Yup. This Looks Like Supergirl.

February 8th, 2011 // 95 Comments

Sources (Read: Lindsay Lohan.) are claiming Lindsay Lohan is up for a “major role” in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, with some outlets hinting that she may actually be playing Supergirl making this a slap in the face to Smallville’s Laura Vandervoort who not only is hot, but also manages to go through life without being a big-breasted wrecking ball of coke and dependency. But, hey, junkies are pretty reliable, too, I guess. They’re, um, always.. finding stuff? Shining shoes? I got nothing.

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  1. So I guess that tells us the new Superman movie won’t be filming for 3-5 years, maybe less with good behavior?

  2. Gravy Leg

    Why is her right cheek the only thing tan? She looks like a cross between Rosencrantz and Mahavrah.

  3. jojo

    Yes it is true. Lindsay is playing the role of the kryptonite.

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches


  5. Life imitating Rough

    Someone might want to retract this press release. I have been reading the adventure of superman for as long as I can remember, I have never came across a character named Klepto. Though, there is a Krypto the super dog.

  6. jake_ryan

    The lead is going to Charlie Sheen and Lex Luthor will be played by Keifer Sutherland. Together they will join forces to battle the tyrannical Alcoholics Anonymous organization.

  7. Jess

    Superman VI: The Quest for Coke

  8. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, can we ship her to another country already? I am so so so SICK of this girl and her pathetic antics. She’s a loser, everyone in LA thinks she’s a loser, her friends are total f#$ktards. They run around this city like they own it.
    The best thing for this girl is to be locked up in a jail cell for 2 years plus to think about all her crap she’s done to people in this town!

  9. Scott

    Did her boobs drop?

  10. Jimmy Olsen

    Someone told me that the part she is up for is that of a cat-burgler & jewel thief. Her character name will be ‘light-fingers’.

    I’d like to know what surity company is providing the completion bond for a movie that would star this train wreck.

  11. Cock Dr

    She needs to start stealing better looking clothes & accessories.
    For someone supposedly known as a “fashionista” she sure does run around in some shitty looking outfits.
    Looks like she’s been rummaging in the Goodwill charity dumpster. Well, it is good practice for when she’s older & charity will be her only means of support.

    • skillz 2 pay da billz

      Right!? Can’t one be rich, wasted, AND fashionable? Just b/c you behave like a crack whore doesn’t mean you must look like one, Linds.

  12. Scootles McGootles

    When did she start carrying her tits like a purse?

  13. Jeff Bridges tell her she’s in the movie?

  14. Sporange

    They said “Stupor Girl”, not “Super Girl”.

  15. nonminti

    what is going on,every comics movie has to be ruined somehow,this one was just too easy…

  16. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    FIRST?! My God, my life wins!
    LiLo must have superpowers if she can still land film roles. Superpowers of some sort or other. Say no more.

  17. bahlder

    Calling it right now, she’s gonna be Power Girl.

  18. Fletch

    I’m 45 and she looks older than me.

    Seriously, any producer, directer and etc. that gives her a “major role” is just asking for problems.

    She and her crappy family just need to drop off the edge of the earth. Crap, I just realized the world is round; ok shoot her into space in a Soyuz rockets.

  19. Not even Superman can save her from the train wreck she’s in the middle of.

  20. slappy magoo

    I guess she wants to reverse the Earth’s gravitational pull, go back in time and turn down that handy she gave Diddy the first time he threw her a line of coke and promised a big post-Mean Girls record career.
    We all do, sweetie…we all do…

  21. Yeah, right...

    This is nothing more than another ploy by whorehan to influence the judges of her now 2 cases. It goes something like this: “Judge, please have mercy on me, I’m up for a big acting role and it would be a shame to prevent me from finally being able to work.”

    Uh, wrong. She’s not up for a big role; because of her erratic arrogant behavior, she’s uninsurable for major roles. She pulled this shit the last time she was supposed to go in front of a judge to be sentenced; she’s so full of herself that apparently she thinks no one remembers. We remember, BLOWhan, and so do the judges. You’re going to jail for violation of your probation, and to prison for grand theft. Say hello to beatdowns & having your shit stolen by other inmates; that’s your immediate future…

  22. Mr Obvious

    If Iron Man can be an alcoholic, why can’t Supergirl be a big-breasted coke-head? Hell, that might make the movie watchable.

    Think about all the superhero movies, the decent movies had imperfect heroes (Iron Man, Batman (last two), Blade). None of the “perfect” heroes made good movies: Superman Returns, Fantastic 4.

  23. FancyPants

    That’s so bad.

  24. clyde

    She has lizard skin.

