Wilmer Valderrama’s Still Got It

November 9th, 2010 // 48 Comments

Just before checking herself into rehab to avoid a potential lawsuit from popping a snitch, Demi Lovato has reportedly been seeing Wilmer Valderrama to the surprise of a lot of people who just assumed he was dead. (Guilty.) Page Six reports:

Valderrama, 30, first connected with Lovato when they filmed a public-service spot together in Chile for earthquake relief in March, around the time she announced her relationship with Jonas. “The two started seeing each other in May right after her breakup with Jonas,” a source on the tour said. “She would show us pictures of them together.” Another source said Valderrama has been a big part of Lovato’s life leading right up to her decision to seek treatment.

Fun Fact: Demi didn’t turn 18 until August. VALDERRAMA’D!

But, seriously, this explains Michael Lohan shoving his bullneck into the press to criticize Demi’s father. At first, I thought it was just Michael being Michael, but now I see it was that plus Lindsay stomping her feet and going, “Daaadddy, she took my boyfriend.” Which also solves the mystery of how the hell he was allowed to visit.

*strokes chin* A patsy. Of course…

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  1. Scott


  2. fester

    When did Wilmer break up with Fred Flintstone?

  3. Scott


  4. Demi Lovato
    Commented on this photo:

    Apparently he let his hair grow out.

  5. Just because he deals her coke doesn’t mean she sucking his cock.

  6. Ash Bones

    Suck that clit ..!!!!

  7. jay

    was going to ask where these girls parents are when 30 years olds are sniffing their 17 year old kaslopisis but then I remembered they’re at the bank cashing in the checks- silly me.

  8. dave ain't here man

    I’m proud to say I have no idea who either of these people are. But I’m sure they are performing a vital service to humanity.

  9. Terk

    and this is news why? I dont give a shit who she was dating.

  10. anonymous

    Good ol’ Fez and his anal ways. He’s still breakin’ in underage backdoors.

  11. molly

    who checks themselves into rehab for emotional distress? get some anti depressants and a therapist like everybody else

    • Wouldn’t you be depressed and need therapy if you woke up one day and realized you were Fez’ fuck toy? The guy must have a monster shlong because he doesn’t have anything else noticeable that could attract these girls to him.

  12. therocketeer

    Skynet makes jeans?

  13. Minerva Smelibut

    Ive said it before and will say it again Fez use of back door is legendary

    • jill

      what’s the story there? anything verfifiable?

      • Anon

        he’s gone on record stating that he plowed his way through some backdoors. Lindsay Lohan for sure.

        Then again even that european dude she banged for a weekend before going full blown les a couple years ago stated LL gave up the backdoor easily.

  14. Rough silent type

    Bastard plays a good game of dominos…

  15. Sharon Whitman

    I think he’s the reason why they want to close the border to Mexico. He’s popping too many US starlets.

  16. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    She looks good in these pictures

  17. The Listener

    Yeah, she does.

  18. what?

    Marry Lindsay ?!?! I can understand wanting to kill JLH, probably a full 50% of her ex’s would want to do that, but wanting to marry Lindsay. Guy must of been kicked too hard durring a romp.

    • Jones

      It’s a game. Someone names three people, & you pick who you’d fuck, marry, & kill from those three.

  19. m

    I like it how you add the how I met your mother joke once in a while:)

  20. RebelMinion

    What is it she still has? A crippling neurological disorder?

    • The Listener

      In the past, she was a cutter which alone suggests some sort of emotional problem. Sometimes old issues that you thought were resolved can come up again and catch a person unawares.

      • bitingontinfoil

        Being a cutter would imply a borderline personality disorder. BPDs also frequently self-medicate with alcohol and/or drugs.

  21. Demi Lovato
    Commented on this photo:

    i like the outfit.

  22. Steph

    Anyone else think that Demi Lovato kind of looks like Juliette Lewis in that first pic?

  23. bitingontinfoil

    “wilder valderama still has it”

    Of *course* he does, there’s no cure for herpes.

  24. Hank Rearden

    What a truly charmed life these Holyywood studs lead. Sadly, I cannot even imagine plowing through a string of young nubile starlets. He may be a douche, but bully for him!

  25. maize5

    The main picture… That’s either an ugly woman, or a really hot guy in drag. Seriously, it look like Bill Kaulitz with his hair down.

  26. Veronica

    I can’t believe I know this, but he said he’d marry Mandy Moore. Go Fez, it’s broken some serious Hollywood hymen over the years.

  27. wim

    …………but please don’t tell her.

  28. Pangulin

    Only one very large problem with this story….. his own people are denying it, outright! Given Wilmer’s track record of announcing to the world all of the Hollywood Virgins he has plundered and his history of discussing on a radio broadcast with Howard “King of All Media” Stern, the quality of the bedroom gymnastics of several of those very women,I would have to say it never happened. He would be singing about it to Howard or anyone else who would listen,if he was actually dating her. He definitely wouldn’t be denying it!
    There is also the fact that she reportedly was seen around Hollywood with Rob Kardashian. She even took him to a party for one the Jonai’s birthday shortly before the tour went to the southland.

    • LJ

      Of Course his “people” are denying it.

      A 30 year old man having sex with a 17 year old is frowned upon by law enforcement.

      He doesn’t want to go to jail for banging a teenager.

  29. Sparky

    Joe Jonas dumped her so Demi hooked up with Fez and started doing blow “like a pro”? I that how this is coming together?

  30. Shannon

    That guy is such an underage poon hound. He might have been able to get away with it in his 20s, but it looks kinda kinda creepy now.

  31. Damon

    i have acess to a program called estonian pro, if you type in anyones name, it tells u all about them, it even tell u who theyve dated an if they have had sex before or not, Demi is indeed a virgin, and she is not dating Wilmer

  32. wilmerisugly

    annoying she could have picked a much more handsome guy and HELLO what the f is going on? Selena-justin. Nick-Delta and now wilmer who is wayyyyyyyy to old for DEMI!

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