

    He’s a kind of confusing but i’d think that he’s straight!

  26. linda

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  27. captain america

    I’m sure most girls don’t want a LIAR as husband, folks!!

  28. Timmie

    looks much much better.

  29. jum

    Whoever said Rob is hotter, just no. Zac has been around way longer so why would he try and steal Rob’s style? That is just a low suggestion, even for deluded Twilight fangirls. Zac is really good looking, not many people could call him ugly. However, there is a facebook group with 500,000 saying Rob is gross. Outside the Twilight bubble, most people would say Zac is better looking.

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