Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush meets Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin

October 24th, 2008 // 56 Comments

It’s Friday, so here’s Will Ferrell reprising his classic George W. Bush role alongside Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin on last night’s Primetime Edition of Saturday Night Live. I’m pretty sure something historic just happened here, but then again, I think it’s historic whenever I pour chocolate milk on my Cocoa Krispies. And, on that note, excuse me while I vibrate over to the men’s room to have a sugar-induced panic attack. Whee!


  1. Real Chad

    Its really too bad that SNL can’t be just a bit more unbiased. Count how many times Obama and Biden have been mocked on SNL…maybe once or twice. However, its open season on McCain and Palin…what is it up to now, about a dozen different skits.

    On the political front, lets be honest here. Neither of these bozos are the ideal candidate.

    As much experience and goodwill that McCain had, he has pissed a lot of that away by running a negative campaign and he has not stuck to important issues when the public at large is paying attention the most.

    As seemingly charismatic and intelligent as Obama is, he has very little experience (and being from Illinois) he hasn’t really done anything or worthwhile or constructive.

    So who do you want driving this, a grumpy old man that has been around the block a few times or the young teenager that just got his license and has never been in an accident?!?!

  2. dragon43078

    Hey, you ignorant liberals. Who controls Both the House AND Senate? Democrats. The idiotic President can’t pass any legislation unless it passes BOTH houses. You want to blame someone for the mess we are in. Look in the mirror. On CNN, they talked to a guy who is one of the leading investors in the Stock market. He was asked point blank why the market continued to fall. His ONLY answer was fear of Obama winning. He said if that happened, the tax rates for ALL income will drastically increase. This is a man who really knows about money.. Obama wins, working people lose more. The worthless welfare scum will always get more with a Democrat in office. Thats how they buy votes. Or will Obamas Acorn buddies scam enough votes for him.

    As for reading the Constitution and following it. How many Amendments to the Constitution are there? Do Muslims follow the Constitution?

  3. MEM

    Man, all of this ridiculous, ignorant conservative fear-mongering makes me want to leave the country like the America-hater I am–oh wait! I already did! Years ago! And now I can afford excellent socialist healthcare and vote for Obama at the same time (which I did last week)! It’s a win/win.

  4. Ananana

    obama is full of shit.

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  6. 4 mr badcopnodonut

    hey 4 mr your comments stings. I think Saturday Night Live is the worse, nasty show I have ever seen. They don’t have the balls to make a good imitation of the nasty, ugly Obama and his ugly wife, but they disrespect Palin and MCcain in every single show. You guys are just like ABC,FOX,CBS and Jay leno. All of you together have the same values as Obama, and that is none. I hope that Tina Fey understand how pathetic and ridiculuos she is. She should get a life and stop bothering Sarah Palin. I can’t stand Tina Fey for been kissing Obama’s ass all the time, just like the ugly, fat Oprah. Tina should thanks Palin, because thanks to Palin Tina has a job.And the media and celebrities are horrible, bothering our leaders MCcain/Palin without no reason. I hope that our republican voters stop spending their money and their time in your products and your programs. All of you people from the media and celebs are traitors and nasty. You want Obaama. choke on him.And don’t count on republican’s supporting your future pathetic shows.

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