Zac Efron does one of those ‘Funny or Die’ videos. Guess what it falls under.

April 8th, 2009 // 42 Comments

I’ve determined Funny or Die makes two types of videos (besides the obvious):
1. Whatever the hell kind of awesome this “leaked” version of Wolverine is.
2. Painfully long skits featuring tons of celebs who might as well be getting blown by the director – such as the above video starring Zac Efron. Because it’s always so hilarious seeing stars “act” like they’re being candid. I mean, Brody Jenner touting the liberal economic policies of Paul Krugman even though he’s a spoiled white rich kid from Orange County? Oh, the delicious irony! Please kill me.


  1. ph7

    That cleaning woman girlfriend of his needs to get naked again.

  2. kristina


  3. Tim

    His title is “Funny How He’ll Die from AIDS”

  4. HIM007

    Fucking horrible, They should’ve drowned him so he can’t release any more terrible material…

  5. Well. That was about as funny as my misshapen mole..

  6. Great. That video gave me cramps and it’s not even “that time”..

  7. William

    To be completely honest, I’ve looked into much less pretty faces after unloading in rectum. I’d grease him up, what the hell, you only live once.

  8. Jeezy

    Five minutes too long and too much gay Zac Effem.

  9. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Who do you think keeps voting for these liberal politicians? The rich white people from the OC. Seems they are ashamed of the wealth they have accumiliated and feel the need to applogize for it. They want to “level the playing field” by making hard working Americans pay for all this social bull shit. Just as long as they keep to driving their BMW’s.

    Liberalism/Socialism will ruin this Country.

    Now, lets talk about having Vanessa shaving that muff of hers…

  10. Wendy

    #9 (and your ilk) – sucks having the world move on without you, huh?

  11. Savalas

    Time to die.

  12. ed.

    #10 – there are a handful of broken-record commenters on the site, just ignore them.

  13. Dirk Diggler

    #9, you do realize that Orange County is overwhelmingly Conservative, right?

  14. what #9 would say if he was given truth serum

    #13, don’t confuse me with facts my mind is made up.

  15. yo

    not funny. at all.

    ron paul 2012!

  16. the video was very witty, talent all around

  17. I’m with #4. Push his head under and don’t release until the bubbles stop. Problem solved.

  18. phu

    Not funny at all. So, does this mean he has to die?

  19. Eamus Catuli

    #9 – Nice way to try and make yourself seem cool with the “muff” comment. What a hack. This guy wouldn’t know where to put his dick in a room full of hookers. Or if you’re a woman, seriously, buy a vibrator.

  20. chupacabra

    I mean, it’s sorta funny – the guy from The State, Reno 911, and that chick from MadTV, but wouldn’t it have been much funnier if they had other sketch actors playing the rich, white good for nothings? It’s that it was really those ASSHOLES, that didn’t make it funny at all.

    And no, brody & friends don’t talk about economics. They just don’t. They don’t know how to balance their own check books.

  21. SoTe

    Lame, so extremely not funny, I guess I seriously would rather die!
    Zac is hot though.

  22. Liberal Sheep are Pathetic

    Is my mom here? **looks around** Excellent………….

    Now where was I? Black people are evil, Balak Osama is a traitor, if it ain’t white it ain’t right, and my asshole hurts. Now only one of those things is true, guess which you commie liberal douchebag traitor demoncrat fartknockers.

  23. ganzagwenie

    As a rich white girl from Newport Beach, I take offense to being lumped in the same group as Brody Jenner. He’s from Malibu, not Orange County. Biiiiiiiiig difference!

    (Also, just so it’s clear, that’s sarcasm).

  24. Caper

    Yeah, that video even less funny than my comment here.

  25. Harry Doyle

    What a bunch of fucking uneducated puppets. You people encourage this shit and pump up their egos……. what a worthless group of nobodies……..

  26. boobies

    dear superficial writer,

    please never do that again


  27. Victor

    so this is a ‘die’ video?

  28. Randal


    “Scratch and sniff tattoos!” was gold.

    Zac and his upcoming comedy “17 Again” is obviously going to be a summer hit.




    I’m sure he’ll do drag cause he’s so outrageous!… i mean gay.



    I’m sure he’ll do drag cause he’s so outrageous!… i mean gay.

  31. lola

    I love it! I love Dangle! Many of the actors don’t have any talent, but that is worked into the “plot”.. I love Reno 911 and the Tim and Erick Awesome Show. All extremely funny the first time and moderately funny after that

  32. Galtacticus

    Cool vid! I’m not sure yet but Zac Efron might be straight!

  33. Rhialto

    I haven’t watched the leaked Wolverine.I’m going to watch it in the cinema this time! Don’t forget to pack my lunchbag babe!:)

  34. Insatiable Peter

    What, I thought all liberals were like Brody Jenner. Conservatives are like Heidi Montag. Libertarians fuck the prom queens:)

  35. ma

    i thought it was kinda funny…and zac’s perty

  36. Abz

    The sad thing is, the video might have *just* made the funny if they cut it off at the whole ‘what in my hot tub’ bit. Vanessa Hugeons killed it with the “babe? your uncle pooped in the hot tub again!’

    Fuck that bitch should just not talk….ever.

  37. Danklin24

    I actually thought it was mildly funny but only because Nicole Sullivan and the guy from Reno 911 are hilarious.

    please god, LET IT BE!!

  39. This was almost as bad as a Woody Allen movie. Thae cast was less pretentious, although no more talented, than the typical cast of a Woody Allen movie, so that might have saved it from a rating worse than Woody Allen.

    Not counting “What’s Up, Tiger Lily”.

  40. Melissa

    Uncle Hank is funny. The rest of them can go drown in the pool.

  41. Broseph

    I loved the video! LOL! I think that Tom Lennon is a genius. The State was like the best sketch show ever. There’s this video i found of behind the scenes stuff. Zac and Vanessa “Get A Room”!! LOL!

  42. spo.

    it’s pronounced kroog-man, brody.

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