Elizabeth Hurley is classically cleavagey

November 15th, 2007 // 54 Comments

Elizabeth Hurley attended the Grey Goose Vodka and Elton John AIDS Foundation Launch Party last night. Wait, somebody threw a party that had two things I love in the same room: Hot old chicks and booze? Thanks for the invitation, Elton John. No, really, I didn’t want to donate this ridiculously huge check to your cause anyway. Okay, so maybe at your last event my check bounced and I shoved half the open bar in my tux. I still maintain that no one can prove I “goosed” Sharon Stone’s ass. Despite a videotape of me doing so and yelling “Goose-monster!” That tape was doctored. My pecs are way bigger and everyone knows I’m a boob man. (Note to self: Remove all Kim Kardashian posts. Proceed to laugh manically while rubbing hands together. Also, we’re out of Pop Tarts.)

Photos: INFdaily.com, Getty Images

  1. sdfsdfsaf

    first bitch

  2. Eye-Dish Lass

    2nd (How anti-climactic)….

  3. Eye-Dish Lass

    2nd (How anti-climactic)….

  4. bigSTEAMYone

    i still like her , even though she is a has been !

  5. Donkey Ass

    That face is looking old. what a shame…

  6. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Um, yeah. Yep. OK. There is absolutely nothing to say about this.

  7. Eye-Dish Lass

    Superficial…..could you get more BORING?! 45 pix of Liz Hurley that are indistinguishable from one another. YAWWWWWWWWN.

  8. Ript1&0

    Hang on just a freakin second, yo. Did you just diss Kim Kardishian’s ass???

    Awww, HELL no. You wrong fer that.

  9. Pam

    “Wait, somebody threw a party that had two things I love in the same room: Hot old chicks and booze?”

    No, un-hot old gay guys and AIDS. But…ummm…party on, dude.

  10. Ript1&0

    And PS = Waffles and Pop Tarts are much too filling early in the morning at 3pm. After my wake and bake and dick, a girl needs a soy mocha.

    So get to the coffee shop bitch.

  11. Xavier

    The only thing that detracts from her hotness is how hard and pinched her face has become. And that she’s a bitch. And that she’s got a sawdust-dry hateful pussy. Otherwise, what’s not to like?

  12. @$$ M@N

    WTF??! She is pretty, yes. But why the fuss over her boobs? She has pancake tits. Nothing to get all up in arms over. Pancake Tits, Silicone, Ass Implants, Botox and Britney Spears = Gross. Naturally Perky and Pert Tits = Awesome Goodness. Like Strawberry Pie on the ass of Jessica Alba….OOPS!! BACK ON TOPIC!!! Elizabeth Hurley? Pretty Window candy as long as she is clothed.. KEEP THE BRA ON. Leave them to their illusions that they are nice tits. P.S. – Giant Asses? Gross. If a chicks ass is big enough to snap your pelvis if she sat on you, then fucking forget it. Kardashian is cute.. but the ass is toooo much.

  13. I thought he was going to say his two favorite things were vodka and AIDS…..

  14. I don’t even have time to get on here much these days. God, I really don’t care anymore. I’ve been having problems all day, so now I have to work faster. Or whatever. Just don’t get the crap done, who cares anyway? Me? No way. I’m not going to care about ANYTHING anymore. It’s overrated. I’ll still care about you guys though, so you should feel very special, I don’t hand that stuff out like Costco does free samples…oh yeah, and beer. But that’s all!!!!!

  15. Julia

    Hey, somebody noticed that she’s got the tooth falling off? !!!!!!!
    Look closer at the first photo from the right on the top.
    Look closer at the top right side of her mouth!
    She must be just eaten somebody for breakfast!

  16. TS

    Yeah, she looks a bit older, but still smoking hot. If she were devorced she’d be the hottest cougar around.

  17. nipolian

    That belt he is wearing in the last pic is reason enough to never wear a white tux. But I gotta give him credit………He bought himself some top-shelf pussy.

  18. em

    i think they serve her breasts at IHOP.

