Winona Ryder crime spree continues?

November 28th, 2008 // 76 Comments

What did Winona Ryder have to be grateful about this Thanksgiving? Probably the fact that her celebrity status allows her to get high out of her mind on goofballs, swipe whatever she wants and pretty much walk away from it all without legal repercussions. Fresh from her Xanax-fueled airplane collapse last week, Ryder, who has a history of “forgetting” to pay for things, apparently got a sweet, sweet discount on $125,000 worth of diamond jewelry over the weekend. The New York Post reports:

Sticky-fingered actress Winona Ryder mysteriously lost a diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring worth more than $125,000, according to a published report.
Ryder told Bulgari jewelers that she misplaced their gems, which had been out on loan, after wearing them at a Marie Claire bash in Madrid on Sunday, according to the French celebrity-news magazine Voici.
The “Girl, Interrupted” star – convicted in 2002 of shoplifting in Beverly Hills – claimed she lost the precious stones after handing them in an envelope to her hotel’s front desk for safe keeping.
But Voici reported no hotel surveillance cameras captured Ryder giving the jewels to front-desk personnel.
Bulgari has asked police in Madrid to investigate, according to Voici.
A representative for the actress did not return phone and e-mail messages seeking comment last night.
A US-based spokeswoman for the famed Italian jeweler confirmed that the company had loaned gems to Marie Claire magazine for event organizers to then lend to celebrity partygoers.
The Bulgari representative declined to discuss Ryder or say whether any jewels were missing.

Gotta love the Hollywood-size sense of entitlement at work here. But if Winona really wants to stay fresh and vital as an artist, she needs to expand her repertoire. It would be nice to see Ryder in a bowler hat and fake mustache out on the Atlantic City boardwalk, bilking naive passersby with a Three Card Monte scam. Or a mass e-mail offering to share her vast family fortune, if you’ll just provide your bank-account information so she can transfer the money out of her war-torn region of Beverly Hills. Come on, Winona; put on your thinking cap! Or pop a few Oxy-Contins. Same difference.

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  1. jab

    always disliked this skanky ho

  2. crabby old guy

    Too bad that her dad forgot to pull out in time. This absent-mindedness thing must run in her family. Maybe a few years in prison will help her focus a little better, huh?

  3. b

    id bust a nut on her face.


    It’s a big surprise that she has joined ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM***, You may wanna check it out!

  5. No wonder Johnny depp was trashing Hotel rooms back in the days,,,he probably was looking for his missing wallet…this girl might be a bigger fraud than “ADIDDAS”

  6. Fleur

    Fish – I believe you mean “bowler” hat. Not sure what a bowling hat is but it’s probably just as shady…

  7. b

    imagine how many fat, white trash skanks are on that site. Chicks that Fuck black guys are GROSS. Id rather beat than sleep with tainted meat.

  8. b

    once you go black, we wont take you back!!

  9. She used to be cute back in the day. Now she looks like an extra-Jewy Tina Fey.

  10. b

    number 10 has mad rhymin skills

  11. Vince Lombardi

    At age 37, she’s not even relevant. I was interested in her 10 years ago. Call me if she poses nude somewhere.

  12. What?

    Who wrote this post? Doesn’t have the style or nearly the wit of the usual superficial writer.

  13. el ces

    Heh, she looks good.
    Haven’t seen her for a while.
    Maybe she could grow her hair out.
    It looked good in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

  14. Shelby

    “Misplaced” aka melted into something unrecognizable

  15. verga

    i agree with number ten she just looks like a typical old jew-face, totally hideous

  16. Randal

    Why you need to steal things Winona is beyond me. You’ve made your millions in great movies such as Alien: Resurrection, Girl Interrupted and even Edward Scissorhands, the latter my personal favorite!

    Folks probably think you went and stole the goods because they’re so jealous of your success from the past, present and soon to be future. You’ll shine like a super nova in the next Star Trek. Can’t wait!


  17. Balls McCoy

    The only thing Winona stole is my heart (hey oh aaaawwwwww)

    Actually Actually Actually.

  18. will it ever end??? will she ever go back to just slightly morbid and eerily charming at the same time??

  19. Mr. Krinkle

    Didn’t we already have a “Bad Girl of the Day” in Elizabeth Hurley? Is this all we are going to get on here anymore?

  20. In pic #2 she looks FUCKING SCARY!!! If she’s a method actor, someone needs to tell her filming for Girl, Interrupted is OVER!!!

