EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba Bikini Photos – Now with more baby!

September 23rd, 2008 // 122 Comments

Alright, folks, this is huge. What you’re seeing are EXCLUSIVE bikini pics of Jessica Alba in Cabo San Lucas today with her husband Cash Warren and their rarely-seen daughter Honor Marie. But that’s not important right now. What is important is A. That butt. (So that’s what heaven looks like…) And B. I got an EXCLUSIVE. Trust me, no one’s more shocked than I am. It feels like I just scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Except the end zone is made entirely of breasts and LEGOs. Hey, it’s my fantasy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. “jayger” you realize frist is laughing at you? fool…

  2. Trev

    Too bad it’s blurry

  3. mary jane

    still hot…but ass is a bit heavy.
    ugly kid. but ugly ones grow up to be hot. cute babies turn ugly.

  4. that sound is people laughing at you in your Wonder Woman Underoos, fucktard. isn’t it past your nappy time, tater tot?

  5. well not too shabby for just having a baby, not too shabby at all! I’m jealous of that baby… you all know why

  6. Bill Clinton

    # 38 pat-What the fuck does Palin have to do with anything. How the fuck would you know! And who the fuck are you to judge you skanky dumb fucking, cunt dripping with std’s, communist father fucker!

    Sarah Palin is a Lady, a Mother, a Wife soon the first woman vice president, and in 8 years will be the first female President of the United States of america.

    You pat will still be on the welfare roles and waiting in line at the free clinic for your Aids meds!

    And Jessica looks great!

  7. #48 no Jager, whiskey and oxys…I wish….

    #50 me too :(

    #51 no, I laugh at YOU a lot though..

    #54 nappy time for the roughster, Happy Hour for us!!

  8. jt

    When is she going to hurry up and get nude in public

  9. sharing is caring, here’s a ‘contin and enjoy my friend

  10. If only…..

    Can’t freaking concentrate on work today. This sucks, and the fish dood won’t put up a new post, and I’m backed up here cause I’m sitting here all day doing nothing. GOD!!!! WHO NEEDS A VACATION??????

    I do

    Oh yeah, and my cat? He’s got one eye.

  11. kelley

    Where do you see cellulite, Langon, you jerk !! There is none; she looks awesome for just having had a baby.

  12. monkeyfightclub

    The feast….. is ruined.

  13. bummer, dude. poor pussy. it’s almost happy hour!

  14. farty_mcshitface

    this chick defines overated. she was never hot to begin with. nothing but a bony pair of legs devoid of conditioning and her face is simply above average (not by much). i see better looking women around campus every day.

  15. Almost Jayger. Do you live on the west coast too?

  16. Almost Jayger. Do you live on the west coast too?

  17. Almost … it’s almost 4:20 pm!

  18. Pacific time zone, and yeah 4:20. Yep must be time to Marley..

  19. Vol

    Do you think Alba likes the Oreo, Obama?? She seems like the type that would love Oreos….

  20. Nikky Raney

    love her post baby!

  21. Binky

    My sources are saying she’s just in this relationship for Cash.
    (Sounds a bit fishy to me)

  22. Joh

    Hotter then ever & was way too scrawny before getting knocked up.

    DO NOT STOP EATING JESSICA, for I simply could never forgive you.

  23. meee

    really? “heaven” looks like cellulite?

    i’m not saying it’s bad since the majority of people have it, but cellulite never equals heaven.

  24. Cellulite...

    Even though pictures were blurred.

    I wonder how the thighs look in high resolution.

  25. alisa

    you people must be really ugly and depressed to not admit that she looks pretty much perfect. I cant stand her… but her body looks so good.

  26. whatever, yo


    And Jessica needs to learn how to properly hold a child before she breaks that baby’s neck!!

  27. sebastianudo

    “…..Except the end zone is made entirely of breasts and LEGOs. Hey, it’s my fantasy.” jajajajajaja

  28. dara

    congrats on getting an exclusive!!!!!

  29. HorribleJudgment

    Fine. Just don’t turn into saggy Pamela. This one’s for you Jenna.

  30. Sarah Palin

    I once sucked off a caribou. I’m kind of a slut that way.

  31. whitemind

    anyone notice that this is the same bathing suit as Britney Spears?

    Anyone know where to get it?

  32. HorribleJudgment

    #81–Don’t ask. You won’t be able to pull it off.

  33. tc

    She needs to put some cream on that cellulite.

    I am making some for her right now (and typing with my left hand).

  34. Lmao ya

    it’s said that her sexy pics were found at ___MatchWealthy.C o M___ the premier luxury CLuB for successful singles,reported by eonline yesterday! i don’t know why was She there, looking for a serious relationship or just for fun? nobody knows!

  35. Spanky

    I would have eaten her afterbirth with a nice Ciante.

  36. HOW THINK AMERICANS ABOUT THEMSELVES?(always wear a bikini?)
    they think they can rule the world?

  37. Barack Hussein Obama

    THAT’S IT! Thanks #86! This will be the foundation of my new foreign policy. Wear a bikini=Rule the world! When I meet with my muslim buddy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad I’ll make sure Michelle wears a thong….WORLD PEACE through bikini diplomacy!

  38. phos

    #86.. What in the world are you blabbing on about? Rule the world? Shit, you better take a look over at Russia on that subject – “the best way to protect the borders is to expand them.” But, while we’re on the subject, if I had that ass in my face every night it would certainly rule MY world.

  39. jessicaimnotlatinaalba

    Is that her mom? Oh that’s right, she’s not Latina.

  40. danr

    I am going to go punch my wife in the mouth, thanks alot ALBA

  41. Cheech Marin

    I would ride her like a Mexican riding a donkey over the border.

  42. pregoboob94


  43. Dr. John Thomas

    Yea! This overrated hack actually has boobies now. I never knew how someone who wears a ‘Nearly B’ Cup could call themselves ‘curvy’.

  44. AirMail

    Mosel tov on the baby! You look very happy!

  45. John

    She was smart not to leave it any later. A woman’s body can bounce back if she has kids early enough and 27 is already cutting it a bit close.

    Although maybe it’s a guy thing but she’s certainly lost her appeal just knowing she’s a mom :-(

  46. Enter now in JessicaBr.com
    The firs site in English, Portuguese and French by Her !
    Soon Polski and Spanish !

  47. SaucyTango

    #22. You’re right. When I saw the first pic I thought I saw “cellulite” tattooed all over the back of her thighs. But every pic after that was too blurry and far away for me to confirm.

  48. Just when you thought that ass couldn’t get any juicier. Wow.

  49. Mary

    I cry liposuction!! There’s no way she’s got her body back that quickly!

  50. PunkA

    My wife had a baby the same time as Jess. They look about the same in the weight area. Give a girl 6 months after a birth to be back to trim and fit. In 3 more months, bet she is back to her skinny self. But she looks great all things considered.

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