Why Won’t Anyone Fund Serious, Professional Actress Lindsay Lohan’s Fake Movie?

Posted by Photo Boy

I’m going to start off with a confession here. I’ve watched almost every insufferable episode of Lindsay. At first it was pure morbid curiosity. Now, it’s just a hate-fest with spittle flying shouts of “This bitch!” and “Fuck, oh fuck this fucking bitch!” about every 45 seconds or so. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s like watching a train wreck, but if right after the train jumped the tracks it immediately looked you in the eyes and said something like “There are people out there with versions of a story about an accident. I had no involvement with anything like that,” while you watch it burst into flames and kill everyone inside it. So it’s no surprise the film industry now won’t touch her with a ten foot pole and no, just wait for it, that wasn’t the blowjob joke yet.

The only reason Inconceivable was pitched at Sundance was an attempt to garner interest and create buzz about the project. It didn’t. Lindsay is currently in Europe attempting raise money for the project, but isn’t having any luck.

And there it is. Hmm, “trying to raise money in Europe,” you say? I wonder if there’s anything she’s done in the past that could land her some quick cash? You’d think a prostitute with such mind-erasing throat capacity could easily put some scratch together, but I guess this economy hasn’t fully recovered yet. Fucking Obama.

Photo: Splash News