  21. Aja

    # 10 and 16 are ugly people

  22. Klaus

    #22 is a jew.

  23. Aja

    No I am not a Jew. I just find your hatred sickening.

  24. Lola

    She looks so nervous in those photos, like she’s hiding something.

  25. kate

    i’m surprised the bulgari people even bothered investigating since they take out huge insurance policies on that shit. they probably made some profit on the missing jewels.

  26. Sheva

    The best part of the story on the missing $125K jewelry is that this skank of an actress claimed to put it in an envelope and give it to the hotel staff in the lobby for safekeeping and the hotel video proves she didn’t do so.

    She’s trying to pawn off her theft on the hotel and they got her pwned which is absolutely awesome.

    Greedy biyatch.

  27. Matthew

    all I can say is she is fing weird

  28. Ted from LA

    I wish I would have married her. Wouldn’t it be great to be married to a woman who would steal shit for you all the time?

  29. Juli MacLean

    Xanax + alcohol = amnesia. No wonder she forgets to pay for things. Why any moron who would loan anything to this irresponsible washed up actor is beyond my comprehension.

  30. Klaus

    #22 you are too a jew stop denying it. It’s ok. Just settle down we still love you.

  31. Insatiable Peter

    The fuck? Winona Ryder? Really?

  32. dew

    1st thought: Chicken Lady

  33. Boston Girl

    She is not pretty in person.. she has blue veins Popping out of her cheeks and she was in much need of a bath when I spied the wee imp putting things.. er well lets just say she is a tiny little thieving gnome!

  34. sexy_gary_69

    i thought the same thing as 13. this is perez hilton kind of wit, not the fish.

  35. baby jane

    HA HA HA! winona forever! if you can get away with it, why not? i’ve heard alot of rumours that she got heavily into prescription meds after she injured herself falling off a horse during BOYS and her love life after matt damon and dave pirner went south . & didn’t she date Bright Eyes? anyway , i love her, can’t wait for teh new Star Trek if she’s in it, and i truly hope she isn’t hooked on narcs and tranqs- if this is so, she genuinely could have lost the jewels & just is extremely embarrased about it–hope they turn up, noni!

  36. Max Planck

    I thought they got stuff wholesale

  37. I think its a fetish for her!,,,did the authories check her panties for cream?

  38. WTF

    What have you done with the real Fish, you bastards!

  39. Isn’t that your fetish douchie? But they usually blow their cream all over your face. Then you use your panties to wipe it off, and give yourself a dirty sanchez while you retreat to your bathroom stall to weep silently.

  40. Aja

    I was angry earlier, and I was trying to censor people. I shouldn’t have been. I feel a lot better now. I just made a lot of cash (A whole $60 !!!) by starring in a Mexican donkey show. Then I made another whole $20 by pulling a train of winos and AIDs infected crackheads in a dumpster.

    I’m a lot calmer now. Would anybody like to hose me down with piss and then shit in my mouth? Let’s negotiate; I’m cheap (but not free)!


  41. Klaus

    I’s apologize for earlier. Time to give my momma one of our special ‘ hugs’

    Cumming Momma.

  42. Aja

    Yar har. It’s funny, people with no lives.

  43. Youre referring to me backwood boy? tell me anything ive type you find douchie…are you aware of how ignorant you come off?

  44. Balls McCoy

    Aja, I was going to accuse you of being 5-star considering you have the same lack of a sense of humor as he/she does…actually. Actually. Actually. But then again you didn’t actually accuse me of actually using your actual screen name actually so I’m sure you are you’re own fuddy-dunny.

    But when you actually come on to a site, and tell people they’re not funny, you get what you actually deserve actually.

    And as for fake Aja…(aka Danklin24) he’s does a good imitation of you, both of you are lame.

  45. btw backwood boy you cant be me, no matter how outrageous you try to be…

  46. Douchie, everything you type, including your name, is douchie. Hence, douchie. Maybe its all the penises slamming your head against the back of the stall, but if someone was ignorant, why would your expect them to be aware?

  47. tree

    Nasty ugly jewish girl. Has big saggy boobs and nothing else going for her.

  48. kathie!

    This explains why she fainted the other day on that plane. All her body cavities are filled with stolen items. She must get stressed to the point of exhaustion of potentially being found out.

  49. Backwood boy? you are one stupid mother fucker ill tell you…
    youre like the last piece of turd you keep flushing down the toilet but keep coming back up…

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