Wolfe from CSI: Miami arrested for domestic violence

Jonathan Togo of CSI: Miami was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD responded to a 911 call at Togo’s Hollywood Hills home at around 2:00 AM. We’re told Togo got into an argument with his girlfriend and at some point it became violent … allegedly.
After talking to everyone involved, Jonathan was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence. We’re told his girlfriend’s injuries did not require immediate medical attention.

Looks like someone… *puts on sunglasses* is about to be replaced by a sassy Latina woman.


But, no, seriously, they’re great at solving crimes. *takes off sunglasses* In my pants.


…. Baba booey. *puts on sunglasses*


Photos: Getty