You Missed a Spot. In Your Jugular. And Other News.

September 20th, 2010 // 74 Comments
Spencer Pratt Has a Knife

- Lady GaGa will use her magic to repeal DADT. [Popeater]

- Aubrey O’Day wants you to see her underwear. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Chyna pulls a David Hasselhoff. Complete with bullshit excuse! [Dlisted]

- Pete Ross is officially a porn star now. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Ben Affleck is back. Bring on Phantoms 2! [Lainey Gossip]

- Kim Kardashian is torturing convicts. [IDLYITW]

- Vanessa Hudgens is leggy. [Popoholic]

- Linkin Park suddenly got a whole lot better. [BuzzFeed]

- Gwyneth Paltrow is doing Glee. Hope those kids like hearing about how organic scones are all the rage at her villa. [Just Jared]

- Kanye West wants SNL to kiss his butthole, but okay, he’ll still perform on the show. [The Fab Life]

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  1. Randal

    He. Must. Die. Now.

  2. Ned Schwarz

    omfg. i can’t sleep tonight.

  3. Jennifer

    Holy fucking shit. My eyes.

  4. oni

    why is he all taticool? With the boots and shorts and bags and knife? Does he think he’s in the military? Or does he want to be a mercenary? What the hecK?

    • McFeely Smackup

      that’s “tacticool” which means “cool due to tactical gear”, “taticool” would mean “cool due to tattoos”, which is impossible.

    • Vito

      That’s gotta be the first time anyone has said “what the heck” in the Superficial.

      Just sayin’…

  5. McFeely Smackup

    Spencer has dominated the entire celebrity/entertainment news industry like a fucking chess master. He’s the Bobby Fischer of celebrity media.

    Think about it, he’s completely irrelevant, has no skills, produces nothing of value, doesn’t sing, doesn’t act, does NOTHING at all…yet manages to get his face in print on a daily basis.

    Is Spencer a douche? Yeah, and he still made you his bitch Superficial/TMZ/ET/etc. Proud of yourself?

  6. Anon

    Why isn’t there a big yellow star on this photo. It’s obviously someone shaving their cock.

  7. GravyLeg

    I will give him this…

    Just when I think he can’t get douchier, he ups his game…

    Spencer, you have officially jumped from biggest douche on the planet to biggest douche in the solar system… Grats.

  8. Cock Dr

    That boy ain’t right.

    • The Only Hetero in this Joint

      Maybe he got all F’d up when your Cock Doc examination kit (Your mouth) clamped down too tight? Hey not that I blame you: It was probably cold in that exam room and your stethoscope probably was chafing your upper lip….

  9. chelsea

    God damn fucking ew.

  10. LordAtama

    I kind of liked Phantoms, mostly because of Rose McGowan. But it doesn’t seem to exist on IMDB which I always found puzzling.

  11. Brody Jenner

    that is one creepy lookin chick…

  12. Michelle

    This guy drives me nuts please stop putting him on your page. You are better than this Fish….I am begging PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop giving this fucking moron a forum.

  13. Carolyn

    What the hell is wrong with him? And what’s wrong with us for paying so much attention?

  14. djs

    He’s so disgusting

  15. Nameless

    Does he lie about his age? For a guy supposedly in his 20′s, he’s got crow’s feet around his eyes like he pushing 50.

  16. Spencer Pratt Has a Knife
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks Like William Katt from The Greatest American Hero with that afro.

  17. hmna

    What. The. Fuck.

  18. dude

    THis image alone on a horror flick poster would turn it into the top grossing flick of our time.

  19. Stephi Sweezer

    yeah, that image with the words, “COMING OCTOBER 31ST”

  20. Vito

    Other than all that, his teeth are straight. He isn’t, but his teeth are.

  21. Heidi meet your new doctor

  22. BOBBO

    Stop making me look at this asshat every time I come here.

  23. Hugh Gentry

    Fuck you for leaving this on the top of the page!!!!!!!! Where the fuck are the NSFW postings? This site is so fucking gay lately!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ___

    Why is it always Asians spamming these sites with this crap? I’m not racist, I’m just saying…

  25. M

    No wonder the rest of the world hates us Americans…

  26. Rachael


  27. O

    He is the Andy Kaufmann of tabloids. Jokes on you.

  28. Carolyn

    Why do these weirdass things show up all the time now? Do the people who post them really think anyone on this site is interested in their crap?

  29. Olpol

    That’s not shaving cream, that’s his boyfriends cum.

  30. God

    I literally cannot believe the universal justice system which means that this worthless, ugly poof was within sniffing distance of the most fantastic, tight little cunt on the planet.

  31. Dick

    Wow, an actual photo of Lady Gaga without make up. Cool.

  32. He reminds me of this funny burglar of the ‘Home alone’ :)



  34. Rhialto

    Is he gonna try it now with snuff movies?! Ugh!

  35. Nero

    Looks like he’s wearing the Blue Lagoon boy’s scalp.

  36. Gando

    I did read sometime ago a scientific report about knives and penises.

  37. jay

    He is such a tool. i wish a pack of silverside apes would gang rape him

  38. captain america

    ………………………………………..he’s incontinent?

  39. Righty Whitey

    He’ll eventually end up smoking crack with Leif Garrett. Who cares. At least if you’re gonna post stories about this ballsack-tick you could at least get Heidi’s tits and ass in there somewhere. She may be a dumb fucking dolt but I’d fuck the shit outta her ass, literally, then make her suck her own shit off my cock, then give her a nice shit/protein shake as a reward for being such a dirty slut.

  40. kpatra

    so spencer shaving off his beard is their latest media ploy?
    please don’t give this dummy any more attention.

  41. Steelerchick

    FUCKING ICK!!!!!!

  42. Dingle

    Please stop putting pictures up of this fucking douchebag. If you stop, everyone will forget about him… It needs to happen now

  43. shilla

    so how much did he pay to get this photo posted?

  44. Lerxt

    Websters should put his picture next to the definition of the phrase “Ass Clown”.

  45. Never in the history of mankind has a face begged for a sledgehammer massage this hard.

  46. love kcdillas

    he really just needs to go away…preferably into a hole 6 feet in the ground

  47. Jessics

    Does anyone else find his fascination with guns and knives disturbing? I’d feel safer around a chimp with a gun or knife than this idiot.

  48. heymon

    Who friggin knew Charles Manson had a brotha from anotha motha.. Dude looks crazy enough to be him……….

  49. paco

    looks like a fucking crazy albino to me.

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