Wundergroin: Das Legal!

November 23rd, 2010 // 117 Comments

Liebe Miley Cyrus,

Glückwünsche auf dem Drehen des zugelassenen Alters des Durchgriffes. Sie sind eine junge, schöne Frau geworden, deren Lende nicht mehr Ihren Mitmenschen veranlaßt, mit der Regierung zu registrieren.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (Happy Birthday, Miley.)

Photo: Noah R-S, The Jack Kirby to My Stan Lee.


  1. Ryan

    Happy 18th birthday, Miley Cyrus!!!

  2. RD

    Can someone fill me in with the joke? Why in German?

    • lol

      my man, if you came here for jokes that are funny or make sense, you came to the wrooooooong place.

    • jake

      I also want to know why in german?

      I do find it funny but for different reasons, I find it funny because it makes it look like Fish is insane or something, but I would love to know why in german as well

  3. John Galt


  4. J

    Legal age of penetration?

    • depends on what state and country. as that could have been 16 or so.

      however it’s the legal age of consent in the state of California and the legl age to show pics of her bare ass naked. or the very least an Emma Watson see thru plug er upskirt of her panties made by Elle macPherson’s company.

      let the non-pedophile masterubations begin.

      Hey Fish, whose gonna bring a mop to clean this joint up.

  5. kulit

    If she was actually pretty I’d be excited.

  6. dirtbag

    Still a stupid cunt waiting for a nice swift kick in the cunt for being a fucking cunt. She is a cunt.

  7. brunski

    Put through Babelfish:

    “Congratulations on the rotation of the certified age of the Durchgriffes. They became a young, beautiful woman, whose Lende does not cause no more your fellow man to register with the government.”

    Congratulations indeed!

  8. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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  9. fester

    Wundergroin na verboten? “Is der anyone een der (een der… een der… een der). Look out, here comes der wiener-schnitzel!”

  10. Happy Birthday, Miley!
    Commented on this photo:

    Meh who gives a fuck

  11. mememe

    Anyone else agree that these Miley Cyrus posts in German are not in the least bit amusing?

    • white guy

      You hooked nose cunt, MIMI. Not everyone hates Germans. Some of us are of German extraction you ugly witch.
      Fuck yourself, you rascist fucking whore.

      • white guy

        …and furthermore, English is a Germanic dialect so why not move to somewhere that speaks a fake resurrected language that you can pretend is your own…somehow…someway…denying Reality and Truth.

      • Miley's Dad

        Dude, she said something wasn’t funny. How is that racist? You clearly forgot to take your meds this morning.

      • Greatsayain

        Just because she doesn’t find the joke translated to german funny doesn’t mean she hates Germans. Thats a huge unjeustified leap of logic.
        English is not simply a Germanic Dialect. It is composed of French and many other languages as well.

      • white guy

        You simple folks don’t know what you are talking about so mind (as if you had one) your own business. This cunt hates Germans. Don’t act surprised.

      • Great Britain

        English comes from the Angles, a Germanic people. Anglish? Is that over your heads? Yeah, there’s French and Latin and Chinese and Martian included, we still speak a Germanic language and you can go cry somewhere thinking about it.

      • poopsmith

        youre fucking retarded, not to mention your english is imperfect, so just CHIIIILLL guy, stop using google translate cause it’s not perfect. im part german and I took no offense whatsoever to what she said

      • Mimi

        I hate Krauts.

    • Ladnar

      German is not funny. Dutch is funny.

  12. Robert

    Aw, look at Hunchy all grown up and still neckless. I guess when she turns 21 her clavicle will unhinge from her pelvis and her telescoping ET head will pop out and she will finally stand erect.

  13. Billy Ray

    Have at ‘er, boys. I hope y’all enjoy rootin’ in my sloppy ten thousands.

  14. Kaiser Wilhelm

    I personally find zem MOST amusing! HA-HA! Der little Fraulein is quite ze strumpet!

  15. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    needs more makeup

  16. Brooke

    Oh great. Here comes Al-Qaeda…

  17. Mel

    sooo I am german but I have a hard time understanding your text…and wtf is “wundergroin” supposed to mean? It makes no sense in german! my advice-don’t use google translator, it makes no sense at all!

  18. Brooke

    Dumb question…. Name of the song?? Someone???? Anyone????….

  19. Popozao

    I predict more paps racing to snap the first pics of her shorn snatch than scientists seeking to split atoms in the second world war.

