Why Is Justin Bieber At The Beach With Jerry Sandusky?

The Superficial | January 9, 2012 - 1:26 pm

“I don’t see how biting my nipple will make me tougher, Coach, but you’re the boss.”

Here’s Justin Bieber running around Cabo with a “family friend” as his bathing suit threatens to reveal the Holy Maple Twig of Syrupgotha at the first crash of a wave. So for comedy’s sake, let’s assume this dude is Jerry Sandusky and he’s teaching Justin how to be a hardass so dudes stop making fun of him.

JERRY: Alright, Justin, now the first step to earning a man’s respect is wrestling him naked behind a sand dune.
JUSTIN: Sure thing, coach!
JERRY: Wow. You’re not even going to question that?
JUSTIN: Golly willikers, coach, why would I do that?
JERRY: I prayed my whole life for a boy like you… *wipes tear* And here you are, excuse me…

Photos: Fame/Flynet