It’s Time For Another Wonder Woman Fan-Film

October 1st, 2013 // 15 Comments
Wonder Woman Rileah Vanderbilt
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Because people really want a Wonder Woman movie, here’s the latest fan-film by Rainfall Films starring Rileah Vanderbilt as a less Danish Princess Diana and a more stabbing minotaurs in the face one. Of course, all of this might have to do with the rumor that Wonder Woman has a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman which probably explains the 300-ish vibe. And if that’s the case, why not have Gerard Butler bang Wonder Woman in a porta-potty? You gotta make these things a date movie.

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  1. The costume is great

  2. Towards the end, when she raised her head to the sky and rolled her eyes up, I was hoping that her eyes would roll back into her head, she would transform into a vampire and the rip the neck out of the guy with the mask. We would then find out that this is really a vampire movie.

  3. Fucken Awesome!
    Please Hollywood spread some of the cash you give to M Bay (Puke!) to Rainfall Films and make Wonder Women happen. Instead of sucking marketing research penises, note that the WW’s of Cosplay, Porno parodies and this clip are SEXY. WW should be sexy as hell but also Amazonian. No PG13 WW!

  4. The only “Wonder” about that is me wondering why her top was on the whole time.

  5. cc

    Jack Reacher with minotaurs.

  6. It looked like an Evanescence video. I liked the Nazi punching one better. Personally, I’m just tired of the “washed out color/devoid of all joy” thing.

  7. I’d watch the shit out of this. Make it happen, now!

  8. One of the blonds was hot. And the part where she killed the enormous demon with a tooth pic was ok.

  9. She doesn’t have the boobs for it.

  10. This is a perfect example of how fantastic and well done a Wonder Woman film could be done if they’d just give her a chance. I’d love to see Wonder Woman on the big screen taking on Ares or Hades or Cheetah. Found this while watching this vid that talks about and includes the other two fan made Wonder Woman films that are just as great:

  11. Yourmother

    why are you posting this or other movie related content? you’re not a movie blog, you’re a celebrity gossip site. save that shit for “iwatchstuff” no one gives a shit about your ‘movie reviews”

  12. Nimble Mynx

    Stop concentrating so much on the “pretty” part, and cast actresses who’re both hot AND athletic. (amazons, duh?)
    Wonder Woman can go toe-to-toe with Superman, why do these live-action fan-films always resort to common human foes? (lack of imagination/budget?)
    The giant minotaurs were cool, but that spear throw was awkward (probably why they showed it in close-up), it would’ve been way cooler if she’d flew up and punched him n the head.
    But other than that, pretty cool. She looks the part, the costume was dope, great production values, and the directing/storytelling was cool.

  13. Slow motion makes everything better, almost everything.

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