‘Wonder Woman’ Canceled Before We Even Saw Her Underwear

May 13th, 2011 // 59 Comments

On the bright side, we’ll always have her Cameltoe of Justice. I call that a wash.

The pilot for David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman was apparently just as bad as it looked in the 800 photos posted online because NBC just passed on the series despite promises of a new costume featuring Adrianne Palicki in the original star-spangled booty shorts. EW.com reports:

Kelley had penned a script that updated the comic book classic to have Diana Prince as CEO of a major conglomerate by day and a butt-kicking Amazon (with a fleet of cool planes) by night. Kelley’s take asked for lots of heart-thumping, contemporary music, and at one point the Boston Legal writer even requested a commercial-free premiere for the pilot if it aired.
Why did the ‘ol girl fail to pass muster?
NBC isn’t saying for now but scuttlebutt reveals the pilot earned mixed reviews at test screenings. And then there was all the online blow back about the costume – which seemed to de-emphasize the patriotism and play up the comic’s Greek mythology. Ultimately, the wardrobe department went back to the drawing board but that didn’t seem to save the project.

Wait a minute. Patriotism was the issue here? Because I’m pretty sure a woman with fake breasts fighting crime is a Constitutional mandate.

Original Amendment I. Section c. And if thy titties be large in nature, whether by design of the Creator or witchcraft, for the fighting of crime should they be endeavored provided they are presented in most hoisted fashion and bouncing asunder in the name of Justice. Consequently, should those titties be dark and Negro in origin, for Thomas Jefferson’s face and private loins shall they be employed.

In the meantime, it’s not like they can’t walk this thing over to CBS who are literally putting anything on TV. Anything they can find. *resumes writing pilot for ‘Forensics Cat: The Cat Who Knows Forensics’*

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  1. Christopher

    Honestly, this is all probably for the best… saves the embarrassment of airing the first three episodes (out of order) before they cancel it.

  2. The Listener

    Dang it! I thought the pilot would have aired at least and THEN the show would be cancelled. Good grief! How bad was the pilot so that the show was cancelled BEFORE it even aired?!

  3. ted

    Apparently the director told her “act like you’re running through a rancid fart”.

  4. Mandi

    Really? I’m kinda disappointed. Not about not seeing her underwear, but I wanted to at least give this show a shot.

  5. Rico

    You think this actresses dreams of being an actor on TV were just destroyed. HAHA.

  6. Good.
    Saved that girl a lifetime of embarrassment with that idiotic costume.

  7. Ed

    So it died for lack of booty shorts? Hilarious!


    David Kelley is best known for making that god damned dancing baby and convincing women that their only goal in life should be to get married and have babies.

    Still, I’m sad we won’t get to see the episode where Wonder Woman gets her ass stuck in a unisex toilet. Now there’s a moral issue for 2011!

    (And whoever wrote “hooked on a feeling” should be shot. Along with David Kelley. Ooga-chucka my ass.)

  9. Wonder Woman Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    glad it got cancelled. Hated that pant suit. stick to the original costume. Storyline should follow the comics. I guarantee they will have a following- if not , lets wait another twenty years while those idiots at CBC or NBC find their balls.

  10. Mark B

    Is that some really awesome Wonder cameltoe I see there?

  11. God is Black

    Looking at the pics, that’s one pissed off unemployed Wonder Women.Love the camel toe thing going on there………

  12. Oh well, back to masturbating to reruns.

  13. Danny

    ‘Forensics Cat’ just became my favorite TV show…need to make a facebook page NOW!

  14. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    Whoever smelt it…

  15. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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  16. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    Now that’s sexy right there.

  17. Uncle Jemima

    jblic arching? Even the ink on that sign didn’t want to be seen with that costume.

  18. …but not before we saw her cameltoe.

  19. Arzach

    We saw that coming from the moment they told us that she was going to wear pants instead of short shorts, the show was dead before it was born.
    Now we have all the right to say to David E. Kelley
    “We told you so!”

  20. fx

    they probably cancelled it after they saw her I’m taking a dump running face

  21. LEB

    Good, she was a terrible choice for Wonder Woman. They need someone like Lucy Lawless in a role like that, not some twiggy chick with fake boobs. Any actress who might play Wonder Woman needs both looks, strength, and smarts to play the world’s most iconic superfemme. I hope someone will try to make a show again in the future, but with a better actress.

  22. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    I’d fuck her till she goes cock-eyed.

  23. Pensol

    Find a hot, 20-something version of Lucy Lawless and fuck network television, put it on HBO. And no slacks – either mini-skirt ala Sailor Moon or booty shorts like unto the hallowed 70s TV series. There’s your recipe for success!

  24. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    The series was cancelled because of this: Palicki couldn’t stop making the Rosie O’Donnell face.

  25. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    So many problems… No cameltoe, no butt cleavage, no leg shown, plus (insert reason here) as Linda was = not many reasons to watch.

