Win a Date with Whitney Port

February 1st, 2010 // 44 Comments

Have no idea who this is? Of course, you don’t. But now’s your chance to find out!

The makers of She’s Out of Your League are offering a chance to win a date with Whitney Port (The City, The Hills.) Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment with a valid e-mail address by 2/14/2010 explaining how you rate on a scale from 1 to 10.
2. Get your official rating on
3. Pray to the lords of chance you’re selected.

Five finalists will be chosen to receive a pair of free tickets to She’s Out of Your League and move on to the second round where they’ll submit videos to compete for a chance at Whitney Port’s hand. (And, no, I’m not insinuating marriage because that’d be a horrible grand prize. Seriously. Who does that?)

Best of Luck.

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  1. this is stupid. stop having these lame ass advertisements on your site. dumb

  2. misterfister

    I would rather puncture my nut sack with a butter knife.

  3. hmna

    I’d enter but my wife won’t let me.

  4. Shroom

    She’s too soft, meek and unintresting. Can’t they get someone like Mia Hamm that’s avaliable for a contest?

  5. nuno

    choose me choose me i am desperado and i need ME ME ME ME I RATE YOU 10 my darling

  6. nuno

    now i get it
    you are a 9 and i am a 6 but we can be just 1 without regrets

  7. Rough uncut--well actually...

    Why would she be out of my league? cause I post a little less desirable comments on the Fish? erm OK!

    She doesnt trike me as someone who does Anal on the first date. Thats 98% of the contestant….

  8. Rough uncut--well actually...

    The 2% are girls

  9. Rough uncut--well actually...

    She wants to use unsuspected souls to make herself more famous and rich. Not in my Superficial backyard…

  10. Shangri-La

    I am obviously a 10. And she would find me irresistable.

  11. Shangri-La

    I am obviously a 10. And she would find me irresistable.

  12. double f

    I’m about a 2 these days. Maybe a 2.5 if i wear an accessory or something

  13. Butta

    That is a butter-face if I ever saw one.

  14. What the fuck is a Windy Whore?

  15. BThatch

    Who is this? Why do i want to win a date with her? If you are going to try and push traffic to your stupid rating site at least do it with someone i give a damn about

  16. PhillyPhil

    I am a 4 and she may be a 10 but I will make her feel like a 20, I am a hopeless romantic and a rennaissance gentleman so really my rating should really be higher.

  17. Jeff

    Rate myself a 7, I’m a little heavy but am very athletic. Pretty funny guy. Was rated a 6 on

  18. Andrew

    I’m ten because I’m awesome. Was rated 6. Woo.

  19. Hank

    I am just going to rate myself as a 1 because I never, ever want to go on a date with a chick like this. Her face reads “entitled bitch”. Not my type, thanks anyways…

  20. Hank

    Also, those glasses are the gayest fashion accessory I have ever seen.

  21. i got a rating of 4… that quiz is very accurate lol

  22. just sayin'

    go to any club and you’ll see chicks waaaaaaaaaay hotter. She’s a 6.5/10

  23. im like a 6 or 7… better then a pretentious 10.

  24. this girl is my dream girl. pick me so i can have my dreams shattered when i lose in the finals! it will be epiccccc

  25. Telemarketing Braintrust


  26. evan

    So I actually spent 5 minutes doing this, because through all the years on The Hills and The City, Whitney seems like she’s been one of the few sane ones capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation. I’m sure a large part of that is due to production/editing singling her out, but its always refreshing to root for a genuinely nice person. Personally, I don’t care about quantifying appearances, so I’ll split my difference – 5. Evidently I’m a 6 on the site because I’m not an alcoholic and actually managed to find my own bed last night.

  27. art patamalai

    I’m a 7 … Whitney’s a 10 … She’s out of my league!

  28. I’d give myself a 9. I feel that I can make a girl laugh and make her feel like she is the reason I was put on this Earth. When I look into her eyes, she will feel safe and the stars will shine as if only for us.

  29. I think we guys shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Whitney Port is ready to take the dating world by storm, and she’s giving all types of guys a fair shot at being the lucky man.

  30. Tom

    My rating is 8.1415926 (that would be a 8 with the awesomely random 7 digits that follow the number 3 in Pi.) Just by making that reference, unfortunately, Whitney Port is out of my league.

    But that’s the point right?

    I’m a 24-year old graduate student at UCLA at night and entrepreneur during the day, which doesn’t normally leave me a lot of time for dating uber-gorgeous reality TV fashion stars (go figure?).

    Growing up I was tall and skinny, so I never thought of myself as a ladies man, but luckily I’ve filled out into an athletic build (not to mention have a killer ability at winning huge stuffed animals carnival games).

    I’m a Clark Kent type. Big heart, couldn’t pass for a bad boy if I tried, but luckily my parents blessed me with dimples and great sense of humor, which gets me by.

    I would love to be considered.


    *And for the record, I don’t own any Affliction or Ed Hardy T-Shirts, haven’t purchased mega-hold gel since the 7th grade, and do not raise the roof at inappropriate times.

  31. Dank24

    I would rather get pounded in the ass by Khloe Kardashians cock than go on a date with this Tori Spelling #2. Granted she does have a nice body but that face, oh my god that face.

  32. Doc

    Can I just make the statement that I like Whitney, and she’s a cute, smart and sweet girl… but she is NOT a 10… 8-8.5 at best

  33. jill

    Hey, I’m an open minded girl from UK, I’m interested in exotic things, photography, dating and sports…I have my photos on — —, I love tall guys!
    Do you love traveling and have some experience? Just find me out.

