Heidi Klum wears a bikini for Will Ferrell

February 22nd, 2008 // 215 Comments

Will Ferrell got to take part in a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated with a bikini-clad Heidi Klum. I guess it’s a promotional thing for his new movie Semi-Pro, I dunno, but that’s not important right now. What is important is Heidi Klum in a bikini. Now that’s smart marketing. You could sell me Sparkling AIDS in a can and I’d drink it if Heidi Klum in a bikini told me to. Hell, I’ll drink some right now. Just for you, Heidi. Granted, Sparkling AIDS isn’t invented yet, but I’ve got some Fresca. So close enough. *sips* Oh, God, my immune system. I love you, Heidi! *sips* Yup, my pancreas just burst. Man down!

Photos: Sports Illustrated

  1. taylor

    He’s ugh

  2. yay

    First! Cute…

  3. This was on The Tonight Show last night.

  4. havoc

    She’s hot. He gets on my fucking nerves…..


  5. hnb

    what’s with the “first” competition? And why can’t I ever win!

    webelowwear . com

  6. Andrea

    She’s really gotten chunky. No waist at all.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    Ok I just have to say it. Fuckin’ awesome.

    PS more cowbell.

  8. gosyco

    What is it that people see in this guy that is sooooo funny?
    I simply do not get it.
    I get more enjoyment taking a whiz on cigarette butts in the men’s room.

    (“Fire when ready, Commander!”)

  9. Jennifer2

    She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs club ‘BillionaireCupid dot com’. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  10. Gerald_Tarrant

    I would have had too much wood to have done a photo shoot with Heidi.

    No wait, she’s married to Seal. Semi. Going going gone.

    Where is the cameraman.

  11. will


  12. deez nuts on your chin

    she looks bloated.

  13. temp

    aww, these pictures are adorable.
    love heidi klum!

    is will ferrell really that bad? hahah

    6- let’s see you try to get your body looking half as good as that after having a baby. hater. :)

  14. bleepingurmom

    Is it like a rule that all bloggers on this site have to TRY to be as funny as Fish?..lol

  15. fuggit

    Three kids. ThREE FUUCkINg kIds. Eat that, Britney!!

  16. Steve

    Good to see her with a white man for a change.

  17. funky limabean

    at first i thought flavio briatore was smart for banging heidi at her peak and getting out just before she started going down hill. i mean after one baby, the vag is kinda droopy but after three, her junk probably hits the floor when she takes her panties off.

    now i think he’s a genius for getting away from this dork. i wouldn’t slit my wrists if i had to listen to her stupid ideas and smell her saukerkraut farts all day long.

  18. Holly

    That’s amazing she still has her figure after 3 children. A lot of it could be good genes too, who knows.

  19. Erin

    Notice how EVERY SINGLE PHOTO of her is from the side? It’s because her stomach never really bounced back from that last baby, no matter how much she starved herself or worked her ass off. Her modeling career only still exists because she used to be hot.

  20. Monica

    HOLY SHIT! Hopefully Seal doesnt bust a cap in someones ass!

  21. kitty kitty


    hello! her first child is white. too bad that “white guy” knocked her up and denied paternity as he kicked her to the curb. and we all know what happens once you go black…..she won’t be back.

  22. White Man

    #15 Steve: You’re a cocksmoker. Go back to your klan rally. Nazi.

  23. Barack

    Seal would dunk on Will, then penetrate Heidi more deeply than Will – or any other white man – could possibly imagine.

  24. Gerald_Tarrant

    Kitty kitty, I hate hearing that phrase when it is said in its bastardized form.

    The actual phrase is:
    Once you go black, we don’t want your nasty disease ridden ass back.

  25. Kia

    Good lord, didn’t she have three kids? She looks fantastic.

  26. D. Richards (Pathetic.)

    I guess Will Ferrel and Heidi Klum combined are like a complete person and are allowed fifteen more minutes of fame — together.

    I’m gonna say it: Will Ferrel is not funny. There, I said it.

  27. Jill

    So. Much. Airbrushing.

  28. Simon

    Y’all are stupid. I worked with Klum on a MEANINGFUL BEAUTY infomercial at the end of last year. Trust me, home girl’s gut is not drooping, she is not fat…she is still ultra fly and will be hot for another 15 years.

    Same with Cindy Crawford; she’s 47 I believe, and on another infomercial I did with her she blew me away. Holy MILF! She’s gonna be hot when she’s a GILF!

  29. juniper

    cindy crawford just turned 42 you moron.

  30. 26 Pathetic

    Neither are you, now go wipe the smeg off you chin. It’s turning to cheddar.

