Will Smith thinks teachers are useless

November 21st, 2006 // 181 Comments

Will Smith says he and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are homeschooling their children because he doesn’t believe in teachers and feels the most valuable things he learned in life he didn’t get from school. He tells Reader’s Digest:

“The date of the Boston Tea Party does not matter. I know how to learn anything I want to learn. I absolutely know that I could learn how to fly the space shuttle because someone else knows how to fly it, and they put it in a book. Give me the book, and I do not need somebody to stand up in front of the class.”

I love Will Smith and all, but I can guarantee you there’s no way he could actually fly a space shuttle after just reading a book. Okay fine, he could get in the cockpit and be in the space shuttle as it was traveling through the air, but I don’t think crashing it into the side of a mountain or straight into New York city should technically count as “flying a space shuttle.” If it does, then he wouldn’t even need the book. Or arms.


  1. BarbadoSlim

    d’ho, welcome’no eart

    STFU fresh “prince”

  2. PunjabPete

    Home school is a great idea. But usually the parent actually is smart. If you think that being able to READ means you are qualified to fly a space shuttle, you may be a few spare ribs short of a BBQ…

    Then again, we can all agree that money-bags McSmith ain’t home schooling these kids himself. He has people he pays for that. What a douche.

  3. Does that mean affirmative action can officially die now!

    Thanks dude you are the Fresh prince of foul air!

  4. slantingthroughdarkness

    I can learn that Will Smith is an idiot just from listening to him talk.


  5. NipsyHustle

    considering he gave up an academic scholarship to MIT to pursue music, is fluent in spanish, and an avid chess player, i don’t think his kids are going to be stunted by this.

    i’m sure more parents would home school if they were rich enough.

  6. Homeschooling is great and all but comeon…Boston Tea Party? That’s important. Me and my stuffed animals sit around the house all day drinking tea. Then we have an orgy.

    …I mean, Will iz teh dum!


  7. I don’t want to be in poor taste here, but to be to fair, it’s not like trained astronauts haven’t crashed the shuttle.

    But really, public schools cater to the lowest common denominator. If a kid has any intelligence at all, it’s best to get them into an institution where they can learn at an advanced pace about things they’re actually interested in.

  8. GrandMoffC

    He also got a 1600 on his SATs.

    And went from a sit-com guy to major movie star, while continuing to get people to buy his horrendous rap albums. I’m not sure which is more impressive.

  9. Will Smith isn’t looking too “Fresh” in that picture!

  10. DancingQueen

    Way to stand up for America’s teachers’ Will. Good job. Dumbass.

    Gotta go people. I’m on my way to Borders to buy “Neurosurgery for Dummies” so I can do brain surgery.

  11. NipsyHustle

    his head is looking ashy. i don’t know what that’s about. he must be greying because black people keep kegs of lotion around the house to avoid this very moment.

  12. BarbadoSlim

    The last thing this dude needs to be doing is telling youth to take education as some sort of hobby.
    Say what you will about public education, but I can personally testify that it’ll get you as far as you are willing to let it take you.

    Some people don’t even have that.

  13. chortle

    the yoko of bel air has him believing he is a spokesman for all things unentertaining. stick to comedy and making the old lady happy, will…………

  14. Ed Bambrick

    How does Jada put up with that shit?

  15. tw

    Being able to operate a space shuttle just by reading about it? Ha, I think Corey Lidle is proof that you can’t fly just because you read how to.

  16. danielle

    #11. And I guess people like you keep kegs of lubricant hanging around so that you’ll be prepared for an ass invasion? Am I right?


  17. llllllllll

    He looks so fucken old… and his ears need tacks to hold them backs…and I pray to God someone buys him a Flying a Space Shuttle for Dummies book and actually puts him on a space shuttle so that he may dissapear forever. I hate you with all my guts Will Smith…I hope you are reading this.

  18. pyrococcus

    I’m Will Smith. I don’t even know why I’m bothering to school my kids at all. I think I might just let them run around the neighbourhood, chasing stray cats and eating their own snot. *picks nose and eats it*

  19. jes

    Did you know that Will Smith actually turned down a scholarship to MIT in order to become a rapper?

  20. combustion8

    what a shocker, another know-it-all actor/rapper… did jazzy jeff read the same books will smith read? aparently not.

  21. jes

    Ugh. Obviously I should read comments before posting.

  22. NipsyHustle

    #14….it’s easy when you’re married to a multimillionaire. you can put up with most anything!!! she has plenty of money to pamper the blues away shopping, going to spas, or going on vacations.

    hell, let her start to slipping on her game and i just might have to take dumbo away from her.

  23. combustion8

    on a side note I’ll bet my left testice his next movie bombs.

  24. PunjabPete

    Jada Pinkett is a scientologist…. Need we say more?

    Boston Tea Party? I bet those little fuckers know what year L.Ron got his first hummer…

  25. BoognishRising

    “I absolutely know that I could learn how to fly the space shuttle…”

    The balls on this guy!

  26. PunjabPete

    Hitch II – Rehitching the night away…

  27. I agree with him, half the shit you learn in school you forget, or have no use for in the “real world.”


  28. lauraellen

    uh, #7… public school?

    will smith’s kids : public school :: will smith : space shuttle cockpit

  29. NipsyHustle

    what? jada a scientologist? doesn’t she know what happens to black people in cults? they end up drinking the Grape Flavor Aid.

