Shut Up And Watch Wonder Woman Fight Nazis

March 1st, 2013 // 37 Comments
Wonder Woman Nina Bergman Fan Film Nazis
WATCH: Wonder Woman Beating The Shit Out of Nazis

According to Deadline, stuntman turned director Jesse V. Johnson slapped together this $3,500 fan trailer starring Danish singer/actress Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman in an effort to showcase his action skills to major studios. Which is way more information than you needed to know about two minutes of Wonder Woman in impossibly short shorts killing Nazis and fucking up planes with a giant machine gun. Somewhere Michael Bay‘s kicking himself for not making Megan Fox do this only to realize there’s no reason he still can’t. Except probably not with Nazis. “Dudes are my bros,” he’ll explain to Eva Braun.

Photo: N.I.N.A.


  1. That only cost $3500? No way. Irregardless, not bad at all.

  2. Sloberdown Mycockyoubitch

    It’s Always the Nazis…

  3. Inner Retard

    Wonder Woman definitely has great movie potential. Just don’t let Michael Bay near it.

  4. wow, I’d never have known an amateur directed it. I mean, except for the tragic over use of closeups, failed attempts at using low lighting to build drama, awkward and comical fight scenes, and generally looking like it was shot with a cell phone…except for that it was great.

    • Judging from your comment I assume you can and have done better. I am sure I speak for the rest of us and say that we would love to see your work. Where can we find it?

      • Frank Burns

        No one gets to see the movie until he edits out my nude scenes. Well, the scene with the two coffee cans can stay, it was done so tastefully!

      • alex

        Did you happen to see those letter below the photo? Those are called words. When those “words” are placed in the proper order with the correct grammar, they are called sentences. The sentence that I’m referring to in particular is, “in an effort to showcase his action skills to major studios.”

        This is a fan made trailer. It could also be called a resume. As others pointed out, this guy took a shot and millions upon millions have seen his work. I’d call that a success. Don’t be such a twit, not everything in life requires the knee-jerk, douche-baggery.

      • “If you can’t do a better job yourself, you don’t have the right to criticize.” – El Jefe‘s motto

    • Andy

      Somebody was stood up at prom.

  5. Swearin

    There’s a division of Nazi’s operating near downtown Los Angeles?! Gotta say, I’m a little worried.

  6. mike

    someone raided daisy dukes closet.

  7. Rookie

    I found that more entertaining than the latest Transformers movie which cost 100+ million.

  8. Disco Dave

    Nazis in LA is what happens when there’s no CTU around. Whole place goes to hell without Jack Bauer.

    The actor who played “Chief Nazi” looks familiar. Anybody know who he is? The Irish guy from Sons of Anarchy?

    Not bad production. Not bad at all.

  9. It was pretty good, but the comic book nerd in me kept screaming, “These guys would never be able to put a hand on Wonder Woman, realistically. She’s second only to Superman in the Justice League in physical strength.”

    • TheListener

      True, but she could ALLOW herself to be captured to get inside to get closer to the leader and find out what his plans are. After she finds out what she needs to know, she kicks butt!

    • WheresMyLasso

      I’m going to see your comic book nerd and raise you a Wonder Woman comic book nerd:

      In the original WW comic books, there were only two things that she was vulnerable against: fusing her bracelets together or tieing her up with her own lasso. If somehow they got Wonder Woman’s Magic Lasso, they could indeed tie her up with it and she’d be powerless. Well, she’d still have her wits and smarts. But she wouldn’t have super human strength.

      I think it’s interesting in all the action shots of her there’s no lasso to be seen anywhere. Maybe the Nazis got it and in order to defeat them, she needs it back. Notice her hand to hand combat skills were still second to none. AND she needed a machine gun to take down a plane. I think this preview is telling us they got her lasso, it took away her superhuman strength and she’s trying to get it back in order to save the world.

      Or maybe it’s just me overthinking (and OVERLOVING) EVERYTHING about this trailer and how it’s PROOF POSITIVE a Wonder Woman movie CAN be made.

  10. Pat C.

    This looks better than BATTLESHIP – or TRANSFORMERS as someone else pointed out.

  11. tlmck

    She should definitely keep the dark hair.

  12. anonym

    wonder woman looks manly. Nothing like the comic books.

    too much slo mo.

  13. astutecugel

    BoobLess !! ??

    please Linda come back , we need your weapons

  14. I’m going to lose nerd cred for saying this, but her costume needs a big reworking…the American Flag motif just doesn’t work in live action (and makes little sense).

  15. Vladimir

    She looks awesome; best use of $3500 I’ve seen in a long time…

  16. anonymous

    The direction and production was pretty awesome for an amateur film. True talent there.

    However, Wonder Woman will never make a good film. The hero is great for comics but on film just looks stupid.

    • Inner Retard

      It’s the costume. Can’t take her seriously in what is basically an oversized bikini. A tight full-body costume would work better. It wouldn’t be “tranditional” but would help greatly.

  17. Jay

    Wait…isn’t Wonder Woman almost as strong and fast as Superman? She would have squashed them Nay-zees easier than Cotton Hill would have.

  18. I’d rather see a Wonder Woman movie than yet another tired reboot of Batman or Spiderman. This trailer kicked ass bigtime!

  19. jenilla

    Does anyone know what song is playing in the background as the trailer winds down??

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