Zac Efron’s Coke Problem Broke His Jaw

Seen here making a move for Andrew Garfield’s man in a rare public appearance, Zac Efron will apparently be even more scarce because his jaw is wired shut now after.. slipping in a puddle of water in his house? TMZ reports:

Zac Efron broke his jaw. His jaw is wired shut. It supposedly happened when he slipped in a puddle of water at his home. That’s Zac’s story.
Zac has been in rehab twice this year for cocaine abuse. He also had been dabbling in Molly.
In addition to the broken jaw, Zac apparently also suffered a big ol’ gash that had to be closed with stitches.

Wait a minute, how can that be Zac’s story if his mouth is wired shut? How’s he even talking to anybody? And if he somehow is, I’m pretty sure his only words are, “Mush Mishmole Midman manna mang me mow? Mook at this mick mar. Mars mar mool.”

Photos: Getty / FameFlynet, WENN