William H. Macy has weird stories

whmacy_nude.jpgAccording to IMDB, William H. Macy thought he was being tricked when prop managers on the set of his new low-budget movie Edmond appeared to lose the key to his handcuffs during a nude scene, leaving him standing with nothing but a sock to cover his genitals during a prison scene.

“They marched me down this long hallway. I’m buck naked. I’m manacled behind my back and my feet are manacled. I do the scene four times and the property guy comes up and says, ‘OK, we got it.’ He says to the actor, who is playing the cop, ‘Gimme the key,’ who says, ‘I don’t have the key.’ There’s no key. They’ve lost the key. I’m buck naked. I said, ‘Oh, that’s really funny, you’ve lost the key.’ The prop guy said, ‘No, it isn’t funny, this is really serious.’ [Eventually] they found the key. I tell ya, low-budget is not for sissies.”

That’s sort of like what happened on the set of my low-budget film Sexy Movie 7. Except instead of losing the keys to some handcuffs, I lost all the props for the big finale scene. And by lost I mean purposely burned in the backroom. And by ‘props’ I mean actresses’ clothes.

Thanks to William for the tip.