Wundergroin: Das Legal!

November 23rd, 2010 // 117 Comments

Liebe Miley Cyrus,

Glückwünsche auf dem Drehen des zugelassenen Alters des Durchgriffes. Sie sind eine junge, schöne Frau geworden, deren Lende nicht mehr Ihren Mitmenschen veranlaßt, mit der Regierung zu registrieren.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (Happy Birthday, Miley.)

Photo: Noah R-S, The Jack Kirby to My Stan Lee.


  1. Billy Ray Cletus

    The only thing that was interesting was the whole jailbait angle; now she’s just another used up white trash hillbilly cunt. Pretty soon, even her dad won’t want to bang her.

    • Messy Keyboard

      Sadly that is true… Obviously something is really wrong if your own father no longer has an interest in screwing you…

  2. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    This must be a hand-me-down from Britney before her marriage to Haagen-Dazs

  3. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    what you’re saying makes ABSOLUTELY no sense in german.
    what is “wundergroin”? what does it have to do with miley cyrus? somebody fill me in.

  4. greg

    Suddenly lost all interest.

  5. joe

    I so wish I could insert myself into her Anal cavity and ejaculate inside her

  6. Happy Birthday to you,
    our dreams have come true
    You’re now barely legal,
    hope to see more of you

  7. Happy Birthday, Miley!
    drunken stepdad
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    yummy Toe Great look !!

  8. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    Because she’s one step away from doing porn, and it’s awesome to watch Disney bitches turn into train wrecks.

  9. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Are we just talking in random languages no one here can understand? Okay, I’ll play that game.

    Во поле береза стояла, во поле кудрявая стояла, лю-ли лю-ли, стоялааа…

    Ныббар мын, кæд-иу дæм мæ зарæг кæуæгау фæкæса мыййаг…

  10. Gary B

    Forget Miley, Selena, Demi and Taylor Swift are far better. Let’s pray…

    Oh Raptor Jesus in your graet power give These three the desire to engage in their womanly lusts unto each other. Praise raptor jesus for he went extinct for your sins.

  11. Holy shit

    Guess im the only one that thinks she’s hot.

  12. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    hahaha, people asking why make it more funny…LMAO

  13. I’m thankful for the Fish, without whom I’d never know the joy of loving another man.

    Thank you Fish!

    You left your Rammstien CD at my apartment.

  14. DerGreatWurf

    I didn’t understand a thing. And I am german.

  15. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    She makes me regret every single second I was a fan of hers

  16. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    Why doesn’t she just keep her tongue inside her mouth..obviously she can not control IT

  17. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    omg eww is she touching the trash can?!! get wet wipes

  18. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    ok this is Freakyyy

  19. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    Her eyes look weird.And she needs to control her body.

  20. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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  21. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    this slut should just be making pornos instead of trying to be this generations madonna, we all know you a aint a virgin girl. just show us what we want!

  22. Happy Birthday, Miley!
    Mileys Uncle
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    Get your fucking tits out

  23. TheFrankfurter

    Die Geschichte mit dem Wundergroin ist einfach ein Spass des Bestreibers der Webseit. Aufgrund eines Auftritts von Mylie Cyrus in der Sendung Wetten das…??? wurde vom Web Seiten Betreiber angenommen das die Künstlerin eine Simpatisant der Nazis sei und sich Walt Disney im Grab umdrehen würde. Da Walt Disney als Freund der Nazis und auch von Hitler bekannt ist hat der Betreiber der Web Seite versucht falsche Informatione über die Sängerin und über Deutschland zu veröffentlichen. Der Betreiber nahm an “Sobald eine Amerikanisch Sängerin im Deutschen Fehrnsehen Auftritt ist sie ein Nazi, denn in Deutschland leben nur Nazis. Traurig aber wahr, die Jungs sind einfach nur dumm.

  24. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    she not virgin anymore…ugly..before this im she’s fan..but…not now, not anymore

  25. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    She can keep her tongue inside MY mouth!

  26. tkw

    she is trashy wonder what billy ray says probably don’t care sinc he took his wife back after brett michaels. Liam did right by ditching her…he too nice to be hooked to a porn type wanna be

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