‘Wonder Woman’ Had A Test Screening, It Was Fine

On Friday, talks fell apart between Matt Reeves and Warner Bros., which left The Batman without a director for the second time in under a month and only added more fuel to the rumors that Ben Affleck’s going to quit playing Batman. On top of that, Mel Gibson might direct Suicide Squad 2, so clearly the DC Extended Universe is incredibly fucked right now, and a lot is riding on Wonder Woman, which has been rumored to be another shit show. But in a surprise move, Warner Bros. hosted a test screening over the weekend, and despite threats to presumably murder first-borns if anyone talked, reactions have already been leaking, and they’re all over the map, according to GamesRadar.

Some people, including someone who was reportedly there, have even suggested it’s the best DCEU movie. Talk about damning a movie with faint praise…

Not everything was overwhelmingly positive though. Reactions varied from ‘not as good as the animated movie’ to just plain old ‘decent’ – which sounds similar to the general consensus for most DCEU movies.

Probably the most shocking tidbit of info to come out of the Wonder Woman screenings was that Chris Pine steals the show (and that the story is pretty similar to Captain America: The First Avenger), with one even going as far as saying he outshines Gal Gadot. Say it ain’t so!

So basically some people liked it, some people didn’t, and some people realized it ripped off Captain America: The First Avenger. Which puts us right back where we started and raises the question of what the hell was the point of this post.

This stuff.

gal gadot justice league
“Tom Brady called. He said he likes the Marvel movies better.”

gal gadot justice league
“Shut the fack up…”
“Right here on my phone.”

gal gadot justice league
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Photo: Warner Bros.