Heidi Klum wears a bikini for Will Ferrell

February 22nd, 2008 // 215 Comments

Will Ferrell got to take part in a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated with a bikini-clad Heidi Klum. I guess it’s a promotional thing for his new movie Semi-Pro, I dunno, but that’s not important right now. What is important is Heidi Klum in a bikini. Now that’s smart marketing. You could sell me Sparkling AIDS in a can and I’d drink it if Heidi Klum in a bikini told me to. Hell, I’ll drink some right now. Just for you, Heidi. Granted, Sparkling AIDS isn’t invented yet, but I’ve got some Fresca. So close enough. *sips* Oh, God, my immune system. I love you, Heidi! *sips* Yup, my pancreas just burst. Man down!

Photos: Sports Illustrated

  1. hot pudding


    nope. neither male nor black. perhaps you should have chosen to defend your honor rather than guessing someone’s race and gender based on a post. or perhaps there is no honor to defend.

  2. I'm Yer Daddy

    #38. Thank you.

    The pics in the gold one peice are TERRIFYING. Where are her boobs? Where? I looked and looked, it’s really creeping me out.

  3. Greg House

    man Heidi and Seal make a great couple.
    plus…we all want to secretly bang Heidi Klum…
    well me not so secretly…
    but yeah…

  4. johnny5

    Heidi and Seal must have an open relationship…I can’t imagine Seal fucking her for a long period of time….wolf

  5. crazy otto

    ….seriously Will, another crazy over the top sports character parody?……….i always had a thing for the Farrah hair doo dough

  6. TJ

    How this pretty girl could EVER screw and suck that blue-gum scar-faced negro, I’ll never know. Bet her family is still puking, especially after she dropped one of his mole babies. Eeeew.

  7. Mick

    I usually agree with people on her when they say some chick has a bad body. I don’t agree with them today. Heidi looks great. She doesn’t have the greatest body ever but she still has a great one.

  8. cavy

    I think that everyone who posts negative comments about a celeb’s body has to first post a picture of their own body….a lot less comments would be made!!

  9. geraldo poco

    She’s the most annoying cunt model ever

  10. [dAn!]

    Her head looks weird in the first picture

  11. otisSPUNKMEYER

    #58 is a pervert. You must be lonely.
    I believe we should all be entitled to a Heidi Klum photoshoot… shotty anus!!

  12. She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs club ‘uniformedCupid dot com’. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  13. #58, there ya go (like I care)

    Anywho…I’ve seen Klum like a hundred times and ALWAYS thought she was very average looking, but these photos of her are (I’m embarrassed to say) fantastic.

    And whoever doesn’t like Will Farrell is an asshole. Elf is my favorite movie!!!

  14. ECM

    Heidi Klum looks absolutely amazing. For all of you female haters out there who are size 11+, you wish you could look half as good as her. She is stunning and in incredible shape. I cannot stand heavy girls who are self loathing and so jealous that they knock beautiful and sexy women to make themselves feel better about their pathetic appearance. Show a little pride in yourself and actually go to the gym.

  15. Wait, (sorry) there’s more…I agree with whoever said something about another sports spoof movie, that’s kinda what I thought when I saw commercials for this one.

  16. So hot and sexy! I like those hot girls. I will tell you a secret that i found many bikini girls on one dating club bbwconnect.com. They are hottie and charming. Maybe you can check it! Good luck to everyone! lol……….

  17. Laudanum

    I think I just realised what it is; she’s got a short torso. Now I have a long body, and to be honest, I wouldn’t swap it for long legs. I prefer my smallish but strong midget legs!

  18. cavy

    #61 your a total moron – listen up asshat….I was making the statement, that anyone who has the nerve to put down a model/celeb’s body, needs to prove that they, themselves, have a better body – you know…”those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, but I guess you don’t have 2 brain cells alive to figure something that simple out – and where in the hell do you get “pervert” out of that?

  19. Laudanum

    Plus, BOOBLESS in that disgusting gold get-up, looks like some kind of “special” trash bag. I SO should’ve been the stylist.

  20. Woods


  21. anon

    Hands placed strategically to cover her nasty cellulite.

    Can’t SI find somebody fresh and young who’s willing to peddle their meat like that old whore?

  22. SucreKid

    Hey Cavy (68/58)… the guy (or lady..) obviously knows what you’re talking about. He was merely exploiting the fact that you would modify “pervert” into a verb, and gock at those who post their own picture, then rip apart hot ass models. There’s no morales on this website man – go somewhere else… it’s called “the superficial” dumdum.

  23. tam

    heidi is heinous. she’s become so annoying on project runway. i am slightly obsessed w/ will ferrell though. http://tampham. blogspot.com

  24. Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!I love being superficial!!!!!!!!!!

    Sad that I have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to bake banana bread and watch Ghost Whisperer, but not every night can be party night, shit. Crap it’s on, gotta go!

  25. Hey, when did JLH’s ass get so big??

  26. cavy

    #72 – I honestly don’t think that #61 knows what the hell anyone is talking about, but I do agree that this is ‘theSuperficial’ and I shouldn’t get my panties in a wad, so in the spirit of shallowness….Shitney Spears is God, Entertainment tonight rulez and Lindsay Lohan doesn’t need rehab!!!!!