  31. RENEE...

    She’s in great shape for having had 3 kids. But I always thought she was a bit over rated and had kind of a bland, asymmetrical face. She’s got nice legs that are a mile long though. And that Will Ferrell…there’s another one who’s waaaaay over rated. When is he gonna go away and stop making all those gay ass movies???

  32. me

    I don’t like Heidi Klum. Why is she a model anyway? I don’t think she’s pretty at all.

  33. Tawny

    Now those are what I call legs – beautiful!

  34. long dong silver


    sounds like you’re still nursing your wounds cause some nordic goddess prefers chocolate. get over it.

  35. Flie

    She has such wonderful shoes for basketball. I am so dumb. I have been playing basketball in real SPORTSHOES until now. No wonder my knees don’t hurt yet.

    I must go and copy her right away. I need some white boots and a persistent perv secretly checking out my fit ass.

  36. otisSPUNKMEYER

    I enjoyed these pics thoroughly.
    It’s an excellent contrast between smokin’ hot and the hairy genital-resembling Will Ferrell. After scientific analysis, her hair looks like the maine of a unicorn…. he looks like an erection with a rubber band constricting the tip.
    BREASTS! My apologies.

  37. otisSPUNKMEYER

    I enjoyed these pics thoroughly.
    It’s an excellent contrast between smokin’ hot and the hairy genital-resembling Will Ferrell. After scientific analysis, her hair looks like the maine of a unicorn…. he looks like an erection with a rubber band constricting the tip.
    BREASTS! My apologies.

  38. Rome

    The pics with the golden bathing suit rattle me.
    Where the hell did her awesome tits go?? She always had an excellent rack, and now flat as a board? What gives, Heidi?

  39. dude

    she’s a dumb whore. No one has made more money off their decent body than Heidi. But she’s still a truckload of stupid.

  40. amma

    You guys have got to be kidding–there isn’t a one of you that wouldn’t cry from happiness if a chick HALF as hot as Heidi even looked at you in a grocery store. In your dreams!

  41. katie

    @24 hahahahahaha, funny :D

  42. uh

    i would so eat her out.

  43. Ted from LA

    Will Farrell is as funny as rubber crutch. I’d rather watch my grandparents copulate than watch 10 minutes of one of his movies, and grandma is obese and has a really bad hip. It has to be an incredibly ugly seen when she and grandpa slap uglies, however, I am sure it would be funnier than a Will Farrell movie. As for Heidi, who really gives a shit what she looks like “after 3 babies.” I didn’t give a shit what she looked like before she had any babies. As for the color of her partner’s skin, once again, (I’ll bet you can guess what I am going to type next) I don’t give a shit about that either. I don’t care if she is fucking a green man (Hulk?), a red man (How?), or a purple man. That reminds me. I used to be a life guard until I got fired because of a blue kid. So now we have to look at an extremely ugly and unfunny shameless asshole and an overly airbrushed blonde airhead all weekend. Thanks a lot Fish. You better dig something out of your ass before you close the doors for the weekend. Speaking of digging shit out of your ass, who was the bartender at Ashton Kutcher’s party this weekend? I confess I only wash my hands after I take a dump, but if I were handling others food and beverages, I’d wash my hands after I pissed too. My philosphy is if I don’t pee on my hands, why wash them? With the auto flushes, why bother? Speaking of auto flushes, have any of you ever taken a shit, and as you move into position to check your work, you realize the auto flush has taken it away before you get the thrill of inspecting it. I hate when that happens. So in conclusion, Will Farrell is not the least bit funny, I could not give a shit less about Heidi, and I hate it when my shit disappears before I can inspect it.

  44. hot pudding


    is that all it takes? wow you’re easy…but i bet you hear that all the time.

  45. Katie

    hot pudding….I’m guessing you are a bitter black guy?

  46. Understanding Lamoids

    9. Jennifer2 – February 22, 2008 4:33 PM
    She was said to be fondled by incestual relatives recently. Some of her anal ooze can be found on a mushroom eaters site. ‘Billions Of Supid Fucks dot com’. She has a personality disorder… there are pictures. Frogs…In her twat circles under her eyes, some other stars can be found pulling their puds there.

    Thanx for the laugh JennyFur-2

  47. Jennifer2 you need to go peddle that stupid website you are always trying to shove on everyone somewhere else. I’m guessing you’re not intelligent enough to post a relevant comment.

  48. Taylor

    Ugly face.

  49. brunno

    you would eat her out.? nasty dude. real nasty.

  50. JealousMuch?


    You are an idiot. If her stomach never bounced back after the third baby, it would show more from the side. You’re just mad that she’s had 3 kids and still looks hotter than your fat ass.

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