Wilmer Valderrama Dumped Demi Lovato

January 11th, 2012 // 36 Comments

“Stop looking at me, Chris Hansen.”

With her 20th birthday looming this year, underage face-mauler extraordinaire Wilmer Valderrama really didn’t have a choice when it came to dumping Demi Lovato over the weekend. The heart wants what the heart wants, and his just happens to want teenagers. You can’t fight nature! People reports:

A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left,” the former Disney starlet, quoting Marilyn Monroe, re-Tweeted one of her followers early Tuesday morning.
Just minutes after the Tweet that appeared to come out of nowhere, Lovato then posted, “The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man.”

I should probably point out that Wilmer started dating Demi right before she checked into rehab – Just the way he likes them. Besides young. – so I can see how being with a less-impulsive woman with a higher self-esteem doesn’t exactly have the same luster. Had she continued spiraling down a path of self-destruction, they’d still be together, so in a way this is all Demi Lovato’s fault. You broke the man’s heart! HOW COULD YOU?!

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  1. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
    Commented on this photo:

    “Domo Arigato, Demi Lovato.”

  2. King Diamond

    I remember this guy scared like a woman on that stupid “punked” show. He always looks un showered.

  3. Just read where Blowhan owes the IRS $91k. So who do you think will pay this for her?

  4. I didn’t even know they were together. See what happens when your on the “D” list?

  5. Linds


    He’s hot thought but I’m too old for him hahah even though I’m still younger than him.

  6. Uno, dose, tres, quatro
    Wilmer Valderrama put his penis
    in Demi Lovato

  7. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
    Commented on this photo:

    it looks like he’s strangling her.

    I just can’t feel the love

  8. EricLr

    Can’t blame the guy. After all, until Disney studios bans him from the lot, he’ll always have a ready source of new girlfriends.

    • Guest

      Hah! Word.

    • antonietta

      Giadina Justin’s Miley’s,Jonas’s and Demi’s fan.I’m Belieber Jonas Sisters Smiler and Lovatics,rivoglio NILEY perche8 erano la coppia + bella del mondo-I LOVE MY WORLD TOUR-rivoglio il 9 APRILE-i miss u juistn please come in ITALY!-i love viola-i love swa scrive:ciao aleeeeee!!!

  9. Deacon Jones

    Man, she looked much hotter when she had her cocaine and eating disorder…

    YOU HEAR ME DEMI !?! HUH????

    • Agreed DJ. She looks good when she puts on the pound of makeup and squeezes into those tight dresses. However, she looks like she will balloon soon.

      • Deacon Jones

        It’s already started.

        I’m sure when she packs on another 10-20 pounds, some shit magazine with run a cover story on her where she’ll claim she’s proud of her new body. And soccer moms across America will let out a collective sigh as stand in the grocery checkout line.

  10. Good. Now Wilmer is free to make cameos in as many LMFAO videos as he wants.

  11. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
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    The Valderrama episodes where Bender tries to kill all humans are my favorite.

  12. Shouldn’t he be auditioning for Dancing With The Stars or something? You know, the place where F list celebrities go to feel famous.

  13. Mando

    Fondle me next Wilmer.

  14. Da Cheese

    So I guess he’ll move onto Taylor Momsen or Ali Lohan.

  15. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Dump her. She old now. Need to move on to the next damaged ex-child star. “Doing blow like a pro…”

  16. That man can sniff out low self-esteem like a pig rooting for truffles

  17. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
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    What’s with the headlock kiss? Did he go to the William Shatner School of Woo?

  18. He could be the reason for her problems, don’t you think?

  19. Dr. Drew

    Is that really him? It looks like Kieffer (Kieffah) from Teen Mom 2.

    • Linds

      My favorite teen mom 2 quote “You act crazy and you’re not crazy and then they call you crazy but you’re crazy because they did it” – Chelsey Houska

  20. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s already planning his move to Victoria Justice

  21. doctor snuggles

    well, hate it to say but she is aleady infected with HERPES c.

  22. Whyask

    Wilmer Valderrama. Wait, that was a thing once; wasn’t it?

  23. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
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    The kiss that makes him “the Kelsey Grammer of the Latin world”…

  24. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
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    Hmm this makes me nervous…I love and respect Demi so much, and it seems to be the general consensus that Wilmer might not be the right guy for her. He doesn’t have a great track record with women. And he’s 12 (!!!) years older that her. I fear that she’d end up getting hurt, or committing to him when she’s too young – she’s barely 20!
    That said, I trust her. She seems to know how to take care of herself and has really been very responsible since emerging from treatment. If she sees something in him, he must be a good guy. I just hope she’s not blinded by her love for him or being naïve.
    Wilmer, don’t you forget how much Demi’s fans adore her, and how much you’ll regret it if you break her heart or lead her into something she’s not ready for!

  25. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
    Paully Boston Baby!
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn yo, Fez is hittin that shit! What up now, Jackie??? Fez is bangin a pop star, bitch!

  26. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
    Paully Boston Baby!
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    Wow, wlak of shame for Demi. Fez is all like “I fucked that shit uuuppp son!” I hope she wore the hooker boots, Fez be likin them hooker boots.

  27. Wilmer Valderrama Demi Lovato Make Out
    Commented on this photo:

    I.. really fucking hate you, Fez.

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