Will Ferrell in The Landlord

April 18th, 2007 // 49 Comments


  1. Danner

    This guy is such a goofball.

  2. I guess he picked “die”

  3. elvisfanlaura

    Seen it! Yesterday!

    Seriously, though, this is the funniest shit I have seen on the internet. Will Ferrell is greatness.

  4. Fishstick

    almost as good as ‘dick in a box’

  5. Jimbo

    What is with the hair? Is he going to play that fat kid on American Idols?

  6. snfu


  7. tits_on_snack

    There’s too much of the same shit on the internet. Too many sites all doing the same crap. How many fucking “social networking” sites are out there now, how many fucking profiles do I have to babysit? I’ve abandoned my Myspace, my Orkut, my Oosh, my Virb, and countless others. Now we need another Youtube? I donno.
    Maybe I’m just feeling rage-y because the lining of my uterus is currently sloughing off and seeping down my vaginal canal, but hey.

  8. 1-Ton

    If only the baby had fallen through a coffee table at the end; then we’re talkin’ funny!

  9. tits_on_snack

    Ahahaha, it’s a baby, but it’s talking like an adult!

  10. I’m with #2. It’s going to die.

  11. Jimbo

    I think this is just the calm before the storm. These first two post were pretty lame. I am betting the next post is a bunch of pictures of Courtney Love on the beach with her massive bush hanging out of her bikini bottoms and you will be able to see the her nipple piercing through her top

  12. omg!!!! toooo funny!!

  13. LadyJane

    I would definately fuck Will Farrell. In fact, I would go “around the world” with Will Farrell.

  14. NicotineEyePatch

    “I need to get my drink on”


  15. Jimbo

    @9 Babies in Hollywood talk like that. Last week I was in a Starbucks in Sunset Blvd and this 3 year old walked up to the counter and order a Grande dulce de Leche with two sweat and lows. I understood her perfectly

  16. veggi

    Sweet little 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus, Will is my hero. I’m with you LadyJane. Funny is fuckable anyday. Oh, Will. How do I choose between you and Harrison.

    Thanks Fish for putting up wonderful men for once. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  17. Funny. But not as funny as it would have been if the baby had been accompanied by a live cougar.

  18. schack

    the cougar was the funniest part

  19. FRIST!!!

    Oh yeah #9? Once I was at the supermarket with my daughter who was 2 at the time riding in the front part of the cart. At the end of the aisle some kids were messing around and being loud. My daughter looks at them and says, “Fuckin kids…”

    Kids say the darnedest things!

  20. wedgeone

    Thank you, Mr. Fish – The autoplaying video thing was about annoying!

  21. I’ll bet his dick is bigggggggg…..

  22. chaunceygardner

    I fucking hate that guy. But he doesn’t suck as bad as Jim Carrey.

  23. wedgeone

    Outie like Gowdy! Later!

  24. mykaelie

    Gawd I love this video. Will Ferrell is a comedic genius.

  25. that’s fucking weird.
    my dad’s blood test said he was gay too!

  26. LeeLee

    I think this video is awesome. But I also think i saw it about a week ago.

  27. boredatwurk

    #15 Awesome story! Very funny!

  28. WD-40

    I guess that puts the fucking sucks back in funny?

  29. anothershityear

    funny or die?!???!
    hope ol’ Willy already has his coffin picked out

    isn’t that like that Diddly-Puff guy
    “Vote Or Die”
    then it turns out he probably hadn’t even registered, much less voted

  30. crestlin

    omg…i think i just died from cuteness overload…

  31. jpjrocks

    Yeah my little cousin once transcripted a john jerry speech in french,

  32. Victoria

    It’s funny that I watched this on youtube 2 days ago when he is trying to compete with them

    well its funny to me..

  33. Ferrell is a genius…

    Although, I don’t think his site will ever rival YouTube (that whole “Google is taking over the world” thing may get in the way), it will definitely be successful. It surprises me that more celebs haven’t done things like this yet…

  34. stayclassy

    funnyordie.com has VC backing (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/television/news/e3i2108d7f83a3df2b4f49fe6fe66ea68d7). And, content is king, just like Viacom, Ferrell will sue to keep his content off youtube… the question is, what will youtube do once all the content creators create their own “channels” and distribution platforms??? Oh, wait, thats not how this blog works. I’d hit it.

  35. Everybody needs to watch this video.

  36. youdontknow

    Ummmmmm….the baby didn’t die.

  37. HappyFunBalls

    “I got the test results back. My Dad’s Gay.” That is fantastic.

  38. MovieMaker007

    Will Ferrell has already dominated the big screen and now his new endeavor is to dominate the small screen as well. I think he is an incredible comedic actor but I am not a fan of all of his films. I thought “Stranger than Fiction was excellent! I usually check http://www.atthemovies.com Ebert and Roeper’s premier online site featuring the best reviews and clips of current and upcoming films. I’ve never been disappointed, I highly recommend you checking it out! I got the inside scoop because I work with Disney!

  39. hunting for my mommie ,,,is she in here with you, will? help where is my mom,brittney…

  40. whitegold

    That was actually really funny! But I do wonder why he’s bothering to do this website?!

  41. aj

    this is very very very very very funny!!!!!!!!
    lmao lmaom lmao omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  42. ignesandros

    @38 Speak for yourself, my screen’s not small… well, actually, I don’t have a screen. My wall + projector…

    Will Farell? Why do you tease me so? You’ll not be straight forever! :)

  43. Pitch Fitz

    Nice to have a good laugh Hey #38, how long does it take to swab the toilets everyday?

  44. Michelle

    I love this film! Whatever to people who think it’s not funny, you’ll always have the people who rag on famous people like will because they doint have a life and wish they could. I think it’s fucking hilarious! i put it on my myspace.

    one thing though…i dont get the “come, mommy” at the very end…can someone explain?

  45. bebe

    this video is soooooooooo hilarious!!!! me and my friend watched it two times and laughed at the baby!!! lol.

  46. prim trivetti

    i saw a little of pearl and will on a news special about the internet or something and oh my god i love it. i cant believe that pearl can say all that stuff. especially i want my money bitch ha ha ha. the news said there has been something like 44 million people who have watched this and i see why it is great and im gonna tell everyone i know with a computer to check it out. YOUR THE MAN WILL !!!!!!!
    and Pearl your cool too great clip

  47. djp boston

    Stupid waste of time.

  48. the landlord bit is pretty funny, i just hope that kid doesn’t remember anything from it

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