Will Ferrell named worst autograph signer

December 18th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Will Ferrell was officially named the worst celebrity autograph signer. Despite having a huge fanbase the comedy actor hates signing autographs, Steve Cyrkin, the editor and publisher of Autograph magazine, told Reuters:

“What’s so frustrating about Will Ferrell being the worst autograph signer this past year is that he used to be so nice to fans and collectors, and a great signer. What makes him so bad is that he’ll taunt people asking for his autograph.”

Holy crap, is Will Ferrell wearing a cowboy hat? That is hilarious. Seriously, where does this guy come up with stuff? I don’t care that he pisses in his fan’s faces and won’t sign autographs. Walk around with a cowboy hat like that and you’re A-okay in my book. Aw, man, I hope he gets gratuitously naked in his next movie. That gag never gets old!

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  1. veggi

    I’m sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR.

  2. Big Deal!! Who gives a shit about getting his autograph. Is it a slow news day? Is there anything better that the Fish can post??

  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    I name him ‘Worst wearer of a cowboy hat’. I’ve never seen a hat look that bad on someone. The ‘Fro has to go.

  4. Veggi, You still have a VCR? Do you keep it next to the 8 track player??

  5. Mdiz

    Whoaaaa there Hoss that broke back mountain hat has to go.

  6. Mdiz

    Whoaaaa there Hoss, that broke back mountain hat has to go.

  7. ScuttlingCrab

    So not only is he not funny but he’s an asshole? Good going Will.

    I have a huge grudge against this guy since he said “Who cares about that freak anymore anyway?” about Lindsay Lohan. Way to bully and publically humiliate a teenager, one-trick pony.

  8. I wanted to hear more about the “taunting”.

    WTC is a VCR???..

  9. Gerald_Tarrant

    Beta>VCR any day.

  10. Ript1&0

    Yee hawww!!!

    Here’s another one who couldn’t pay me to fuck him.

    The cross eyed thing makes him look like a sweet little kitten tho.

  11. veggi

    4- It’s a Will quote silly.

  12. Texas Tranny

    I still have a ton of porn on Beta.

  13. veggi

    Really? You all don’t like Will?..

    Well, smack me silly and hide my clothes! I could watch Anchorman, Talledega Nights, and even Elf over and over……

  14. @12 TT, I though you had tons of porn period!!

  15. Pastafarian

    Is he still famous? He was never funny. He even looks like a dick.

  16. Danklin24

    This guy is a complete douchebag. Warning: Do not see Walk Hard. I have seen a screening of it and it sucks hardcore. I mean come on, its made by the same assbags that made Talladega nights. God damn that was a terrible movie.

  17. John

    Autographs are stupid and pointless. It’s rude to ask a stranger to sign some random piece of paper.

  18. mike

    He’s like Adam Sandler – not funny, and a complete prick in real life. But retards like veggi love their movies, so the rest of us are stuck with them. Thanks, tards.

  19. veggi

    Mike, You’re stuck with them? How about finding a mind of your own and watching things you enjoy? I know, individualism is hard for jackasses such as yourself… and by the way, Grandmas Boy is brilliant…. in which Adam Sandler helped make. Now, go watch your clueless humorless life fly by without enjoyment. Cheers.

  20. Gerald_Tarrant

    “Grandmas Boy is brilliant”

    I think I love you. Or at least for tonight.

  21. Methos

    He’s a comedian ? really ? someone point me to something remotely funny he’s done, because you can’t mean his movies FFS ?

  22. veggi

    Gerald, alright. One night it is!.. Can we watch Grandmas Boy?

  23. Gerald_Tarrant

    Anchorman was a riot. He pretty much stole Wedding Crashers. Hilarious in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

  24. Ruby

    @ mike

    I agree with you on Adam Sandler. He seems like a really funny guy in real life, during interviews and such. But when he’s “acting” he just comes of like this retarded assclown and not funny at all.

  25. Ruby

    @ mike

    I agree with you on Adam Sandler. He seems like a really funny guy in real life, during interviews and such. But when he’s “acting” he just comes of like this retarded assclown and not funny at all.

  26. Ruby

    Sorry for the dubbelpost! Also: I thought Will Ferrell was hilarious in Old School. I still don’t get why that Luke-fellow keeps getting parts in comedies. Now that guy is not even remotely funny. He just keeps playing the character over and over again.

  27. beesknees

    I think he’s a jackass if this story is true. He gets paid millions, the least he can do is sign an autograph for someone. Stars have no rights! They exist for the public.

  28. awkward boner

    dont hate the player, hate the game. that sexy game we call life.

