WWE Diva Maria poses for Playboy

March 7th, 2008 // 61 Comments

WWE Diva Maria (Real name: Maria Kanellis) autographed copies of the April issue of Playboy yesterday. Maria appears totally nude in the issue which must be awesome for wrestling enthusiasts. The only thing that could make it hotter for WWE fans is if they found out Maria is their sister. Or, okay, let’s be more realistic, their cousin.


  1. mo

    no thanks

  2. PunkA

    Hey Maria, where’s Donny???

    Who is she again?

  3. monkeyafterdark

    hot diggity, wreslin never seemed so hot before, or did it?

  4. N-Dawg

    …just in time for international women’s day. grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

  5. Officer Friendly

    I got my issue with her today. Her real hair color? Bald.

  6. nipolian

    Once again…….JLH please take note. Plus – it has to be better than those little fucking hobgoblins known as the Olsen twins.

  7. candyass

    Fake tits and man muscles. Um no thanks.

  8. OUCH


  9. Zack

    That’s supposed to be “hot”??? You’ve got to be kidding. Horrific boob job, thin but somehow ugly legs, wide waist with a tummy bulge that looks weirdly post-op. Not a natural curve in sight, just straight lines and surgery outcomes. Not quite a tranny, closer to a tall chick who recently had twins and just finished crash dieting plus a tummy tuck and a boob job.

  10. IKE

    She looks kinda spooky without the “magic” of Playboy.

  11. Sam

    She really shouldn’t pose behind the blowup of the cover. That sort of picture is what the photoshop artists should include in their future job applications. She could say she was sick and her ugly sister had to do the autograph session.

  12. dude_on_something

    I dare anyone 5 shots of tequila first – before they decide if they would hit.
    Absolute no-brainer

  13. combustion8

    I thought being hot was a prereq for being in playboy.. guess I was wrong.

  14. Randal

    Maria Kanellis’ career will certainly become vaulted by this step in her life. Playboy has always offered women of many shapes and sizes the opportunity to be seen by millions around the world in one single shot.

    This will help her become more renowned in what she does and has done in the past. Congratulations Maria! xoxo

  15. Tapeworm

    Fugly frickin face.

  16. Ript1&0

    You are funny as hell today, Fish. Manic crazy.

    I was in love with my cousin once, but it didn’t work out. Not because we were cousins.

  17. this girl was on outback jack. the reality show. yeah. she didn’t win.

  18. andyl

    she is cute.btw, I saw this pic before on a celeb site called ‘SearchingMillionaire dot com’! Is that fake or real?

  19. Is orange skin still in?

  20. tt

    so what?

  21. Randal

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  22. Aggie Spartacus

    Her tits are actually real, and it’s quite obvious if you see the spread. And, also, if you ever wondered why wrestlers are so over-tanned in person it’s because televised arena’s insane harsh lighting (mixed with theatrical lighting) will wipe all the color off of you. Stage actors have to wear a lot of make-up for a reason, Pro-wrestlers need to be tanned for a reason.

    Oh, and I think she’s hot.

  23. DeezerWeezer

    Better Playboy than Project Runway again.

  24. Jenny

    Miley Cyrus in ten years…

  25. Jen

    It’s hilarious that people are commenting on her “fake tits” which are actually real tits and a push up bra. Oh my, too funny. The fact that she’s not anorexic (has a healthy gorgeous body) and is super attractive makes these comments all the more hysterical.

    The wrestling fans incest joke is trite. Next time try harder.

  26. lbot

    She must on the juice cuz last time I saw her, her jawline was not so masculine

  27. ellenmiss

    She is so gorgeous. But I am very cucious. Why did she post her profile on a celebrities and wealthy website named
    “wealthydater. com”.. What is she looking for there?

  28. funny

    Looks hot on the magazine cover, doesn’t look hot at all, far from it, on the candid pictures. Ah, professional makeup artists, stylists, photoshop, airbrushing, digital enhancing… the miracles they can do.

  29. funny

    Looks hot on the magazine cover, doesn’t look hot at all, far from it, on the candid pictures. Ah, professional makeup artists, stylists, photoshop, airbrushing, digital enhancing… the miracles they can do.

    I say, if you see a chick who looks pretty and hot in person and her body looks nice, you’re damn lucky, hold on to reality because chances are she’s the hottest woman you’ll ever see, in reality, in a magazine, in a picture, in a movie. Imagine how she’d look like photoshoped in a magazine, with her makeup done by the best professional makeup artists in the world and best stylists trying their hardest to make her look hot, airbrushed, digitally enhanced, with the aid of special effects. Yup, probably sooo much better than any other famous chick you’ve seen looking hot in a movie or magazine. Those bitches that look hot thanks to the magic of professional makeup and special effects, digital enhancing, photoshop and all that, aren’t something you’d gawk at if you saw them in person in front of you.

  30. She is super sexy .I love her.I saw she is dating in millonaire dating site” wealthyloving.com”. Just curious what kind of relation she want in this site?

  31. KillScrappy

    Today’s Playboy Playmate! Tomorrow’s Chyna!

  32. Roids

    Zack @ 9:

    the reason her body has that shape may be due to use of HGH or other performance enhancing substances over a long period of time.

  33. Two ways to limit the duration of your career: pose in Playboy before you’re truly famous or win the Grammy for Best New Artist. Way to go, Maria.

  34. Rob Graves

    Links people, links. I’m lazy, but curious. You know, like Penn & Teller.

  35. Aggie Spartacus

    #33: I would seriously doubt that she ever did HGH considering that she never was/probably doesn’t ever plan to be a serious wrestler. She was a WWE “Diva Search” contestant, meaning that she was a model, then did an audition-like contest where she actually lost, but got a job as an interviewer anyway.

    The extent of her actual in-ring training is minimal to none. She’s simply toned, and doesn’t have a very defined waist.

  36. Cristie

    Boring !

  37. ghrgh

    I’d punch her in the face while I’m fucking her in the ass.

  38. Ted from LA

    You must have long arms.

  39. Stephanie

    Am I the ONLY person on the planet who remembers her when she was on that TBS show, the one like the bachelor but with like…. a cowboy millionaire, hmmmmm…. outback jack? lol i have no idea, just shows how fake the show was! hahaha

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  41. kelly

    sexy gir,lol…i see some mare sexy pics on a dating site–interracialmatch.com/photo/blackchats they are nice and friendly.

  42. jenny

    why she look so different then in the magazine?

  43. Josh Simpson

    #43….. because that’s the power of photoshop, makeup and professional photographers. They could even make me look good, which would be a miracle.

  44. absolute2

    She is beautiful. Is she single now? I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week.

  45. Kendra

    Got the issue in the mail today, she has gross boobs.

  46. weslley

    I’m from brazil
    I love you
    vc e muito linda eu te amo

  47. InternetToughGuy

    Fuck you fish…..I usually laugh at your comments but fuck you on this one. I am a wrestling fan and I only fuck non-relatives. Motherfucker, “pro” wrestling is enjoyed around the world, not just by some jibbering fucking 1 tooth mothefucker in a trailer.

  48. gwen

    I agree with #10 she looks liek a witch or something. I think its cause of the triangular eyebrows and dark rimmed eyes and crazy hair.
    Who is she again?

  49. Ashley

    Maria is so hot in playboy Amazing body

  50. smalldickbastard

    I would fuck the shit out of her with my small dick

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