Winnie Harlow Touching Herself in Front of a Mirror… for Feminism

God damn, back again with this LOVE Advent thing. Today LOVE Magazine released a video with Winnie Harlow talking about “stretching” because that’s what powerful females do before they workout. They also apparently rub their boobs and touch their vagina in front of a mirror on the set of an ’80s music video.

I really cannot grasp why the hell LOVE Mag is calling this empowering, but whatever. Maybe they just need to have a long talk with whoever edits these videos because he clearly has a pension for extraneous crotch shots and slow motion booby rubs. He’s clearly never read any Sylvia Plath… Then again, neither have I. It’s hard to read paperback books when you’re blogging from you bathtub.


**Splashes a wave over all my bath toys**

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