  30. NipsyHustle


    speaking of which i knew it was a matter of time before the secret got out, with your dad scratching on my door like a cat in heat every week. that keg of lube is for pounding his manhole every wednesday. what can i say? it’s called hump day for a reason.

    your poon must be crying a red river right now cause you are coming off like a bleeding cunt. love ya, though.

  31. Holy mackeral, Amos! Feets don’t fail me now!
    Yessuh, I can fly any ol’ rocket ship.

    Whoops, sorry. I thought that this was the Michael Richards fan club page.

    @8…1600 really?. That’s pretty strong.

  32. jrzmommy

    SJTLQ was homeschooled. Someone should warn Will and Jada that their kids will grow up to be stark-raving fucking nutjobs and live in a rusty trailer in the woods of Maine if they pursue this homeschool nonsense.

  33. pyrococcus

    he’s so confident in his spaceship-flying abilities because he learned it in Scientology for Spouses 101, so he’ll be able to visit Jada while she’s hanging with Lord Xenu in far off galaxies

  34. KimberWolf

    As intelligent as he is, we know he is not sitting in the living room teaching these kids himself. I agree with #2, he’s just hired a team of teachers to do that for him.

    and how’s this for a #1 lesson. JUST DON’T SPEND THE WHOLE $100 MILLION ESTATE THAT I LEAVE YOU IN YOUR LIFETIME. There, that didn’t take long.

  35. lol, so Will Smith is a moron after all.

  36. lisad71

    Tom & Katie’s wedding really wasn’t a wedding at all…it was a Scientology brainwashing session. Will Smith is the first one to come away from that carwreck and make stupid comments, next it will be J. Lo, then Jenny McCarthy then Brooke Shields. Brainwashing I tell you!

  37. Home schooled kids:
    -”And on the third day, God created
    the Remington bolt-action rifle”
    -”so that Man could fight the dinosaurs.”
    -”And the homosexuals.”

    (mean girls… the only Lohan movie I ever saw. I swear *blushing*)

  38. Homeschooling might help in some areas, but for the most part it raises social retards. Kids need to interract with other kids of different backgrounds, not just adults with one viewpoint.

  39. RichPort

    Isn’t Will Smith like TC, you know, a fucking cock lover? I’ve heard for years the Jada’s a carpet cleaner and that the marriage is a fucking swingathon. Fuck that:


    #30 – HA! Just be prepared to have the exact same words you posted twisted around to say basically the same shit, followed by Go fuck you’re deseased hore of a moM.

  40. I side with Will on this one. The majority of the things I have learned was from reading on my own and from experience.

    Granted, there are some great teachers out there, but more than half act like they don’t want to be there. They just pass you through the system… Educate yourselves!


  41. combustion8

    I could easily see jada being a carpet eater, ever see that video of her breakdancing with the guys, you’d swear she was a boy.

  42. While I think there are many problems with home schooling, I also think that the public education system is in trouble.

    Not only are there the generic problems of lack of funding and ridiculous testing that does nothing for children such as in the “no child left behind” program, but there is the fact that our children are not being taught what they really need to know to be successful in life.

    Kids should be learning financial and technological skills to be able to not only make it in today’s market place, but also to be able to manage their personal finances and have desired job skills.

    We also need to stop acting like teaching science in school is an act of religious rebellion when religion should not be in our schools period.

    We also need more hands on training through internships in high school as just reading a book and listening to a teacher does not teach you how to handle on the job situations.

    There needs to be a revision of our education system, because what worked in the 50′s – reading, writing and arithmetic are just not enough to survive anymore.

    I agree with Will Smith in that schools are not teaching our children what they need to know. I use close to nothing that I learned in high school for my career now.

    My Master’s degree also held a lot of fluff in it. The best parts were the internships that afforded me actual experience. My Ph.D. was better, but by then I had endured a lot of years that offered very little to the job skills I needed later in life.

    Beyond job skills, tell me why most kids out of high school do not know how the stock market works, how to invest their money, how to stay out of huge amounts of credit card debt and why many of them have no idea how to create realistic financial plans? These are basic skills and yet our schools continue to fail our kids by not teaching them.


  43. D'oh Eyes

    @29 Ha ha, Grape Flavor Aid. Because they’d save the good stuff (i.e., Kool-Aid) for the white folks.

  44. Lovebug


  45. I’m pretty sure Will learned how to fly all things celestial in MIB. Hollywood teaches you all kinds of things, Tom Cruise can fly F-18s and do amazing things with swords and Ralph Machio is a martial arts expert and guitar virtuoso.

  46. tweetyeyes

    I think some of the comments of Michael Richards would explain some of this.

  47. BarbadoSlim

    Fucking SATs man, that was a nightmare I thought I had to pass only once in my miserable life. Little did I know, that after 4years of drunken debauchery, that I stil had to pass the fuckin’ LSATs.

  48. StanGable

    will smith has his head in the smug cloud. easy to say all that shit when you are an overpaid “actor.” shut up celebs and stop telling us how to live when you don’t live in the real world. eat a bag…

  49. chelleann66

    #32 – JRZ – Ahhh, yes… Sarah Jean. Good times, good times.

    #44 – Lovebug… bend over and grab your ankles, you likely just ordered up a good reaming with your post. And no, we can’t do anything else but talk shit. Thanks for asking. Buh-bye.

  50. jrzmommy

    actually, I think Will learned how to fly rocket ships in Independence Day.

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