The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Is Actually Pretty Good, Goddammit

When the first Wonder Woman trailer dropped during Comic-Con, it was surprisingly awesome. Then a second trailer hit in November, and it was… just okay. Which only further propelled the rumors that the DC Extended Universe had another shit show on its hands. But after lukewarm responses at a test screening – which had to be goddamn Christmas morning for DC at this point – Wonder Woman was on her way back, baby! So here’s the latest Origins trailer that answers such burning questions as “Was Wonder Woman once a Wonder Kid?” and “What would it be like to have a sword fight with Claire Underwood while learning your arm thingies are magic AF?” God knows I think about that last one all the time and what Frank would say to the camera.

“Women. Always bringing leather dresses to a gladiator fight. Makes me want to piss on my daddy’s grave and play video games with a southern accent.”

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Photo: Warner Bros.