Wonder Woman’s A Mooslim Cuz Obama Wants To Steal Christmas!!

*turns red Starter cap backwards, starts recording in the middle of traffic*

Folks, secular forces are conspiring against America again. Look no further than this photo of the new so-called “Wonder Woman.” Gone are the red, white, and blue panties because, Lord help us, woman’s crotches aren’t allowed to be proud of America anymore or TRADITIONAL CHRISTIAN VALUES. And, instead, what does she look like to you? A Muslim terrorist! This is a Muslim terrorist trying to slip her away across our borders and infect our children with something just as evil and wicked as terrorism:


I’m supposed to take my daughter to see a movie about BatMAN and SuperMAN and then let her think a woman is just as strong as those two? *turns camera towards dead-eyed little girl holding a Glock in the back* Honey? Who’s stronger? Girls or boys?

*sigh* “Boys…”

And why is that?

*sigh* “Cuz Jesus made them head of the household…”

That’s right! So this is how it starts. You think you’re taking your kids to see an innocent movie, and suddenly they’re questioning the very foundation of the family unit: Maybe Mom’s just as tough as Dad? Maybe dinner doesn’t always have to be made? Maybe I should provide food and shelter for a Syrian refugee who looks like this Wonder Woman person, and then POW, we’re all beheaded under the mistletoe because in this New World Order Christmas is outlawed!

This is where it starts. This is where it- aw, shit, I missed the green light. WHY WEREN’T YOU KIDS WATCHING?! *frothle frothle rabble*

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