WTF Did You Do to Emma Stone?

December 6th, 2010 // 57 Comments

Let me start out first by saying I have absolutely nothing against blondes, or more particularly, Emma Stone who’s simply following orders for her role as Gwen Stacy in the Spider-man reboot. That said, what in the hellfuck?! They destroyed* a perfectly hot ginger, albeit not a natural one, but a perfectly hot one nonetheless, to make us forget three Spider-man movies that might as well have been episodes of Power Rangers? I mean, Jesus Christ, how many lives will these things claim before someone puts their foot down? Poor Kirsten Dunst can’t even walk the streets without schoolchildren daring her to split coconuts open with her teeth. It’s a goddamn travesty.

(*Okay, maybe not so much destroyed, as made her less unique. Not that it even matters because she’s with a Culkin now, and God knows those Michael Jackson target practices don’t let go once they get their claws in. Case in point: I’m convinced Macualay’s been dating Mila Kunis since Uncle Buck wrapped. If not the day she was born.)

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  1. Apparently they made her into Tila Tequila.

  2. christiner

    OMG! She’s turning into Loohann!! :(

  3. With great peroxide comes great meh.

  4. JOe

    She looks like a cross between Jaime Pressly and Jenna Jameson.

  5. slapkatyperry

    Does anyone else hear the “i dream of Jeannie” theme song

  6. Emma Stone Blonde
    Commented on this photo:

    did kim cattrall get a new plastic surgeon ?

  7. Vito

    I like this gal way more than Kirsten Dunce…er Dunst. Except I just noticed she doesn’t have any tits. What a fuckin’ shame.

    • christiner

      I thought she had some in Superbad… Maybe i was mistaken. She looks like she lost a ton of weight ;\

  8. Ash Bones

    I’d shoot my web in/on her…

  9. I’ll get you my pretty…..and your little dog too….

  10. cm

    Wow. You actually make sense and I agree with you!!! Maybe you aren’t THAT dumb!

  11. anonymous

    WOW! She looks like crap as a blonde. She’s got psycho eyes.

    • Andriiya

      Yes psycho eyes are much less out of place on a redhead. Gingers are just insane, but you don’t want to deal with some ditzy blonde being stupid AND insane.

  12. Danklin

    She’s still hot as fuck!

  13. Gwen Stacy dies ‘Nuff said.

  14. minx

    i dont get it with this one. she’s almost like that giant redhead with a manly voice from that 70′s show. almost.

  15. gfann

    I don’t know what wrong with you people but she looks hot has hell, Her eyes are powerful. Besides blond is her natural hair color. It might be a bit too blond though.

  16. Emma Stone Blonde
    Commented on this photo:

    doesn’t look good. dye it back

  17. dvenzo


  18. Emma Stone Blonde
    Commented on this photo:

    Does anyone else think she looks like a young Jenna Jameson (the porn actress)?

    I think she looks smoking hot with blonde hair!

  19. Gene

    What the HELL are you dribbling on about? Other than eyes twice the size they should be…every one of us would fuck her. Truth!

  20. Jon

    I have one.. WTF are you talking about with her hair, who gives a shit. You can change colours in 30 mins if you need to. What about her weight? She is crazy skinny now, her face looks wierd.

    When the hair is the first thing you notice rather then the anorexic weight, maybe you’ve been looking at Hollywood and celebs a little too long. :P

  21. id total fuck her. and say NATALIE in that voice when i came

  22. Kerri

    i think she looks great – still very pretty! most of the shots it looks more like a strawberry blond which is slightly more unique than blonde – this coming from a blond : )

  23. Nubbinsworth

    Thought it was Jaime Presley at first.

  24. Brit

    She looks like Welsh singer Duffy.

  25. Johnny Cage

    Sexiest voice since Lohan.

  26. wim

    being a die hard lesbian is fun.

  27. Emma Stone Blonde
    Commented on this photo:

    Lindsey Lohan? Hillary Duff? Random Porn Star?

  28. PtC

    That’s what Lindsay Lohan would look like if this were Earth 2.

  29. Glad this is just for a movie. She’s prettier with her own natural red hair.

  30. she actually a natrual blonde

  31. Pfft

    Somewhere, Samantha Ronson just got a boner. And coke. Lots and lots of coke…

  32. Emma Stone Blonde
    Tommy Lee's Cock
    Commented on this photo:

    I actually think she looks a lot hotter now

  33. Emma Stone Blonde
    Tommy Lee's Cock
    Commented on this photo:

    still looks hella hot to me

  34. She’s a very pretty girl but yeah, the extra weight loss is not good on her. She’s too thin now. Makes her head look too big. Hopefully it was just for the movie because her with a little cuvature was hot as hell.

    Speaking of Jaime Preistly, hasn’t she had any naked or semi naked pictures done lately??? Fack I miss her sluttiness …

  35. misterfister

    She is as ugly as you can be without being retarded.

  36. testington

    I’ve said since Superbad that Emma Stone will all the roles that Lohan would have had without her drug problems.

    I don’t think her being blond is the problem, her being that cheap shitty color of blond is the problem. Also those stupid bangs are hideous, I hope they are just those clip on kind that can be taken out whenever.

    Also not a natural redhead: Christina Hendricks, Jessica from True Blood, the ugly(er) one from Sex and the City, Grace from Will and Grace, Julia Roberts, Alyson Hannigan

  37. Honestly I never ever would’ve guessed that she’s a natural blond. Just doesn’t quite add up. I’m going to need a more in-depth inquiry… (carpet match the drapes? and all that…)

  38. Mmmmm Alyson Hannigan. The girl next door/band camp/college glee club/inncent when sober, fucked up slut when drunk looking girl!!! She’s all growed up.

    you missed Jessica Rabbit …

  39. Dan

    Oh, so she became one of those women in the Tron: Legacy adverts? Cool.

  40. Lily

    I don’t care what people are saying about her. It’s a role, and sometimes you have to change it up for roles. That’s it. SHe is doing her thing, haters need to back off!


    I pray to regain his original and natural color !!!


    But shes very beautiful too in blonde !

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