Winona Ryder’s Face Is Apparently Our Queen Now

While accepting Stranger Things’ SAG Award for Outstanding Performance for an Ensemble, David Harbour gave a passionate call-to-arms against Trump’s Muslim ban. Unfortunately, Winona Ryder was making weird faces the whole time, and do you know how many memes the internet can make out of that? So many memes. What were we talking about?

Although, in fairness, they are pretty great even if they can be entirely explained by Matthew Modine creepily massaging her shoulders. Doesn’t take a detective. That said, here are some of my favorites:

winona ryder faces sag awards
“Ohygod, Aziz Ansari!”
“I’m actually not… ah, shit.”

winona ryder faces sag awards
“I swear I didn’t steal this, Aziz. I was just keeping it safe in my purse.”
“No one trained me for this scenario. Goddammit.”

winona ryder faces sag awards
“Wait, don’t hug me, Aziz. I don’t like what you said about Chris Brown.”
“I have to or they fire… sonofabitch…”

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