Why is Madonna Holding a Bag of Drugs?

July 27th, 2010 // 64 Comments

Here’s Madonna leaving the set of her new movie W.E. in London last night where she was spotted clutching a mysterious plastic bag Lindsay Lohan-style. Maybe she’s seen Guy Ritchie‘s younger, more youthful girlfriend who’s not 100 years old and has turned to a life of drugs, or this is all just a misunderstanding and there’s a perfectly rational explanation.

MADONNA: *summons a griffin*
GRIFFIN: Yes, my liege.
MADONNA: Plant this shit on Guy and his new child lover.
GRIFFIN: As you wish. *flies off*

See? Perfectly rational.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. jesusmaryjoseph

    Yikes, did she fall into a time machine or has she been hanging with the VanDykes too long? I suspect the hat is covering a bald spot, that’s a good choice, middle aged women look reduculous with comb-overs.

    I think she should buy some hand cream on the way home.

  2. perry

    Thats because Madonna is a botox junkie and all snake poisons contain toxic silicon liquid coral plastic. She buys cannabis because Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann is the only doctor that makes cobra-antidote which cures facial cancer whlie you smoke weed. To get top results you can do smoke with it. cobra antidote also cures AIDS. You just have to look at her hands they’re all narly because botox is a doublesided plastic toxin and a false friend. She should stop selling that trash drug and admit she’s been had! But that would cause an AIDS war. We aren’t stupid. Madonna shoud confess whats up hers for now. We are all tired of pharmaceutical lies honey.

  3. vola

    She should stop using botox. She sells that toxin herself. What ever Dr. Stunny Pharouk did its fair to us because I did botox and its not all its cracked up to be. It does cause false mental sickness. I went nuts for months. Why is she so quiet? She is in for litigations do you think? She made millions being a botox darling on tv. Thats how i got started. I lover her but the toxin is pure death. My face and neck fell apart after. You carry a snake poison in your face for 8 months and go back for more. You get addicted and get bad on everyone. But I was on contraception cerazette and it gave me yeast infections to the back. It makes more sense to use a cobra antidote like Stunny does to get wrinkles flat. Those skinny Marrakh women do look better for it. And they can move their faces. Who cares about AIDS we know its wrong. But botox is not ok. I trust any Egyptian man.

  4. Madonna
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow so fucking filthy. If you look. Mans hands think its that. Nasty leather lesbian fist . Blond butch twat in a barn been fisting brown beasts doing cackback boogy. Madonna you so yuck it looks like she sprawls it other than you or me. Egyptians have like really clean thin hands. Stunny Pharouk has womanly ones and he sure like really effing OLD to be her father! That jewish cunt Mad up a fit guzzled tha whole barrel cobra antidote after drinking bet she was so toxic half corpse shitting all night best she o.d. on spot I hate her. She cant make Egyptian no way how. That botox did her gud. Stab her 100 times.

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