  20. JJJJJJ

    So since she’s 18, she’s actually going to have to start being accountable for constantly flashing her vag to the world. By the time she’s 20, she’ll be a washed up crackhead low end porn actress who only gets camera time when she serves as the anus-double for a more respectable porn star who prefers not to do anal.

  21. JJJJJJ

    Mel, you’re a douche. Wundergroin is a joke. It did not come from a translator. I should slap you with my Wundercock.

  22. MrThomson

    First of all, your german makes no sense (i am a native speaker) – sorry :)

    The song is called 99 Luftballons and it’s from Nena

  23. xoxo1987

    It basically says:

    Dear Miley Cyrus !

    Congratulations on turning legal. You have become a fine, young lady whose loins no longer get other people in trouble with the government.

    Happy Birthday !

    (Well, not really but i tried.)

  24. Elaine

    Female! Welcome to @yourvagina , It’s secretive, yet wanted. Give it a few weeks and they’ll catch on. Stay strong sista. Just hold off for at least a few weeks, and they’ll continue to be interested, Just keep some private.

  25. Happy Birthday, Miley!
    Commented on this photo:

    C’mon hayseeds, stick a baybee in thar, ahm reddee fer sum kay-eff-see, whoo-eee!

  26. SaraDevil

    In socialist America, Wundergroin comes for you.

  27. Happy Birthday, Miley!
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is everyone pointing out that the German here sucks. You were expecting something more from someone who writes a celeb blog filled with your dick and fart comments?

  28. minajsstinkyasss

    Happy Birthday you lame whore, close your legs your vagina stinks and you are a talentless fug.

  29. Happy birthday ho, now SHOW YOUR CUNT! :D

  30. Vandal

    Maybe they’ll sort her fuckin’ teeth out for her 18th. Goofy, hunchback, no-neck, talentless redneck TWAT!!

  31. Elaine

    I know what song is coming, and yet, I let it rain down on me. Fuck you, yes, I like it. Suck my dick.

  32. KV

    Wundergroin ist volljährig, meinst sie wird die nächste Lindsay Lohan ? Ich glaube Sie hat das richtige Potential das dazu gehört . Wette Betty Ford einlieferung wenn sie 20 wird.

  33. “Neeein!”, schauted Pillie Ray in tesperation, “Das Wundergroin ist meeein!”

    Butt py zen it vas too late, und Das Wundergroin hatt bekomm publik tomain. Michty emmanations von Das -now legal- Wundergroin kvickly besett effry last korner uf Amerika, hooz poppulation proceded to appsent-mintetly rubb vun out und promptly moof to ze next bitt uf trivia.
    Und it vas zus zat Das Wundergroin fell von relevantz.

    Zus spoke Zarabernhardt.

  34. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    Fuck me, don’t disgrace the triforce like that.

  35. Adam

    something tells me Ganondorf AND Link are stuck in her sacred realm..

  36. ToRiMiLi

    Why oh why must you desecrate the triforce?!!

  37. Sharkbait

    Well this is going to start to get a whole lot more fun.

  38. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    Making something legal, doesn’t make it desirable…

  39. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    She doesnt look sexy at all…

  40. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    Awful clothes

  41. Parker

    Let me be the first to go on record saying I want to buttfuck Miley Cyrus. Happy B-day you little hillbilly

  42. Burt

    Her act is officially no longer relevant.

  43. jojo

    Fuck she is stupid. 5 bucks says she chokes on a load of German semen before the week is through.

  44. dontlooknow

    LOL! Took the above script to babelfish and here’s how it literally translates:

    Loves Miley Cyrus, Congratulations on the rotation of the certified age of the Durchgriffes. They became a young, beautiful woman, whose Lende does not cause no more your fellow man to register with the government. Happy birthday! (Happy Birthday, Miley.)

    Now, THAT’S comedy!

  45. Happy Birthday, Miley!
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    oooooh hella yeah!

  46. Happy Birthday, Miley!
    Miley's Dad
    Commented on this photo:

    O-face + camel toe = I need some private time.

  47. s'up bitches

    yee-ha! Actually, nothings changed. She’s still a self-entitled whore that has probably been drinkin’, crackin’, and fuckin’ since the age of twelve. It’s in her hillbilly genes.

    • dumbass

      the only 2 things that have definitely changed now that she’s 18 are 1. all that hannah montana money is hers to piss away without her folks having anything to say about it, and 2. anyone over 18 years old can bang her without the threat of jail time.
      she’s got more money than Oprah, and a much, much finer ass.

  48. GravyLeg

    Proceed to post labia with impunity….

  49. grobpilot

    Where the hell is Randal? I want to know what his thoughts are on this ocassion.

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