Winona Ryder crime spree continues?

What did Winona Ryder have to be grateful about this Thanksgiving? Probably the fact that her celebrity status allows her to get high out of her mind on goofballs, swipe whatever she wants and pretty much walk away from it all without legal repercussions. Fresh from her Xanax-fueled airplane collapse last week, Ryder, who has a history of “forgetting” to pay for things, apparently got a sweet, sweet discount on $125,000 worth of diamond jewelry over the weekend. The New York Post reports:

Sticky-fingered actress Winona Ryder mysteriously lost a diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring worth more than $125,000, according to a published report.
Ryder told Bulgari jewelers that she misplaced their gems, which had been out on loan, after wearing them at a Marie Claire bash in Madrid on Sunday, according to the French celebrity-news magazine Voici.
The “Girl, Interrupted” star – convicted in 2002 of shoplifting in Beverly Hills – claimed she lost the precious stones after handing them in an envelope to her hotel’s front desk for safe keeping.
But Voici reported no hotel surveillance cameras captured Ryder giving the jewels to front-desk personnel.
Bulgari has asked police in Madrid to investigate, according to Voici.
A representative for the actress did not return phone and e-mail messages seeking comment last night.
A US-based spokeswoman for the famed Italian jeweler confirmed that the company had loaned gems to Marie Claire magazine for event organizers to then lend to celebrity partygoers.
The Bulgari representative declined to discuss Ryder or say whether any jewels were missing.

Gotta love the Hollywood-size sense of entitlement at work here. But if Winona really wants to stay fresh and vital as an artist, she needs to expand her repertoire. It would be nice to see Ryder in a bowler hat and fake mustache out on the Atlantic City boardwalk, bilking naive passersby with a Three Card Monte scam. Or a mass e-mail offering to share her vast family fortune, if you’ll just provide your bank-account information so she can transfer the money out of her war-torn region of Beverly Hills. Come on, Winona; put on your thinking cap! Or pop a few Oxy-Contins. Same difference.

Photos: WENN