You Know How I Know John Mayer’s Gay….

June 10th, 2010 // 60 Comments

Says the man with the pink website.

Here’s John Mayer and The Situation comparing abs at the CMAs CMT Awards last night because if there’s anything country music stands for it’s two grown men giving the “all clear” for butt sex. Except, wait, they’re not blood relatives alone in a huntin’ cabin. SECURITY!

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  1. Chelsea

    first and LMSAO

  2. Plo0x


  3. memem
    Commented on this photo:

    FIRST! so exciting!

  4. Tupac

    hey look it’s Dr. Steve Brule over Mayer’s shoulder.


  5. Why doesn’t the Fish like John? Hmm…come to think of it…Fish doesn’t really like anyone…except boobs and ass.


  6. gogo

    Please… no….NOOOOOOO…..

  7. den

    It was the Country Music Television Awards (CMTs), not the CMAs. The CMAs are in fall. Yeah, I know. It’s country music so most of your readers don’t care.

  8. Where is this? It looks like the premier of Broke Back Mountain II

  9. Soley

    John mayer has gut, not abs.

  10. no preview pics in the reader = FAIL.

  11. ew.

    that’s all I can think of when I look at this.

  12. Chelsea

    Hey i respect a man who can show off his keg next to a man whos ego is bigger then mt.rushmore!

  13. Really?
    Commented on this photo:

    After looking at JM’s ‘abs’ I’m suddenly feeling much better about my own physique

  14. Commented on this photo:

    So that guido d-bag’s sole ‘talent’ is to constantly lift his shirt and show his abs? What a knob.

  15. Bunny

    I’d go lez before I’d let either one of these douche bags have me.
    Well, I MIGHT wanna see the Situation naked first and take a look at what he’s working with. HEY, I’m a curious rabbit….

  16. Sizzle
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    Gross. John Mayer’s abs look like a gut. Really weird.

  17. ZigZagZoey

    What I want to know is why that Golden Casino hasn’t offered the idiot “Situation” money to adverise on his abs……

  18. Chelsea

    i hear john mayer has ALOT hes working with, makes me super curious… however, The douche… er the situation can accidentally fall in a fire pit for all i care befor he could even see my face!

  19. janice

    john meyer is fking disgusting. ew. fuck.

  20. Georgeo

    They’re both fat.

  21. Flaming Bag of Poop

    Thanks for fixing up your site, I guess. Post something funny. I don’t want to look at these homos anymore.

  22. belliciosa
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    his tummy looks like ET’s

  23. belliciosa
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    His tummy looks like ET’s

  24. John looks like he ran out of shaving cream when he reached his belly button.

  25. J

    why is the situation at the CMT Awards?

  26. billy
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    his abs arnt amaaaaaaaazing. nice but geeze not enough to go showing them around to anyone with eyes (or a camera)

  27. Sandy
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    can’t imagine any less attractive men on the planet.

  28. Christina Spears
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    Dirty, talentless Guido! And John Mayer looks like he needs to go easy on the Chronic.

  29. Lev

    When is douche bag Mayer’s baby due?
    So this is why he cancelled his tour.

  30. ooooahhh

    vain fuckers

  31. Stuey

    PFFFT, J.M. doesnt have chest or stomach hair, he just has a bush gone wild. At least the other guy had the decency to shave.

  32. jake

    john has abs..he made his stomach big on purpose, look at the V shape, u wont’ have the shape if you have a big gut!

  33. Dee

    ewww john mayer’s belly is nastyyy

  34. Mike

    John Mayer is a pathetic jerk for dumping his European tour. Must not have sold his shitty tickets over there.

  35. Nicole
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    John Mayer is really ugly.. The other guy is to. All this guy does is lift up his shirt… big deal!!!

  36. Yaz
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    JOhn Mayer is a bear! Aww!

  37. Yaz
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    That is a strange looking gut… like a plasticine doll, that leads to a ken doll (lack of) penis.

  38. mich
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    how repulsive

  39. superstar
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    John Mayer’s stomach looks like a pot belly instead of a pack :S

  40. gigi
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    heehee the Situation looks so happy! such tools…. so fun

  41. melissa
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    Is it just me or does it look like John Mayer has a boner?

  42. Marlyn
    Commented on this photo:

    When is the baby due?

  43. sana
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    pfff n”importe quoi! c’est qhoi ce kiff de merde d’enlever le Tshirt!!

  44. lanegra
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    umm… he looks fat and pregnant… hahaha

  45. Lynn

    Gay for sure. His belly is nasty. When is his baby due?

  46. captain america

    ……………………………because SISSY-BOY’s JUST CHEER AT ANYTHING.
    just anything at all, folks!!

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