Will Ferrell probably not dead

will-ferrell-dead.jpgA press release sent out today is claiming that Will Ferrell died in a para-gliding accident yesterday in Torey Pines, California.

Ferrell and his professional guide, Horacio Gomez of Airtek Paragliding Center attempted the jump at around 2 in the afternoon. According to witnesses, the conditions were basically ideal for para-gliding and the weather did’nt pose a problem at all.

The jump started normally as Ferrell and Gomez glided carefully across the vast area and were seemed headed into the righ direction just before what witnesses said a freak wind somehow blew them off course, causing the paragliding professional Gomez to somehow lose control.

As horrified witnesses looked on, the duo headed straight for the dense woods near the jump off point and crashed at an estimated 60 mph hitting the trees as they hurtled to the ground.

Some friends of the actor who witnessed the accident immediately called up 911. The paramedics vainly attempted to revive the two on their way to the nearby UCSD Thornton Hospital in nearby La Jolla.

The duo suffered major injuries to the head and broken bones that caused the death of the two.

In an interview with Will’s parents who was John W. Ferrell in real life, Mary and Hubert Ferrell said their sonn died while doing one of the things he loved the most.

Will was a graduate of the University of California where he finished his Sports Information Degree. Will was born on July 16, 1968. He was 36.

It’s probably a prank, but until I get confirmation either way I’ll just pretend it doesn’t even exist.

UPDATE: Considering the press release has been removed, it’s probably safe to assume Will Ferrell is perfectly okay, sitting at his computer weeping at the news of his own death, only to realize it was just a terrible hoax and he’s actually alive.

*UPDATE: Will Ferrell is officially not dead.