You’re Supposed To Believe Joe Jonas Has Sex With This And Other News

April 11th, 2012 // 27 Comments

- Cue Jessica Simpson suddenly giving birth in 3.. 2.. [Dlisted]

- Hello, large-breasted Asian in a bikini holding drinks… [theCHIVE]

- Leonardo DiCaprio has no problem banging Adam Levine‘s table scraps. [Lainey Gossip]

- Supermodels Without Makeup [BuzzFeed]

- Snoop Dogg’s Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook [Heavy]

- The Simpsons live in Oregon in case you haven’t spent years piecing the clues together in a pit of loneliness. [TooFab]

- The 15 Sexiest Siblings in Sports [Bleacher Report]

- Ali Larter still has it. [Popoholic]

- But, wait, who surprises Oprah with cars? Tyler Perry. [Celebslam]

- The chick from My Girl looks like this now. [Starpulse]

- How American Reunion proves we truly are the most obnoxious generation, bro. [FilmDrunk]

- How Lamar Odom twerked Mark Cuban‘s shade cakes. (Am I using any of those words right?) [Bossip]

- Brooklyn Decker in GQ Turkey. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Evelyn Lozada‘s in a bikini. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Guy Pearce is apparently great to interview. [HuffPost Celebrity]

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Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News


  1. Yuuuuup

    Dudes that wear sweaters and hats like that have sex with other men.

  2. Joe Jonas New Girlfriend Jessica Pott
    Commented on this photo:

    Even she looks embarrassed to be seen next to that fashion disaster of a leprechaun. Oy vey! He was cute back when he was pedo bait.

  3. YoMamma

    I totally buy them as a couple. Look how comfortable they look together…

  4. EricLr

    Jessica Simpson will never give birth. She’ll just keep growing and growing until the U.S. military realizes she’s a threat to the planet’s food supply and try to take her out.

    But by then it will be too late, of course.

  5. I believe the proper term for her is ‘bait’.

  6. Sin

    He is just learning her best cock sucking techniques.

  7. White Bull

    Jessica Simpson is not pregnant. It’s a brilliant ploy to hide her Chili’s obsession.

  8. Kimmy


  9. Mandi

    Um I thought Bar Rafaeli without makeup on was a young Chelsea Handler……………

  10. Bonky

    She looks like she was born to wear a strap on. Now I see why Joe is with her.

  11. Scotius

    I thought you were being sarcastic about Guy Pearce being a great interviewer, but then I read the link. Hesounds like he’d be a blast to spend the day with.

  12. Angie

    My Gawd they are all over each other. Get a room!

  13. Frank Burns

    Joe: “Jessica, honey, you’ve got the hand in pocket while walking thing down, but I still say you’d be cuter wearing a lil’ fedora.”
    Jessica: * sigh *
    Joe: “Ooohh, I’ve got my gray fedora, not Lucy, not Laura, but fedora!”
    Jessica: “For the love of god stop singing that!”

  14. Alex

    Lamar should have taken Kobe’s advice last year. Retire and design clothes. Have your reality show. Basketball is not on your mind. It’s over.

    • dooood

      kobe always was the smart one.
      only being a celebrated star athlete can trump being a rapist or in this case being the ambassador to the counsel of succubi

  15. If by “this” you mean that hat, then I believe it.

  16. Joe Jonas New Girlfriend Jessica Pott
    Commented on this photo:

    He walks like a girl.

  17. Colin

    No, we’re supposed to believe he doesn’t have sex with anybody if I remember that purity ring shit right. That excuse will buy him time until he finds someone willing to be his Katie Holmes.

  18. Joe Jonas New Girlfriend Jessica Pott
    Commented on this photo:

    “Joe you’re doing it all wrong, I’m supposed to put my hand in my pocket and look nonchalant, you’re supposed to look heterosexual”

  19. Ashley Lobeman

    What a hot couple and they werew great in WEALTHYGUYS.NET

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