  27. Heyyyy…cavy, don’t EVER say those things! I get what your point was completely. I hate on people all the time who have better bodies than me, but then again, I can also appreciate some, and then again, I love JLH. AND I am plastered all over the internet, judge me all you want, I don’t think I’m great, but I do ok…

  28. cavy

    #77 – believe me – I’m never on the ‘comments’ this much, but I’m getting a week’s worth of Superficial and Perez out of the way ….anywho #77 – I’m not judging (just saying that 99.9% of the posters are way uglier than the celebs they’re hating on) – I’m cute, but not perfect, so I would never talk shit about Heidi Klum – I’ve never given birth, let alone 3 times , and I’m still not near her perfection!!! Time to check out Perez….Have an awesome weekend bitches!!!!! (said with love)
    PS: get well Britney!!!!!

  29. Confused

    And I thought one of the reasons she was famous was her boobs.

  30. Apparently Cavy Isn't Employed for the Brains


    If everyone who is paid tons of money for nothing but her looks actually deserved it, there would be fewer negative comments.

  31. cavy

    #80 – Touche (but your ‘name’ isn’t very nice) lol

  32. Odin

    She was always attractive but not as hot as most of the other supermodels out there. She really should have thought through having kids with Seal. That first kid was disturbimg . A waste of fine Nordic genes. It’s one thing to be a coal-burner, another to have his kids.

  33. I find Will Farrell about as funny as my last fart.
    (No offense Will. Sometimes, if you’re, like, at a party, and you quietly walk to a corner and let one go. It is sort of funny. Oh. And Will. 9/11 was an inside job)
    So Binky wakes up And it’s like OMG – what did I do last night ? So I eventually crawled back and looked at the Ricci thread – {ignoring the Stengal – ‘Don’t look back they may be gaining thing.’}
    Cliff Notes : I think last night you were advocating mass murder, and ridiculing citizens trying to gain meaningful employment at the Pentagon.

    Binky : Whatever. The thing that bothered me most was that people commenting afterwards were sort of ‘supportive’ as they say in the ‘hope’ industry. So I decided to fully research the ad I had seen at Job-Opolis.
    (still reading? Sometimes my comments tend to drag)
    We see over a hundred of our staff murdered.
    But won’t ask any questions.
    And won’t release any tapes.
    The Pentagon
    (free parking)

    New Pentagon Employee (NPE) : Well I’ve always loved it as a geometric form – but what really sold me was the free parking.

  34. SucreKid

    -Mommy… is Binky the handicapped one?
    -Yes! Very good Michael
    -And Brain’s the smart one?
    -Well it’s not fucking that guy ^^^^^^^

  35. Anal Fistula

    HKlum has fantastic legs and a ripe body. personally i’d rather be inside of that hot as hell hawaiian chick in this years’ swimsuit issue. that ho is so fertile her twat could grow pastureland in the desert.

    anyway, i’m sure all of you haters are having sex with supermodels these days, right? have fun banging your respective sea-creatures and trolls.

  36. farty_mcshitface

    farty is still here!!!!!!!!!

  37. Yellow ledbetter

  38. maya

    I expected it to be funny and sexy. It’s neither. I’m sure Heidi Klum normally looks great, but she doesn’t here. Bad make-up, angle, photoshop? Legs are terrific, though. Bad 80′s-inspired photos. Make that very bad.

  39. cb

    She always looks great, but it’s her voice and accent that are so appealing. To top it all off, she’s got that witty sense of humor that Germans are known for.

  40. they r so cute … if u wanna see more hot pics , u can view pinkmingle.com , and there u can find what u need..LOL

  41. abbey

    heidi klum sucks dick. if i were seal and had towake up next to that fug face and man-body every morning, i would hang myself. she’s a whore and will ferrell’s a has-been. nice spread, fags.

  42. Barack

    Just to be clear, Heidi’s married to a black guy, not a n i g g e r. Whitney Houston was married to a n i g g e r.

  43. Cate

    Christ all of you haters have shit for brains. I’d really hate to see the bulemic, unhealthy, lifeless women you think are so perfect if you think Heidi Klum looks terrible. Ridiculous. Please, go on living your miserable existences where you’ll never find happiness because 99.9% of the women in the universe will never live up to your expectations.

  44. La Frascatana

    The pictures on the basketball court are beyond Photoshop — they’re anime. Especially the second one where she’s pushing Ferrell’s back and grimacing.

    The ones in the limo are more realistic, but even scarier. Look at the one where she’s holding the unfortunate pseudo-comedian’s nose and unhinging her Seal-swallower. Apparently some people find this hot, me, it’s like trying to masturbate to The Scream.

  45. GG1000

    If God is good to me, I will never, ever have to see Will Ferrell in tight clothing again for the rest of my born days. Yes, dude, you have an ugly body – get over it already. She looks great, by the way. Three kids and you could bounce a 10-pound dumbbell off those abs.

  46. Wow~She is absolutely sexy and gorgeous! I love these pictures of her. I am so glad she has posted a personal ad with many bikini pictures at Richromances.com. That is a site only for beautiful people.

  47. Wow~She is absolutely sexy and gorgeous! I love these pictures of her. I am so glad she has posted a personal ad with many bikini pictures at “Richromances.com”. That is a site only for beautiful people.

  48. Rabbi Schiller

    It’s good to see her with a White guy for a change, rather than that hideous congoid.

  49. Iago

    #43 (Ted from LA):

    In most cases “I don’t give a shit” implies you couldn’t care less. However, you seem pretty fond of your own crap, if you like to inspect your work when you’re through. Maybe you should pick another comparison. “I don’t give a Paris Hilton,” perhaps? Actually, no. That’s too much PR for her (but you mentioned the Hepatitis incident and my brain made the natural association: fecal matter >> disease >> Paris Hilton). Come up with something on your own. You seem creative, if overly fond of your own excretions…

  50. amber

    You’re all retarded

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