You haven’t been banned

You’ve probably noticed the comments have been acting weird lately. We’ve enabled a new authentication system so that only people who are approved can post comments. This is to weed out people who go way off topic and ruin the experience for people who aren’t socially inept. It’s taken us awhile to go through and approve everybody so your comments might not show up for a few hours until we get to you. Once approved though, your comments should appear immediately and you’ll never receive the comment message ever again.

Don’t worry, you haven’t been banned. For now we’re approving everybody, but we’re going to do a better job of monitoring comments since they’ve been getting out of hand lately. This should help us remove the annoying commenters and prevent them from just creating another account once they’ve been banned.

NOTE: Don’t do the “first” thing. It won’t get you banned, but pretty much every other commenter thinks it’s lame. If you have to do it, at least say something other than just ‘”first.”