Zac Efron In Nude Panties, Anyone?

On rare occasions¹, Fish and I will interject post-pussified political views into the boob posts, just to make sure the checks from George Soros come as frequently as the ones from Kim Kardashian. But when you get a photoset like this gallery of Zac Efron in nude panties (gender normative values BLURRED, BITCH!!) with a child repeatedly grabbing at his crotch, you just post it and move on. Sure, I could make the obvious observation that in this scenario the penis puppet (?) is Leonardo DiCaprio and the kid is a low blood sugar Jonah Hill, but why? There’s a beautiful man in nude Spanx prancing around a beach. Let’s just enjoy this wonderful gift.

1. We do this anytime it makes sense and many, many others when it does not. Suck it.

Photo: Fame/Flynet

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