EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba Bikini Photos – Now with more baby!

September 23rd, 2008 // 122 Comments

Alright, folks, this is huge. What you’re seeing are EXCLUSIVE bikini pics of Jessica Alba in Cabo San Lucas today with her husband Cash Warren and their rarely-seen daughter Honor Marie. But that’s not important right now. What is important is A. That butt. (So that’s what heaven looks like…) And B. I got an EXCLUSIVE. Trust me, no one’s more shocked than I am. It feels like I just scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Except the end zone is made entirely of breasts and LEGOs. Hey, it’s my fantasy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ummm...yeah

    Shut up Randal…Geez, I Hate You!
    Fuck that bitch…Who the fuck is she anyway?

  2. eRRoR*0PeRaToR

    umm i know she jrecently had a baby.. but why are we praising a cellulite laden ass??

  3. Kimmygee

    TO #33, The cellulite on her thighs are way obvious. Sorry if it upsets you hardcore Alba fans who turn a blind eye to all her imperfections. But that’s definitely some cellulite filled thighs. And no, dripping water cannot be mistaken for cellulite (retard)

  4. Wow. For someone whose body recently exploded, Jessica Alba is smoking hot. Nice comeback. This is a dichotomy. Downside is her cooch will never be the same. Upside is she cares enough about her body that she’s already worked herself into shape so her body is straight. Good job.

    PS: Another upside is BREAST MILK Jessica it’s time to step up to this!

  5. WOW!

    Wow! she looks great. I agree she’s not from this planet. How the hell? Good for her.

  6. iren33

    I want to have the same butt!!!:(((((
    #33-she has cellulite.

  7. Aroma

    She does not have cellulite but I know you fat chicks want to believe all chicks have cellulite which is not true. Most chicks get cellulite and some chicks get stretch marks and no cellulite, while others get cellulite and stretch marks.

  8. iren33

    #107-”you fat chicks”???Who do you think you are,fucking moron???wash your Down’s eyes and go to fuck yourself!!!

  9. wow, she looks amazing! there’s nothing else to say, except more pics of this!

  10. pain

    looks damn good for having just shat out a midget

  11. damn jess is sexy and she isnt fat ive seen worse......

    jesus christ her and halle jus seriously made me want to have a baby…..

  12. Pete


    You are just a fat jealous bitch because you never had a baby and you are fat and have cellulite. Jessica just had a baby and she has no cellulite ha! ha!

  13. EuroNeckPain

    Can’t believe this ugly big thing came out of her ass.

  14. if she laid down and spread her legs in ‘V’ formation, all these guys talking all this shit would pop a hard-on before they could say, “i’m gay”. lmao

    you guys are lying your damn ass off! lol you’d hit that shit in broad daylight on a busy street during rush hour when you’re faking the text messaging. haha

    BTW boys–lesbians–wink! she looks okay for now. nothing omg special about the new butt dents and extra meat luggage per pound pressure. however, it did add more plump to her bumps, so we can look foward to some horny Director trying to get laid the “old fashion way” and showcasing Alba’s new body tricks. haha

    dayum, did i just make Jessica wet?? lol call me, hun. he ain’t gna know :))

    ciao arrivederci

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  17. albafan

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  18. Jessica is my like baby on TV

  19. I just couldnt leave your website before telling you that we really enjoyed jessica alba’s cuty cuty baby and his smile face

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