  19. whattttt

    check out the 4th picture in the top, her tooth is falling off

  20. Binky

    Elton looks a lot younger with the FumanChu

  21. Binky

    Well on closer inspection I guess that’s an actual attempt at a full beard.
    But you’ve got to admit – he’s lost a lot of the ‘Crocodile Flab’

  22. Harry

    I’ll always remember her from “Austin Powers”: “My God Vanessa’s got a fabulous body. I’ll bet she shags like a minx”

  23. CateBlanchett'sPussywhippedHubby

    I would have never noticed the tooth falling off — fucking freaky.

    This chick is one hot vampiress. Her face is PERFECT, except for that tooth. She takes a hard unforgiving close-up like a champ. Lord, lead us not into temptation.

  24. She is so beautiful. Her nude profile and some of her nude photos were found on a nudist date site named http://www.nudistonly.com . I am curious why she was there ? Is she a nudist ? Anyone knows ?

  25. put the ugly people in the back

    She has a mean case of manface.

  26. put the ugly people in the back


    Bitch, has a mean case of manface.

  27. tess is awesome

    i need to marry whoever writes this shit. it’s hilarious.

  28. Roflcer of the Lawl

    Much better than her swimsuit pictures. This is how I like to see her.

  29. Soy

    her, Caludia and Heidi should hang out
    and modle for ‘LLbean

  30. Chet

    Plastic tubes, and pots and pans,…bits and pieces, and, bits and pieces..and,…..

  31. dnuts

    she’s soo boring now

    old balls!

  32. elva

    how sexy she is and her earings and neckless are also beautiful. she looks like a star on the sky. now i know why her profile on a dating site called sugarcupid is so popular, her pictures there are also attrative. because i saw them before.

  33. She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs dating club http://millionairematch.com/photo/bloger She has a personal account there with her sexy pictures, blog and something about her films…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there. But it was said that she is so picky.

  34. Goomba

    She might be the wrong side of 40, but I’d still jackhammer her like an 18 year old cheerleader. If she keeps on the same pace, she might be the first 50 year old on my “To Do” list.

  35. Classy*Heaux

    Damn she’s hot. I say that as a heterosexual woman with no shame. She isn’t “hot for an old broad”, she’s hot. And if she’s had a lot of work done, she hasn’t gone that one step too far (yet).

  36. dave11

    Those have definitely seen better days. What is her waist to hips ratio, 1:1?

  37. D. Richards

    I bet Elizabeth Hurley has the hugest, most grizzled anus ever. Very dark. Her asshole is very dark. And sad looking. Elizabeth has a very sad asshole. Wink.

  38. Why are almost all those faking hetero celebrities so afraid of aids. Because alot of those assholes like zac efron are as FAGGOT as hell and it’s a FAGGOT-DISSEAS!! But they fuck with their FAGGOT-DICKS lovely ladies like vaness. THAT IS A TRUE CRIME!!

  39. gossipmonger

    Why is it that on every single website, on every single post, there is some fucking moron posting the same bullshit for every single celeb (Justin/Tiffany- FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING LOSER!!!!! YES, WE ALL KNOW ITS ONE PERSON!) “oh, I think they were on the millionaire dating site blah blah”… Really, you fucking dickhead, are you paid to pretend to be multiple people and post on every fucking site??? Do you really really believe that others are that fucking stupid???? Every single gossip site I’ve been on (TMZ, PEREZ, IDLYTW SUPERFICIAL, to name but a few) you post these stupid fucking posts. You really just make yourself look pathetic, do you know that??

    Ok, got that rant off my chest…Continue on, people…

  40. her bosoms and cleavage are not hot….. is this hot???

  41. raptor_egg

    Looks like she got her lip puckered too!

  42. TinMan

    Liz Hurley is hot! Best of all, she really knows what her best assets are — her tits — and she has no hesitation in letting those puppies breathe. The world needs more broads like Liz.

  43. ewwww shut the fuck up stupid bitch!

    I still lover her !

  44. chuck24

    If I remembered correctly, I have seen her personal blog at the celeb singles club millionairecupid.com. Since she updates her blog every week, it’s very active since it’s construction.

  45. El Duke

    She’s cute, and has pretty titties—-I rest my case.

  46. Caroline

    Check?! “Cheque”, please.

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