Aw, Man, Batgirl Died (1937 – 2015)

When I was a little kid, I always loved the episodes of Batman when Batgirl would show up for reasons I never quite understood because I was five, but have become way more clear after I just did a Google Image Search for the late Yvonne Craig who died Monday from breast cancer at 78. With a wealth of classic TV shows and movies under her belt, Yvonne’s been an icon for generations and wasn’t afraid to challenge DC Comics after The Joker sexually assaulted and paralyzed Batgirl with a bullet through the spine in The Killing Joke. She also starred in PSA’s advocating equal pay for women in the 1960s when a thing like that would get you raped by Bill Cosby or punched in the mouth by Sean Connery because shit was awful. Just awful.

RIP Batgirl. I always knew you weren’t just some chick from outer space.

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Photo: Washington Blade