‘X-Men: First Class’ is on DVD, If Only Someone Handsome Wrote A Review…

“I’m the father? What does that even me- Aw, fuck.”

X-Men: First Class hit DVD/Blu-ray/OnDemand/Live Puppet Theater in My Basement today, so for those of you wondering if you should waste two hours and 12 minutes of your time giving it a whirl this weekend, Daddy’s gotcha covered:

They Should’ve Called It ‘Boob Diamond.’ A Review of ‘X-Men: First Class’

And for the record, this post is not an advertisement and/or sponsored by 20th Century Fox, it’s just one man trying to squeeze a little more juice out of hours of nerd work writing a goddamn novella that literally could’ve stopped after the caption. Fortunately for you I’m a giant, lonely dork. Avengers caption post, ladies?

Photo: 20th Century Fox