  26. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    For a costume that’s obviously attempting to be übersexy from the front, it sure fails miserably on the back.

  27. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    DAT A-oooh….

  28. The Critical Crassness

    God, this chick looks uglier than I remembered from earlier postings on the subject. Definitely poor casting had to play into the decision at some level.However,it always amazes me how some producer seems to think that a legendary comic book character needs to be “updated”. When what they really want to do is completely restructure the entire concept, so that there is little resemblance to what made the character or series popular in the first place. Epic Fail, David Kelly….

    • LEB

      I think some parts of her costume were made of plastic… and the corset is red vinyl for crissake. It honestly looks like a Halloween costume and not a cool imagining of what WW’s uniform would look like in real life. I’ve seen WW cosplay costumes at comicons that were better than this.

  29. Edward Cahill

    oh men, that’s not fair can David E kelley could still go ahead doing a TV remake of wonder woman?

  30. Wonder Woman Cancelled
    Jerky McPumpoff
    Commented on this photo:

    what the fuck is this shit.

  31. Nik

    Modern version of granny panties is a g-string, not pants. Now they know

  32. gigi

    wow… why am I getting a strong Rosie O’Donnell vibe from this chick in the banner pic? like a hot younger sister?

  33. was about damn time… nonsense TV show n flatass bitch = canceled…

  34. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    Nice flapjacks bitch.

  35. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    Ok… she’s hot!

  36. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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  37. crazypants

    The lesson to be learned is if you’re going to spend a bazillion dollars buying the rights to a 60yo comic book character and icon recognized the world over and spend another jillion bucks casting and shooting a television show – THEN DON’T MAKE THE CHARACTER UNRECOGNIZABLE!

    Writers/Producers – Stop showing off how educated and deep you are by deconstructing and/or updating established characters past all recognition.

    Wonder Woman wears a metal eagle bra and star spangled bikini bottoms with red belts and a tiara. She’s an Amazon princess, she flies, she’s super strong.

    If you think any or all of the aboe is silly and unfilmable – then don’t fucking buy the rights. That way you don’t squander whatever built-in goodwill the project has from the get go and you won’t anger/disappoint legions of potential viewers.

    Kelly should’ve just made a corporate businesswoman/crimefighter character and called/dressed her however he wanted and he would’ve gotten greenlit. But he had to be a smartypants and look where that got him.

  38. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    Do you like her legs?

  39. Just Cause

    I hope that kept that K-Mart receipt where they got that costume.

  40. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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  41. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    That’s no Linda Carter

  42. gary

    natasha gray should of played wonder woman from the friday night lights movie . look her up on the premiere

  43. Muha

    better if they make WW animated series…

  44. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    I am very happy with that new (decision), because Wonder Woman shoul be an “amazing” beauty and incredible woman. The actress that was playing the role of wonder woman was not the indicated.
    If you want (the producers) a really beauty woman I would like to propose 3 perfect candidates.
    1.- Oxana Fedorova from Rusia. Ex-Miss Universe 2002. She is tall, beauty from hair to feet, excellent body and etc…
    2.- Perla Beltrán from México. Ex- first runner up in Miss World 2009 peagent (same place Linda Carter (Ex- first Wonder Woman from TV) got in Miss World beauty contest). Perla has beauty eyes. She is Tall. She is extremely beauty and etc…
    3.- Natalie Glebova. Ex-Miss Universe 2005. She is tall, beauty from hair to feet, excellent body and etc…

    Than You. Hi from Mexico!!. ¡Viva Wonder Woman the most inportan heroine in all the comic worls!!

    P.S. Forget my english gramatical mistakes. BYE!!

  45. CBF

    I just watched the Wonder Woman pilot. OMG, what a piece of crap. If NBC would have gone with it, the show would have been cancelled mid-season if not before. David E. Kelley had no business doing a Wonder Woman project. He has no experience with action etc. Hopefully someone else can get a Wonder Woman project going and do it right. Either as a tv show or a theatrical movie. Note to Hollywood and TV people…read a comic book!

  46. donte

    I think its a spin on a classic , I think kelly had a good idea about the show I was really looking forward too seeing one of my favorite childhood hero’s once again kick major bad guy ass .. But I guess people lost the feel of what a true hero is wonder woman will always be a classic and most of all my hero ; GIVE things a. Chance people !

  47. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    the pilot was shit! after all i’m glad it was cancelled.

  48. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    Sorry but the reason why that project did not lift off. It’s because of the actress that portrays Wonder Woman. Brooke Shields in her twenties would have been a better choice. This actress was not even close and in the same league when it comes to beauty and poise of Lynda Carter.. Nobody can fill up her shoes.

  49. Wonder Woman Cancelled
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    shes ugly

  50. Ana

    well I saw the pilot and yes, they could made it better but I saw some potencial there. the actress transmit a smart, strong and single wonder woman (without a life) pretty real woman to me.

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