  34. Gary

    #24 is right on. Great body, nice curves between the waist and hips. The face is below average. I’d still hit it

  35. bmose

    How much would a “Date” normally go for?

  36. David

    From 1-10, I rate an 8. I’m attractive, hard worker, smart & funny. I’m 25 and successful in my marketing career. I have a bachelors degree in Media Communication with a minor in Music. I have won Battle of the Bands twice at my university. And ran a reading club. Whitney should pick me because I won’t let her down. Thanks.

  37. well thats nice

    I would motor boat her Hills and go down town in her City.

  38. well thats nice

    oh and i won a geekologie hiku contest! booya

  39. DokterD

    Nine words regarding why I’m a 9:

    Blue collar midwesterner turned Ivy leauge doctor… shy of perfection.
    (as exemplified by my failure to use only nine words ;-)

  40. Big T

    I’m a 10. Pick me.

    The rest of you, vote for me and I promise I’ll spend the entire date making her feel as though she doesn’t stand a chance with me. We’ll video tape the entire event, from me interrupting her saying, “Hi! I’m….” with “Where’s the bar? Are you the only chick here?” to the end, where she desperately tries to get me to spend the night with her by throwing her panties at me and stuffing her mobile phone in my jeans.

    We have a winner.

  41. TyReLL LeJoHnSoN

    HeY BaBY, ITs Ya BoY ReLLy.
    YoU ALReaDy KnOw iM a DiMe,
    So i WRoTe a SoMe EroTiC FiXxXioN 4 u.

    i wanna touch

    perfect nipples:::

    soft lips

    smooth skin

    nice plump lil booty

    long hair

    im pullin it by da way

    and then… i take u to da room

    lay roses on da bed

    den i lay u dwn

    lay u dwn on da couch first

    take off ur top and mine

    i grab u n hold u close to me

    and whisper in ur ear all da things u WANNA hear

    u start to grind on me

    and i can tell u startin to heat up from da look in ur eyes

    shawty wanna lick me like a lollipop

    u start kissin my chest

    feelin on my sexxy belly


    workin ya way dwn



    belly button

    a lil lower

    dwn dwn dwn

    ahh… yesss… u found it

    damn babe, i new u was nasty but DAMN!!!!!

    found urself a new bestfriend huh??

    u start to blow me like it really IS a lollipop

    too much too much

    whew u got me breathin hard n shit

    ur turn

    u already kno we hoppin on da bed 4 dis one…..

    i done got u so wett by now


    i look up into ur eyes as im kissin from ur ankle to ur inner thigh

    slowly gettin closer

    and closer

    and closer


    u grab my head n get me close enough ta taste ya sweet pussy

    slow strokes at first

    makin my way left/ right

    up and dwn and around dat pussy

    i spread ur legs so i can get deeper

    as im slidin my middle finger in n out

    n hittin ur clit every second wit ma wett tongue

    ur moans r loud

    i can c u biting ur lips

    falling faling falling……

    u say give it to me


    ur begging

    plz baby give it to me

    so as ur still on ur back/// i get on top of ya

    play wit ya pussy for a lil, rubbin ya clit, rub my dickhead against ur wett pussy

    n slide in


    dat first stroke got u good

    so u feelin like damn this he got me lovin this

    dam rite… im doin ma thing


    pullin around, playin wit ya clit

    put it back in

    i say damn baby get on top…..

    i lay back

    let u get on top of me wit ya back facing me

    u sit dwn on my dick slowly till u feel comfortable enough ta ride faster

    den u do summ freaky shyt n grab my balls n play wit em while u ridin my dick backwards


    got me feelin real gud

    u keep ridin n ridin

    n ridin n fuckin me

    i flip u over

    put u on ya knees n get behind u

    as im findin ma way inside u, i can feel dat tight pussy grippin ma dick..

    whew… im deep inside of dere

    i can feel my dickhead hittin yo walls

    im tearin dat ass up

    i start…

    pullin on ur hair

    im hittin it hard.. every time i go back in, i go deeper n deeper till u start to crawl away

    no no no

    stay here n take dis dick

    u cnt go nowhere while im fukin u hard n pullin on ur hair::

    u look back at me, gimme a lil smirk n say::: keep fuckin me baby’im bout ta cumm all ova ya dick

    so i listen n keep doin wat i do… beatin u dwn till ur pussy gets tight around ma dick again n ur breathing gets heavier

    n ur moans louder

    n u just collapse flat on ur belly while im still fuckin u

    im grippin dat ass n smakin it , u love every second of it

    im bout ta cumm so i telll u ta turn around n lay back

    im grindin n and out of u slowly wen i feel it cummin

    so i pull out n bust on ya belly jus how u like it

    damn u do me too good

    i grab a towel n wipe u down

    muah::: n u fall asleep

    yup i put u ta bed

  42. lover

    I love her i’m a 10 pick me!!

  43. TK

    I think that Whitney Port is adorable.

    Fact: I had a sinus infection this weekend and watched two full seasons of The City on bc I developed a huge crush on her when she was on The Hills and didn’t know that she had her own show until I was sick and couldn’t leave my apt. for two days (phew!).

    Need proof? If our date goes bad I will suggest we “join forces”…..BOOM!!!

    I think that my winning combination of good looks and charm put me at a solid 8.

    Why choose me? I think Whitney is a babe and like her I am a 24 year old career minded individual who puts others first. Why do I like Whitney, bc she cute as a button and seems really caring and funny.


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