I’m Pretty Sure Will Smith Just Admitted His Kids Are Idiots

When we last left Jaden Smith he was making such profound statements as, “I don’t think I’m as revolutionary as Galileo, but I don’t think I’m not as revolutionary as Galileo,” which seemed like a logical evolution from the time he and his sister claimed to control time after their dad literally told people he’s a physicist. Which is why it’s particularly amazing to hear Will Smith basically acknowledge he fucked those kids right up with his “hands-off parenting” because I could’ve sworn self-awareness is the first Thetan Scientology suctions out. Via Page Six:

The actor was asked on BBC Radio 1Xtra whether he consciously allowed his kids “a lot of freedom of expression.”
“Yeah, I think it may have been a mistake,” Smith responded with a laugh. “I think we may have gone too far.”

“What are you building there, son?”
“It’s a teleporter to Tom Cruise’s house so he can show me his penis without burning carbon emissions.”
“… You know it doesn’t count as building something if you just steal it from my room, right?”
“That does it. YO, JADA! We’re Lutherans now. Goddamn Scientology turning my kids into little punks… Gimme back my teleporter!”

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