Will And Jada Reportedly Separate

August 23rd, 2011 // 72 Comments

If you believe an “insider” for InTouch Weekly, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have separated, except here’s what happened when TMZ tried to confirm this story:

TMZ placed a call to Jada’s rep, Karynne Tencer, who told us … “What? In Touch said that? I know nothing about this … Lord. I’m going back to bed.”

Now keep in mind reps are paid to lie for their clients, so for all we know Jada’s wasn’t even near a bed and hung up to help cleave Willow and Jaden in two so their parents each get a half. Not to mention, this wouldn’t be the first time this year a couple who’s flirted with Scientology watched their marriage burst into flames. I’m not pointing any fingers here, but mostly because Tom Cruise mistakes them for penises and has freakishly sharp teeth.

UPDATE: Here’s the denial.

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  1. chev70

    Big shock!

    • Jeff

      No leading man in Hollywood should every get married. DeCaprio and Clooney have this figured out. If you have an endless stream of eager, hot, wet pussy available to you, never,ever, ever, give that up. It’s a crime against manhood. A wasted opportunity.

  2. Frank Burns

    I’m overwhelmed by indifference.

  3. Fletch

    In every picture there is a black guy in the background saying it all with his eyes.

  4. Rough&Piece

    Who owns the plantation the rep was calling from?

  5. That Bastard Tony

    Next stop for Will, Eva Mendes vagina.

    • General Disarray

      Whoa whoa whoa whoa….whoa. I’d like to think that she’s saving that vagina for me. So please take it back. I don’t need that mental imagry while fapping.

      • That Bastard Tony

        We may have to have a knife fight over her bra. I’m still heated over her so-called “sex tape”, having never been more disappointed in my life.

        Honestly, I think she owes us a porno for pulling that crap.

      • General Disarray

        It may come down to that.
        I think she owes us a porno just because she’s so fucking hot. It should be mandatory for someone of her sessyness. If only I ran things around here…

  6. Step 1 is complete.

    Step 2: Document them reuniting with a reality show.

    • Randal(l)

      the writers at the OWN network are working on this as we speak

      Will enters room

      Will: “Dy-no-mite”
      Jada: “Hey Hey Hey”

      both proceed to hump the exhumed corpse of Shirley Hemphill while the reanimated corpse of Rerun begins to dance

      oh, wait, that’s from the script from my Whats Happening! erotic fan fiction. nevermind

  7. Edgar Pethick-Lawrence

    Thought she was a dyke anyway

    • OnTheRealThough

      Word. They’re both gay & partake in swing parties all the time (ask Russell & Kimora Lee).

      • Larry Mondello

        Do they swing with John Travolta too?

      • Carl Spackler

        Now that you mention it , he does look like he wants to suck on a cock

      • Jessica

        Swingers usually stay married, so this isn’t particularly plausible.

      • Word x 2

        Rumor mill all over hollywood is, and always has been, those two swing like a retarded kid on an empty playground.

        John Travolta doesn’t swing. Swinging is the sharing of partners. He just takes it straight up the ass from anyone attending the bath house that day. Kelly just stays home and cashes the checks.

    • Al Czervik

      Is she a carpet muncher ? Does she use a strap – on on Will?

      • TomFrank

        I read that as “Does she use a strap-on on Wii?” And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pitch something to Nintendo.

  8. i don’t think you burst into flames being a $cientologi$t, but rather they seek out those who are already flames

  9. Trent Wesley -Tarelot

    Call the police ! Someone stole her tits!

  10. Buddy the Elf

    Ego x 4 living in that mansion. Shocker it imploded.

  11. BENWAW

    The perfect couple with the perfect marriage with the perfect kids and the
    perfect way to raise those perfect kids, what could have gone wrong?
    What wil the rest of us pee on,s do—
    Fuck you

  12. Coyote

    The only better news would be a plane full of Kardashians crashed in the Andes and the search was called off before it began.

  13. DogBoy


  14. It’s highly unlikely. She needs him in order to land acting gigs; he needs her to pass as a heterosexual.

  15. Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Separate
    Commented on this photo:

    Who the hell wants to be married to a chick who can kick the shit out of you. Now where all the white woman at.

  16. My Left Nut

    Too bad Oprah’s off the air. This would be a great story because she always marched them out like they were America’s typical black family.

  17. Deacon Jones

    Wow, what’s Will Smith going to do now that he’s not tagging an anorexic Predator???

