EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba Bikini Photos – Now with more baby!

September 23rd, 2008 // 122 Comments

Alright, folks, this is huge. What you’re seeing are EXCLUSIVE bikini pics of Jessica Alba in Cabo San Lucas today with her husband Cash Warren and their rarely-seen daughter Honor Marie. But that’s not important right now. What is important is A. That butt. (So that’s what heaven looks like…) And B. I got an EXCLUSIVE. Trust me, no one’s more shocked than I am. It feels like I just scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Except the end zone is made entirely of breasts and LEGOs. Hey, it’s my fantasy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. CoolSAiler


  2. mike


  3. not first!

    Not bad for just giving birth… not bad at all.

  4. Randal

    Jessica! You’re looking beautiful! Love the hat, a style made just for you.

    Congratulations once again on having such a wonderful and beautiful baby, it really is a gift and now you’ll have all the time in the world to experience being a mother.

    Send a few high fives to Cash for me, will you?


  5. I can’t believe she’s actually smiling… and not too bad of a bod after popping out a kid.

  6. vanessa

    she looks wayyy better now

  7. Wow she puts a lot of broad who arent even pregnant to shame,,,too bad her attitude stinks!

  8. huh

    is it just me or does the superficial have a new unfunny writer?

  9. supersex

    something coming out instead of most thing going in.

    jenna jameson in the making


  10. OnlyGayEskimo

    She looks ADORABLE – 10 extra pounds of post baby body look really good on her.

    If only all women looked that way post baby. Screw her for having such good genes.






  12. Guest

    Wow. She looks better than most people I see on the street. She *does* have a personal trainer like 6 days a week, but w/e. This is INSANE!!

    Good Job Jess!!

  13. Superfreek

    Wow, now thats an awesome body. She was just way too thin before, but now she is curvy and has some meat on her! Go Jessica, gorgeous!

  14. Ferdinand Narcos

    At least,from that far away,you can’t see that Jolie-like bone bubble of a forhead she has.

  15. Ferdinand Narcos

    At least,from that far away,you can’t see that Jolie-like bone bubble of a forehead she has.

  16. That’s enough out of you rough douchie. Karl Rove and Mark Buse are having a pig play party tonight and they need your skills as cornerboy.

  17. Skeptic

    Hmm..hasn’t anyone noticed she’s wearing the same bikini Brit Brit wore?

  18. ph7

    Post-baby Alba = useless

    Next starlet with nubility, please.

  19. JimmyBachaFungool

    I would eat the after birth after she shit on it just to taste her pussy.

  20. Her poop now has a slightly lemony-mint scent to it, or so I’m told.

  21. Dura

    Nice size cans now. Oh and #19 thats just SICK and I’m right there with ya.

  22. Langon

    disgusting cellulite. she needs to lose weight and get a tight little body. her career is already in the shitter, she’s going to disappear completely unless she loses some weight again.

  23. Her baby looks adorable!

  24. sexy brains

    How do you have a body like that after just giving birth? Bitch.

    But, she’s using Hawaiian Tropic tanning OIL so in 15 or 20 years she’ll be looking like a leather handbag and will probably have skin cancer, so I feel better. :)

  25. YAY FOR THE SUPERFICIAL WRITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. yeah, she's hot but


  27. I’ll be in Cabo next week and I’ll be looking for her and her Mexican nanny
    on the street but maybe they’ll just fit in with the locals.
    She’s still a beautiful girl.

  28. Huh?

    I knew there was a reason i still lurked around on this site, and no it’s the same writer he’s just not gonna make a dumb move by making fun of what people want…..Read more comments.

  29. Mistik

    She looks FAT!!

  30. Captain-Insano

    Her post pregnant body is 500 times nicer than most womens never pregnant body. See fatties, pregnancy is not an excuse.

  31. Mistik

    I agree with you, but that doesn’t take away the fact that if this was anyone else; you and everyone else included would be here calling her names…
    Bottom line:
    -She does look fat!

    End of the story.. Away with her..

  32. Loopylass

    Give the lady a break she has just had a baby and looks great for it still

  33. pat

    Cellulite ?? (#22 Langon) Where? Are you just mistaking the water on her leg from the pool (or hottub) for cellulite?

  34. #16 “hillbilly” was that a suggestion or a request?

  35. Yes!

    Much, much better looking and attractive than that tub-o-lard kardashian. Jess is a fine example. There’s no reason for a young, petite, short healthy woman to have an ass the size of a Volkswagen like Kim K has.

  36. Christopher

    Congrats on the exclusive… too bad that ass isn’t in higher clarity, though.

  37. Proud Mom

    Her body has improved after having a baby. I am petite too and my body improved after having a baby too and my breasts got bigger too.

  38. Pat

    In the time it took to snap those pictures, Jessica spent more time with her new baby than Sarah Palin has with hers over the last 2 weeks.

  39. PP


    So true! It is amusing how fat chicks like Kim try to blame it on genes instead of the truth; they eat too much and it shows.

  40. po0tie


  41. sexy brains

    Not to mention that putting a baby in a hot tub is extremely dangerous. Their little bodies can’t dispel heat the way adults can.

    Celebrities are morons.

  42. Miley Cyrus is kind of ugly..

  43. kol

    She all flabby and sloppy now. Her love box is now 5 sizes too big as well.

    What a travesty.

  44. jaime

    congrats on the exclusive. but if it is exclusive, why does splash news have it?

  45. Jack

    Nice butt. Butt-ugly kid.

  46. I’m bored. Need some arrowhead I think. And where’s minniememe with my jack and coke??

  47. haroof

    this bitch is frigid with zero sex appeal.

    i’ll take jessica biel instead.

  48. line the glasses up! jack daniels or jagermeister?

  49. I wonder if she’d be up for a threesome with Supernanny??

  50. mimi

    Let us prey!

    I am praying for some cock.

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