  25. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    What a liability she would be. There is no way a major studio is going to invest in bringing her on board. The cost of the insurance would be ridiculous. My guess is after this latest scandel they will either pull the plug or say she was never in contract.
    Seriously–WHO IS handling this girl? There is NO WAY anyone who has had to deal with the issues she has had to endure would steal a necklace. Who was this “friend” of hers with her when the theft occured? Isn’t it possible that the so called friend told Lilo it was borrowed? Come on, agents are typically the people who take care of the borrowed jems, I highly doubt she would even know the process. The people that she is surrounding herself with are leading her down the wrong path. Selling her out to every rag they can. INCLUDING her parents. The chick obviously has some serious mental issues. She needs a legal guardian appointed by the court or a rehab center that will address these scum bags that are bleeding her dry. No, she isn’t innocent but my god–she was a child actress with no rules. I honestly don’t think she has ever been taught how real people live. To bad the courts can’t hold some of these friends and family members who are supposedly watching out for her accountable too. Sad. this girl never had a chance with the parents she had.

  26. Devo

    I’d be hard-pressed to find another celebrity who has shown such exemplary feats of Superheroism as Ms. Lohan. She has snorted half of Columbia and survived–in fact, is probably stronger than ever–drinks vodka like it’s mineral water, manages to trick clueless authority figures over and over again, and can take out any enemy who stands between her and her mission (read: babies and rehab employees). The only other celebrity who has shown this kind of strength and endurance is Charlie She— Ladies and Gentleman, I think we just found our Superman!

  27. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    This is such crap. NO ONE will hire her- she can’t get insured! This is a story Dina made up.

  28. doodles

    Why does she resemble Gollum so much? A big titted Gollum.

  29. Not!

    Like several of the posters here have indicated, this story is BULLSHIT. I smell the stink of white oprah on this one, as she tries to influence the 2 judges that will be sentencing her kleptomaniac daughter.

    First off, no producer will hire BLOWhan, due to her bizarre, erratic, totally unprofessional behavior. Secondly, no producer will hire her, due to her being totally uninsurable & they don’t know if she’ll bother to show up to the set from day to day. Lastly, no producer will hire her due to her being box office poison. People are so sick of her arrogant self centered behavior that they’ll avoid any film she’s in & will stay away in droves. About the only film she’ll ever have people go to will be the film “Blowjob Olympics”.

    Nice try, White Oprah, but everyone’s on to your bullshit now. Your stupid progeny is going to jail; you’re a big reason why…

  30. jumpin_j

    “Faster than a speeding… well she does coke”!
    “Able to steal jewelry in a single bound…”!

  31. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    She could play a semi young Stevie Nicks getting coke blown up her ass with a straw in the Fleetwood Mac- Behind the Music VH1 show

  32. Just Another Superfish Loser

    Damn girl! Tape them shits up. All droopy and white, what’s the world coming to?

  33. staypuft overlord

    Her right tit is trying to make a getaway…..she’s not serving three to five.

  34. TheJoker07

    I hope she’s really not playing Supergirl.

  35. SlapKatyPerry

    Quick get the bat! I just caught a big mouth bass.

  36. Rhialto

    How are you all doing?! How’s the weather? The weather here looks good! Have a nice day you all!

    • Gando

      Obviously he didn’t see it but the lawn in the background looks great enough to be a tennis court! Aren’t you going to make donations to charities today?!

  37. aine

    Have to disagree with you there – I shop at Goodwill and my outfits look better than this.

  38. captain america

    ……….minus the “baggage”.

  39. Rhialto

    Unlike Lindsay Lohan and like i said before, i’ve nothing to be afraid of. And i’m not going to repeat that over and over again! *Grabs chest* I’m almost getting afraid to put comments because of getting wrong interpretated or twisted.

  40. Gilberator

    “While the movie itself brings a darker and more personal take on the character of Superman, I cannot understand why the director chose to feature Supergirl only during outdoor blizzard sequences. And I’m not entirely sure that the original Supergirl character, as designed by DC Comics, would have slept with Lex Luthor, or Superman, or Lois Lane, or Perry White, or Jimmy Olsen, or the Hulk, or what appeared to be the Key Grip in the background of a fight scene, or…” – Roger Ebert

  41. jrin

    Don’t they mean “Stuporgirl?”

  42. Rough--I will not have sex on valentine's day, because its corny

    Don’t fight the magnetic effect of the pokey Lilo; it’s a great opportunity for you to be fresh meat again.

  43. evilkanivil

    more like SuperNanny… lols she looks like a old hunch backed woman… so scewed up Lilo… muahhahahahha

  44. Dave

    What ever happened to the time when we would watch an actress based on how hot and how good of an actress she is, Now people actually listen to these middle aged virgin losers that write pathetic blogs like this one.

  45. Matcher

    My friend says he’d still do her. We suspect he has a chain-smoking skeleton fetish.

  46. Myclamisaninnie



    One thing I can not stand is sticky fingers! I suck hard for my money, and I won’t tolerate thievery.

    However, LA jails are incredibly over-crowded. So much so that they lets hard core gang felons out each day. Therefore, Ms. Lohan will not spend much time at all, even though she is violating probation, which always gives you jail time. Quit bitching, moaning, insulting, griping towards her, it is the state’s fault. The State has always had the proof, but never the room.

  47. DP

    not Supergirl. Droopergirl ha

  48. You mean, “Stupergirl!!!!!”

  49. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Why can’t we all
    just not care?

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