    In the words of “Blazing Saddles” -


  18. Jessica

    I think even happily married couple should separate every 6 years. Give each other the chance to get your ya-yas out, pursue a dream unfettered, take a marriage vacation, come back refreshed and make another six year run, if you both decide that’s what you want..

    • Bernard Goldbloom

      My wife going out of town later this week . What are you doing later ?

    • Phillipe Le Chiffere

      In Europe , this is very commonplace , except that marriage is constant pushing of the envelope of what it means to be married. Many couples keep their sexual dalliances separate from the married life . It is quite usual for a married man to have 1 or 2 mistresses if he is successful . The wife may stray form monogamy as well , but things must have their appearances in any case

  19. Pervis de la Smell

    Sweet baby Jesus… NOOOOOO. For the love of all the is holy…. this can’t be true !!!!!! Oh, God, God, God. I pray that all of America pulls together in this time of great sorrow. We’re not Democrats and Republicans. Today, we’re all just Americans… united in our support for the Smith family. Everyone, go out on your street tonight and hold hands with your neighbors, and light candles. We will get through this, because we are Americans. This will only make us stronger. Dear God, if we ever needed your help, we need it now.

  20. The truth hurts

    Well she is a total C word and has such an ego on her despite having no talent whatsoever, so I don’t blame him. At least he seems nice so his having no talent whatsoever isn’t as bad.

  21. Billy Barty, Jr

    Love between the talentless and sexually non – inclusive is the most beautiful love of all

  22. SuperficialAdmin

    Planet of the Apes

  23. RichPort

    Now he’ll have to grow his own beard…

  24. Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Separate
    Commented on this photo:

    “Will, how many Hancock sequels are there going to be?. . . Shit.”

  25. NTT

    Gee I didn’t see this one coming. I thought they were a match made in bearded heaven.

  26. Maybe Barry Soetoro can arrange a “rear” summit so he can convince those two of the benefits of staying together and living a lie about who you are while also reminding them how easy it is to get rich reading the scripted lines of others.

  27. See Alice

    Who are they ?

  28. Deacon Jones

    Looks like me and Willie will be getting drunk at a Phillies game together again

  29. Phillipe Le Chiffere

    What is the big deal ? she is gay and he is gay !
    In Europe , when this happens , we simply do not get married. So , now they are getting divorced. Now they can be united with the sexually – correct organs all of the time , instead of part – time .

  30. Dean Keaton

    Has anyone ever rubbed one out to Jada ? Do Lesbians dig her? Man , I can’t she where her sexual attractiveness begins and the lack of sexual attractiveness begins . Net sum zero . Maybe she should help less fortunate people . Doubt if she can find less sexually attractive people

  31. Angus

    Will probably wanted to know what tits felt like after going without for 13 years.


    Aw, and the MAGIC of ELRON HUBBARD fails once again. I thought his CULT was supposed to produce superior beings incapable of such human failings as divorce? Lost ALL respect for Wil Smith when he started shipping for the Clearwater Cult. Wonder if Revolta gave him a nice “captains” hat when he joined up (with the usual $100k tithe to the CULT)?

  33. Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Separate
    Commented on this photo:

    Will Smith actually chooses not to have sex with this? No way! NO WAY!

  34. Emillio Estevez , Jr.

    Man , those knockers are non – existent . She perfect if he’s a closeted homosexual , as she must feel just like a little boy with respect to the lack of boobs

  35. Grant Schaeffer

    Maybe the White oprah can stage an emergency intervention and restore the vitality to their marriage .She obviously an expert on these matters

  36. Pippy Longcockings

    I can’t believe these two fucking egomaniacs were married for as long as they were.

  37. I love how they paraded around for years as the quintessential perfect “always in love” Hollywood couple. The whole time she’s riding big dick somewhere while he’s trying to bang out 35 year olds since they were the only ones who would even remotely remember liking the song “Miami”. And I’ll support the lesbo comments but would up the anty and say that she’s bi.

  38. Freebie

    I’m reading here where they are both gay. Who out of us mortals knows for sure? I never expected him to like other men.

  39. Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Separate
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve always thought Jada Pinkett was very ugly and weird-looking, and WAY too short for Will Smith. Pinkett and Marc Anthony make perfect sense, in a way. I hope Will Smith moves on to someone FABULOUS and as talented as he is, which Pinkett sure isn’t.

  40. anonymoose

    ask me if i care

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