Zac Efron Might Be Your New Marvel Person

Last year, Latino Review reported that Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling were up for the roles of Han Solo and/or Luke Skywalker’s son(s) which did not happen at all. But this time, they’re super serious that Zac Efron has met with Marvel about playing.. something. Unleash The Speculator!

We can exclusively report that Zac Efron is being looked at for unspecified role in an upcoming Marvel Studios project. He was given a script for the project just recently and currently no one knows which part is actually in play. The only one that knows that answer is his Manager and he will not comment on it.
Could Efron be the flagship casting for Marvel’s move into a massive four-series Netflix push as “Daredevil?”
Efron could make a great Dr. Steven Strange or at least a big announcement at Comic Con come July.
Is “Guardians of the Galaxy” enough fun to make Marvel think a solo Nova film could bring in the audience that strays outside the Star Wars franchise? Or could he be let’s say Adam Warlock?

And I’m going to cut you off at Adam Warlock because I don’t have time to sit here and get into that, or your next wild guess which was Black Bolt even though – *turns Blake Lively post around so it can’t see* – an Inhumans movie would be the tits. What I will do, however, is post this recently unearthed concept art from back when Fox was trying to get Mel Gibson to play Wolverine:

Mel Gibson Wolverine

But before all of you kill yourself for living in a world where this didn’t happen, allow me to direct your attention to an even better Wolverine that can still (and goddamn should) happen and won’t give Hitler’s ghost an erection. “A claw man! Vhy didn’t I zink of dat? Stupid scientists vith zare gas chambers. I shall haunt dare dreams!”

Photos: Getty