Christina Aguilera’s Whitney Houston Tribute Was Something

Last night Christina Aguilera performed an 8 minute Whitney Houston medley at the American Music Awards. It was exactly everything you’d expect from Aguilera as she emulated Houston’s greatest hits in her signature “hit-every-unnecessary-note possible” style. It was pretty much the same vocal parkour Whitney herself kind of invented, turned up to 11. I heard that there were power outages were reported throughout the Northeast and the frequency of millions of people simultaneously yelling “Yaaasss!” interfered with cell phone towers.

The reactions were pretty mixed on account of some key-change choices and the fact that Christina Aguilera doesn’t quite have the right vocal range to sing “I Will Always Love You.” Some people on Twitter shit on it because she Aguilera’d the hell out of her performance, but for the most part I think people thought it was good (or just didn’t care). Also, she looked like Macauley Culkin after he got out of the shower and slicked his hair back in Home Alone.

I rarely will sit and watch an 8-minute YouTube video, but I was honestly pretty into this performance. Maybe it’s just the french boy in me that wants to spin around listening to “I’m Every Woman” in my underwear. Maybe I just like vocal choirs. Maybe I spent the morning trying to wrap my head around what the fuck BTS is all about and needed to see someone actually sing. Could be any of those, really…

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