Wilmer Valderrama’s Still Got It

Just before checking herself into rehab to avoid a potential lawsuit from popping a snitch, Demi Lovato has reportedly been seeing Wilmer Valderrama to the surprise of a lot of people who just assumed he was dead. (Guilty.) Page Six reports:

Valderrama, 30, first connected with Lovato when they filmed a public-service spot together in Chile for earthquake relief in March, around the time she announced her relationship with Jonas. “The two started seeing each other in May right after her breakup with Jonas,” a source on the tour said. “She would show us pictures of them together.” Another source said Valderrama has been a big part of Lovato’s life leading right up to her decision to seek treatment.

Fun Fact: Demi didn’t turn 18 until August. VALDERRAMA’D!

But, seriously, this explains Michael Lohan shoving his bullneck into the press to criticize Demi’s father. At first, I thought it was just Michael being Michael, but now I see it was that plus Lindsay stomping her feet and going, “Daaadddy, she took my boyfriend.” Which also solves the mystery of how the hell he was allowed to visit.

*strokes chin* A patsy. Of course…

Photos: Splash News