  29. D. Richards (Male.)

    Ol’ Billy-Bob Will learned something this past year: He ain’t funny. Someone explained to him that maybe the first time he ran almost naked in a movie, flailing his arms, it was funny – - the fifth, or sixth time, c’mon. Now Ferrell’s bitter.

    Hey, Willy? I’m kidding of-course. The nudity is the only thing you have going for you. Honestly, I’ve never understood your stardom. You were never funny on SNL. I mean, Saturdat Night Live hasn’t been funny in over a decade but, you, you were horrible. Breaking character by laughing in ever skit. Fuck, man, you really suck. Do you know that?

  30. Micky Mc

    This look inspired the term: Asshat

  31. Gerald_Tarrant

    A few years back, on two seperate days, I had Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford in my office (I sold motorcycles at the time).

    Anyhow, when we finished, Harrison stood by while people ran to grab Polaroid cameras and posed with them and then signed them. I thought, pretty cool.

    When Mel and I finished signing paperwork he refused to sign any autographs or take pictures with people. He offered a handshake and a brief “worship people who actually do something worthwhile for a living, doctors and teachers.” Again, pretty cool.

  32. Desi

    I’m glad to see others that don’t think this guy is funny. He is a creep besides. Also on the not funny list are Robin Williams, Steven Colbert, Steve Carell, Dennis Leary, Billy Cristal, and George W. Bush.

  33. veggi

    Gerald… you met Harrison???? Now, I think I love you!! I’d love to “meet” him..

  34. the hat doesn’t look fine with him…

  35. MMB

    I hate your face (said in robot voice)…Grandma’s Boy IS the shit–also I am a robot, I have a robot vagina…

  36. TS

    Autrograph seekers are a bunch of retards, fuck ‘em all. What the fuck are you gonna do with a scrap of paper with someone’s signature? Get a life (yet here i am on TheSuperficial.com as if I have one).

  37. cookie monsta

    maybe he just found out that Travolta isn’t doing JR Ewing in the Dallas movie, now here’s a guy that could do a lot for that character!! I love the Ferrell, and isn’t that the same thing everyone else was saying about slurry Lohan? (@ #7?)

  38. BaconMessiah

    I love when people on here address the person/celebrity directly in thier post, like that person will be getting done filming for the day and runs home to read the superficial. Now that’s funny.

    #31 Mel isn’t cool. just drunk. And profound apparently.

  39. Natitude

    @ 32 – Desi
    Ummm… so who exactly do you find funny?… no one? Personally, I love Will Farrell, asshole or not. The reasons I find him funny have nothing to do with him being a nice guy or ‘down to earth’. He cracks me up in his movies, and that’s all I can ask of any comedian.

  40. havoc

    Most over-rated comic (?) out there…..

    Same gags. Same lame jokes. Same schtick.



  41. Uhhh

    Who the hell cares about this or what anyone thinks?!?!

  42. Jaffo

    Sometimes you posters here are just sooooo funny. Yeah, Will Ferrell is not funny at all. Right. I am curious as to whom exactly some of you chumps ripping him think is funny? Joan Rivers? Rip Taylor? Larry the fucking Cable Guy? Oh and by the way, asking for autographs is about the dumbest fucking thing ever. Anyone asking for autographs ought to be shot in the face and then pissed on. Losers…

  43. 23apples

    Dammit! Steve Cyrkin beat me to the punch AGAIN. Looks like I have to find another idea for a magazine… I totally thought a magazine based only on autographs would be the one to rake in my millions . Shoot.

  44. BunnyButt

    No, no, he’s a talentless hack.

    ** Looks around furtively and stuffs her “Elf” DVD behind the couch cushions, hoping no one notices. **

  45. Kate

    Will Ferrell is so funny, Old School was great (despite having no plot), Anchorman was great, Elf was great, even Kicking and Screaming was great. I agree, those of you who said he’s not funny, please tell us who IS funny. It should be very enlightening.

  46. scooby

    i have always thought that this guy looks too much like george w. bush to not be related to him. well they’re both assholes, so besides looking like idiots that’s something else they have in common.

  47. Danklin24

    I dont think Adam Sandler should be lumped into the same category as this asshat. Grandmas boy was pretty damn funny, as was Billy Madison. Hell the onlyunfunny movie Sandler was in was punch drunk love. That was just a horrible script.

  48. Danklin24

    If you guys want to know who IS funny and will always be funny. that man is Dana Carvey. That guy is a fucking genius.

  49. Kate


  50. engel

    I am his faithful fan. I often share his news and videos with my friends at pubspa.com. I love him forever.

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